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8 Reasons the U.S. Surgeon General Should Announce UV Tanning Causes Skin Cancer

8 Reasons the U.S. Surgeon General Should Announce UV Tanning Causes Skin Cancer

AURORA, Colo. (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

A July 2014 Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer by acting Surgeon General Dr. Boris Lushniak points out that indoor tanning is “strongly associated with increased skin cancer risk,” but stops short of reporting that tanning causes cancer. A University of Colorado Cancer Center opinion published today in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine points out that UV tanning meets the same criteria as smoking as a cause of cancer and argues that announcing the causality could save lives.

“In 1964 when the Surgeon General finally reported that smoking causes lung cancer, awareness and policy followed. Smoking rates declined and lung cancer rates have too. It’s time for the Surgeon General to say the same thing about UV tanning,” says Robert P. Dellavalle, MD, PhD, MSPH, investigator at the CU Cancer Center, associate professor of dermatology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and the study’s senior author.

There are nine criteria used to determine a causal relationship in disease, developed in the context of smoking and lung cancer in 1965 by British epidemiologist Sir Austin Bradford Hill. Smoking and UV tanning both meet eight of the nine criteria, as follows:

1. Strength of Association

How much more likely is skin cancer in people who have used tanning beds? Numbers vary, but Dellavalle and colleagues point to analyses of large populations of people showing that skin cancer risk is about 16 percent more likely in people who report ever having used a tanning bed. The strength of the association between smoking and lung cancer is even stronger, with smokers being 35 percent more likely than non-smokers to get lung cancer, but in terms of epidemiology, the 16 percent increased risk of skin cancer in ever-users of UV tanning remains strong.

2. Consistency of Association

Dellavalle and colleagues point out that the link between UV tanning and skin cancer isn’t limited to a specific population or nationality. The association is consistent in all studies.

3. Specificity

A cause that leads to many effects is trickier to pin down than a cause that leads to one effect. The one-to-one relationship of UV radiation to skin cancer is long established.

4. Temporality

This may seem obvious, but in order for cause and effect to be true, the cause must happen before the effect. With UV tanning and skin cancer, we see that ever-use of tanning beds precedes increased risk for skin cancer.

5. Biological Gradient

The more an individual smokes, the more likely they are to contract lung cancer. And the more one uses UV tanning beds, the more likely they are to get skin cancer. Specifically, Dellavalle points out that, “Each additional tanning bed session per year confers a 1.8 percent increase in melanoma risk.”

6. Plausibility

Is there a plausible way that UV tanning could cause skin cancer? Sure. UV rays from tanning beds penetrate the skins epidermal layer and may induce DNA alternations that promote the formation of cancer.

7. Coherence

The data of lab experiments and population studies is coherent, meaning that data from both sources point toward a similar conclusion.

8. Experiment

Scientists have used UV radiation to cause skin cancer in animal models. But, just as it is unethical to encourage people to smoke in order to see if smoking causes lung cancer, it is unethical to encourage people to tan in order to see if tanning causes skin cancer. Dellavalle points out that lack of ability to test the effect of UV tanning on cancer in a randomized control trial is “a primary advantage for the tanning industry, which claims that there is lack of true science behind cancer-causing claims.”

9. Analogy

People with skin types that burn easily have higher rates of skin cancer. It’s analogous to tanning as a whole: the more burned someone gets, the higher their risk.

Dellavalle points out that most cancers are seen as the result of random, genetic mutations that unluckily allow cells to act cancerous. “But skin cancer and lung cancer are preventable types of cancer – reduce smoking and you reduce lung cancer; reduce UV exposure and you reduce skin cancer,” he says.

“It’s much easier to help people understand that indoor tanning causes cancer than it is to message something more convoluted about ‘association’,” Dellavalle says. “Tanning beds cause skin cancer. It is time to now more openly announce this causality.”

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Aidance Skincare Supports Breast Cancer Education & Programming with Donation to Gloria Gemma Resource Breast Cancer Foundation

Aidance Skincare Supports Breast Cancer Education & Programming with Donation to Gloria Gemma Resource Breast Cancer Foundation

Woonsocket, RI (PRWEB) November 05, 2014

Breast cancer affects nearly one in eight women in the U.S. It is the most common form of cancer in women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). New research and treatment options bring new hope, and a survival rate that is on the rise.

Until there’s a cure, it’s important to nurture and support not only breast cancer patients, but their loved ones – both during the battle, and beyond. This is the motivation behind Rhode Island’s Gloria Gemma Resource Breast Cancer Foundation. As their “Welcome” page states, “We understand that breast cancer is as much an emotional disease as it is a physical one. We also understand that awareness and education promotes early detection, which is the best protection.”

Gloria Gemma gets people thinking, talking and understanding more about breast cancer. They host events such as awareness walks, fashion shows, and their signature “Flames of Hope: A Celebration of Life” gathering. It is the largest breast cancer awareness event in the Northeast. Through exhibits, health screenings, healing arts activities and more, they bring this important issue to light. Perhaps more importantly, the organization shows patients that they’re not alone in the fight.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, therapeutic skincare company Aidance Skincare pledged to donate to Gloria Gemma for each “Like” their recent Facebook post received, up to 0. The response was overwhelmingly positive. With hundreds of “Likes” and “Shares” in support, fans from around the world helped the small business reach its goal.

Nine-year breast cancer survivor Juanie Brown commented to wish others well on their journey. Others shared memories of their mothers, sisters, aunts and friends who battled the disease. One powerful comment came from George Gutierrez, whose loved one has survived breast cancer… twice. “Everybody ‘Like’ this – find a cure so others don’t have to suffer,” he urged.

Aidance thanks the community for rallying toward this 0 donation for local breast cancer patients and their loved ones.

“This is our way of remembering those we have lost, and supporting those who are fighting,” shares Perry Antelman, CEO of Aidance Skincare. “We’re proud to show our support.”

About Aidance Skincare

Aidance Skincare is a Woonsocket, RI based company that provides all-natural therapeutic skincare remedies to customers and physicians in more than 150 countries. Aidance has consistently helped families solve their most challenging skin problems quickly and safely, using the finest ingredients. For more information, please call 877-424-3262 or visit


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SIX Natural Cures for Cancer? acquisition bitter apricot seeds online here also urge you sign up to this useful site for free:www.foodmatters.tvConventional medicine held proven to be useless at battling ills such as Cancer therapy and radiotherapy seem to be causing more jobs than they solve, formers enhancing tumour growing instead than inhibiting it, and making a plethora of other side-effects. We rich person been misled past the media and these large pharmaceutical corps to believe location is no known remedy for cancer, and that our only hope Been to put all of our religion successful doctors and pharmaceutical drugs.However, there are group out location (Rick Simpson, Jim Humble, just to name A few) who rich person discovered natural, safe, highly effective alternate treatments for cancer. Hundreds of people intercontinental rich person used these cares and have demanded to have cured themselves wholly of Cancer even sufferers named arsenic terminally ill have responded to these treatments. The treatments explained successful this picture are: MMS (miracle material solution), cannabis, apricot seeds, chlorella and nutriment C, arsenic well arsenic a simple natural nutrient diet which refills the organic structure with anti-cancer nutrients, alkalises the blood and detoxifies carcinogens.Many people ar trying their utmost to share these treatments with the world. Statistically, there are more than enough cases of people healing cancer exploitation these medicines

Prostate Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer: New Studies Indicate Improvement with PC Hope

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Prostate Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer: New Studies Indicate Improvement with PC Hope

(PRWEB) December 9, 2004

PC Hope, an herbal supplement from Nutrition 2000, has not only shown significant improvement for prostate cancer patients, but also has shown antiproliferative and apoptotic (cell death) effects with pancreatic cancer.

In a pancreatic cancer study, eight human pancreatic cancer cell lines were exposed to PC Hope. Cell proliferation effects on the cell cycle and the mode of cell death were analyzed. In vivo effects were also studied in an intraperitoneal mouse model. PC Hope displayed inhibition of cell growth in all eight pancreatic cancer lines. Three-hour exposure to PC Hope led to a significant absolute increase in the cell cycle fraction. Cyclin B1 levels were downregulated in all pancreatic cancer cell lines after 24 hour exposure to PC Hope. After 24 hours of PC Hope exposure DAPI positive apoptotic nuclear formations were seen in 20% to 46% of pancreatic cancer cells. The studies ultimately showed that PC Hope mediates powerful and deadly effects against an array of pancreatic cancer cells. In vivo activity has led to a significant survival advantage, but no curative prognosis to date. PC HopeÂ’s promising remedy for pancreatic cancer, qualifies for phase I clinical testing. With the cancer as a leading cause of death in the United States, Nutrition 2000 is truly optimistic.

The prostate cancer studies also yielded encouraging results. Led by two European doctors, Dr. U. Kratzer of the Urology Clinic in Trostberg, Germany, and Dr. B. Pfeifer of the Aeskulap Cancer Center in Brunnen, Switzerland, the prostate cancer studies concluded that the herbal blend in PC Hope significantly reduces PSA and pain of metastatic disease, which can improve the quality of life for prostate cancer patients without the harmful side effects that accompany other treatment methods. The first study revealed that 60% of the 84 prostate cancer patients reported improvement of at least 30% in their overall daily functioning. The second study indicated that about two-thirds of the hormone refractory prostate cancer patients responded with a greater than 50% reduction in their serum PSA levels. Moreover, at least 20% of the prostate cancer patients responded not only with a durable PSA decline under the PC Hope formulation therapy, but also showed evidence of decreasing volume of primary prostate cancer and metastases.

Experts say that current therapeutic regimens for prostate cancer have only shown temporary palliative benefits without increasing patient survival rate, and most of these palliative therapies have significant side effects. Prostate cancer patients with such negative prognoses are more likely to seek alternative treatments, including herbal remedies. Among such remedies, PC Hope has gained popularity due to reports about its benefits for hormone refractory prostate cancer patients. The results of both prostate cancer studies verify some of those claimed benefits.

Larry Pope, President of Nutrition 2000, says, “The results of these studies are promising and show that PC Hope is an effective alternative for prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer patients. We want the public to be educated and know about the benefits of PC Hope. It is part of a comprehensive care program with a particular protocol, and should not be perceived as a magic bullet on its own.”

About Nutrition 2000

Nutrition 2000 offers some of the world’s finest natural health products, herbal remedies, alternative medicines, and supplements for the treatment of pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, Candida, and more. Stocking a carefully selected range of products made from the highest quality herbal extracts and pharmaceutical-grade nutrient powders, they provide alternative natural remedies to combat illnesses and common ailments. Nutrition 2000 delivers their message and products to the United States, United Kingdom, and other countries around the world.

For more detailed information concerning these studies on pancreatic or prostate cancer or to learn more about PC Hope, please visit or call 1-800-558-9697.

# # #

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Natural Cancer Cure – Author Ty Bollinger speaks Author Ty Bollinger shares the TRUTH about cancer and his book, Cancer-Step Outside the Box. Described by Jeff Rense in his latest interview with Ty as “The Bible of Alternate Treatments and Therapies,” this book is changing the way we look at cancer treatments. Cancer patients deserve to know the truth and to make choices based upon this truth. And the truth is that the proven cancer prevention strategies and the real cures for cancer do not need a prescription, nor do they require surgery or barbaric procedures like radiation or chemotherapy. But you might ask… Ty, isn’t chemotherapy a proven scientific treatment? The answer is YES, it is! It has been scientifically proven to fatally poison several hundred thousand people each and every year. Did you know that the overall success rate for most cancers treated with the chemotherapy is around 2.3%? In other words . . . Chemo has a 97.7% fatality rate… . . . and it is not only legal, but it is readily accepted by most oncologists as one of the best treatments for cancer. Visit the website: and BUY THE BOOK THAT JUST MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY

AUJC is not a qualified physician or naturopath. DO NOT follow any of his recommended treatments without first seeking the consultation of an accredited professional.
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Native Remedies to Donate Portion of the Proceeds From Every Order to Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) September 29, 2008

In honor of October’s breast cancer awareness month, Native Remedies, the market-leading brand of specially formulated, safe and proven natural remedies, announces its commitment to the cause by pledging to donate a portion of the proceeds of every order in October to further breast cancer awareness and prevention.

“While medical advances in identifying and treating breast cancer continue to improve recovery rates, we all need to continue to do whatever we can to improve awareness and education on the issues surrounding the disease,” says George Luntz, president of Native Remedies.

As the company strongly believes in promoting holistic health, educating its customers and addressing the causes of health problems, supporting the prevention of serious illness is no exception. “We are committed to this mission and to educating our clientele on a holistic approach to health and wellness. As part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be donating a portion of every sale to organizations that further these objectives.”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer death in women in the United States– with over 2 million women living in the United States who have been treated.

In order to help provide a complete, natural solution for overall health and wellness, Native Remedies carries a complete line of natural remedies, including herbal and homeopathic products, tissue salts and flower essences. By adopting a holistic approach to health, systemic health is supported, which can relieve ailments and help prevent future disease. From an expanded information index–including articles, downloadable free health eBooks, and an ailment guide–Native Remedies provides its customers a wide variety of useful information to help make informed health choices.

Founded in 2002, with over 200,000 customers worldwide and more than 200 herbal and homeopathic remedies, Native Remedies is the market leader in specially formulated, compound natural remedies. All Native Remedies’ herbal and homeopathic remedies are available via their website at, and their pet line is sold exclusively at


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