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WELLSCIENCE VITA MINERAL Contains 30 vitamins and minerals as per recommended daily allowance (RDA)

Benefits: Provides essential nutrients to carry out critical functions, maintain good health and build immunity Contains 30 vitamins and minerals as per reco…
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Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs

Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs

Discover a trove of herbal knowledge.

Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs is a virtually endless source of useful information and herbal know-how. Presented in an A-to-Z format, supplemented with easy-to-use charts and lists, beautifully illustrated with drawings and color photographs, it is the only book on herbs you ever need to buy.

More than 1 MILLION copies sold!

List Price: $ 24.99


New selection of beautiful romantic flowers at Flowers24hours available for same day London delivery

New selection of beautiful romantic flowers at Flowers24hours available for same day London delivery

A stunning bouquet of delicate cream roses surrounded in a frame of purple Lisianthus. This bouquet available for same day flower delivery will certainly be a gift to remember!

(PRWEB UK) 17 June 2014

Treating a loved-one to flowers is a perfect way to make them feel special and say ‘I love you’. Flowers for gifts can be given on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays- or anytime of year to brighten their day.

London florist and online flower delivery service Flowers24Hours has a beautiful selection and offers flower delivery same day in London, next day delivery for the rest of the UK and international flower delivery from UK. So wherever they are in the world, Flowers24Hours bouquets will reach them.

Any flowers and gifts are sure to be appreciated, but these meanings behind romantic flowers could be an inspiration.


Sending a dozen red roses is the classic romantic gesture, and signifies completeness and stability in a relationship. This is because the number twelve suggests the twelve hours of the day and twelve months of the year that a loved-one is in your thoughts. Each number of roses has a different meaning: for example, 15 roses means ‘I’m sorry’ while 108 roses means ‘Marry me’! A single rose is also a traditional way to say ‘I love you and only you’.

Yellow roses, like this yellow flower arrangement that comes with a cuddly teddy bear, symbolise happiness and friendship (key ingredients in any good relationship!). These make perfect celebration gifts and bring a ray of sunshine into the home: take a look at the selections in florists or a flower market in London.

Purple flowers are associated with royalty and luxury, and their dark blooms create a sense of seduction and enchantment. A sultry arrangement of six ruby roses will also delight and enchant a loved one. Pink roses symbolise joy and admiration, and a lovely flower bouquet like this bunch of pink roses and freesias is sure to delight. For a very special gift, send roses London and the UK.


These delicate, exotic blooms have fascinated mankind for millennia. In ancient Greece, they were associated with virility and in traditional Chinese medicine they are used to cure respiratory illnesses. They were incredibly popular with the Victorians who collected them avidly, and so orchids became associated with luxury and style. Today their otherworldly beauty is still coveted, and orchids make striking gifts.

This sumptuous Jolanta flower arrangement for online deliveries combines two romantic flowers: purple orchids and pink roses, to create a look of true luxury. For a gift of real style and refinement for a loved one, white orchids are a great choice, while pink orchids represent true affection- like the Precious Things design where the blooms are arranged like exotic gems. Look no further than orchids when for luxury flowers London.

Other romantic flowers to send online are elegant irises that represent faith and hope; sunflowers that express pure joy and happiness, and carnations known as the ‘flower of love’ and have had significance in cultures and religions since the ancient Greeks. These dozen red carnations are a perfect alternative to traditional roses, and convey deep love and affection.

For those needing to send flowers to London soon, online florist and flower gift shop Flowers24Hours offers same day flower delivery London. For nationwide, next day flower delivery UK is available also.

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Medicine Wheels: Ancient Teachings for Modern Times Reviews

Medicine Wheels: Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

This illuminating guide to the Native American ritual of the Medicine Wheel makes an ancient spiritual practice available to everyone. Roy Wilson, Cowlitz Chief and Spiritual Leader in Washington, combines Sun Bear’s Zodiac (outer circle) and his own vision. The Four Pathways are used to experience the God within.  It is important to note that all Pathways go through the Creator. which includes the Creator in the center, surrounded by seven Spirit Messengers: Cougar, Hawk, Coyote, Wolf, Bear,

List Price: $ 19.95


Carnegie Council Presents “Ethics & International Affairs” Summer 2014 Issue Featuring Articles on Human Rights, Drones, and Much More

Carnegie Council Presents “Ethics & International Affairs” Summer 2014 Issue Featuring Articles on Human Rights, Drones, and Much More

Ethics & International Affairs Journal

(PRWEB) June 16, 2014

Carnegie Council’s journal “Ethics & International Affairs” is pleased to announce the publication of its summer 2014 issue.

This issue features essays by Roger Berkowitz on “Drones and the Question of ‘The Human'” and Alan Sussman on the philosophical foundations of human rights; a special centennial roundtable on “The Future of Human Rights,” featuring Beth A. Simmons, Philip Alston, James W. Nickel, Jack Donnelly, and Andrew Gilmour; a review essay by Jens Bartelson on empire and sovereignty; and book reviews.

The entire issue is free online for a limited time.

Go to


Drones and the Question of “The Human”

Roger Berkowitz

In our headlong embrace of drone technology, we are forgetting to ask two basic questions: What is a drone? And what does it mean that the once obvious boundary separating human and machine intelligence is being diminished?

Why Human Rights Are Called Human Rights

Alan Sussman

No one can engage in commerce when deprived of liberty or autonomy. No one can create or imagine or love when consumed by fear. We need human rights to permit ourselves the possibility of being human.


The Future of the Human Rights Movement

Beth A. Simmons

More than twenty years have passed since the end of the Cold War, and the time when people spoke in triumphal terms of the global success of Western values is now a fading memory. The modern human rights movement is at a critical juncture in its history.

Against a World Court for Human Rights

Philip Alston

A World Court is not just an idea whose time has not yet come. The very idea fundamentally misconceives the nature of the challenges confronting an international community dedicated to eliminating major human rights violations

What Future for Human Rights?

James W. Nickel

The field of human rights covers many different beliefs, norms, institutions, and activities, and these may well have different futures. Some may flourish while others wither—along with the social movements that support them.

State Sovereignty and International Human Rights

Jack Donnelly

An increasingly robust international politics of human rights will provide valuable support to domestic advocates, help to impede backsliding, and in at least a few cases decisively tip the balance in favor of human rights at moments of transition.

The Future of Human Rights: A View from the United Nations

Andrew Gilmour

It is with respect to human rights that the UN has experienced some of its greatest shortcomings. The new “Rights up Front” plan may help remedy that deficiency.


From Empire to Sovereignty—and Back?

Jens Bartelson

How do empires and sovereign states relate, conceptually as well as historically? It is no coincidence that many historians of political thought are in the process of rewriting the history of sovereignty in light of its changing status.


Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World by John Broome

Review by Dale Jamieson

This book greatly contributes to our attempts to meet the challenge of climate change and to answer the difficult questions that it raises.

Global Justice and Avant-Garde Political Agency by Lea Ypi

Review by Tom Bailey

In this book, Ypi proposes that theory begin with a specific political conflict, diagnose the failure of existing practices and norms to resolve it, and, in this light, develop better practices and norms.

Fairness in Practice: A Social Contract for a Global Economy by Aaron James

Review by Simon Cotton

This book brings political economy, international relations, and development economics into conversation with moral philosophy, making a critical contribution to the ethics of globalization.

Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an educational, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that produces lectures, publications, and multimedia materials on the ethical challenges of living in a globalized world. To learn more, go to

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Eye dropper for administering eye and ear drops as well as supplements and medications to small pets, dogs, cats and more


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Chinese Herbs – Alternative Medicine

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Home Remedies for Cough, Natural Treatment of Chronic Dry Cough

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Get rid of acne scars with natural home remedies using either aloe vera leaves or honey, lemon juice and almond oil. For complete information check this shor…

EarthBend Announces Strategic Partnership with Dakota Backup & Recovery

EarthBend Announces Strategic Partnership with Dakota Backup & Recovery

CEO of EarthBend Rob Beyer and Dakota Backup CEO Casey Parker

Sioux Falls, SD (PRWEB) June 11, 2014

EarthBend announced its strategic partnership with Dakota Backup & Recovery, a Rapid City, SD based data backup and disaster recovery solution provider. This announcement will allow EarthBend customers enhanced local and remote data storage backup solutions, improved disaster recovery services, and business continuity strategy planning and consultation.

EarthBend has added these offerings to broaden their already strong technology portfolio and provide customers innovative and new solutions. The partnership with Dakota Backup brings a state of the art, cloud-connected backup offering that is highly scalable, flexible, secure, and redundant. This solution provides enterprise class backup with end to end encryption, deduplication and compression. Dakota Backup’s extensive experience in information storage backup and recovery solutions paired with EarthBend’s strong services and engineering expertise provide three distinct deployment models (cloud, on premise & offsite) for small, medium and enterprise business needs.

“We are excited to partner with Dakota Backup & Recovery and help customers thrive in information driven world,” said Rob Beyer, CEO of EarthBend. “EarthBend’s strong service and engineering led team coupled with Dakota Backup’s proven solutions will help customers reduce risk of data loss, manage efficiencies, and empower them to do more.”

EarthBend customers can now take advantage of these enhanced offerings and should expect a new level of service from their technology provider. Businesses will now have the ability to leverage years of large enterprise consultative expertise to help plan and drive future information technology initiatives. This partnership will allow customers to reduce risk of data loss, provide disaster contingency, regulatory compliance, improved restoration speed, and add scale for future growth. The knowledge that Dakota Backup brings to the already superior EarthBend team will open new doors for both customers and prospects alike.

“Dakota Backup & Recovery recognizes EarthBend as a prominent player in the Midwest when it comes to innovative IT solutions and service,” said Herb Ebel, Director of Business Development for Dakota Backup. “With their successful track record in service and commitment to cutting-edge technology, we anticipate this new partnership to have a significant impact on the growth of our partner-led data protection practice.”

About EarthBend

EarthBend has been a trusted information technology provider in the upper Midwest for over 32 years. Locally owned and operated in Sioux Falls, SD and employing 67 technology professionals who support customers in the Midwest and across the United States. EarthBend provides leading edge technologies, local engineers for on-site consulting and support, and competitive pricing through its national reach. Their experienced team can provide businesses with IT computing, data storage, business phones and networking. With three decades of experience, EarthBend’s proven methodologies and full suite of consulting, support, and managed services can support your organization whether big or small. Every EarthBend account executive and engineer commits to ongoing education, certification and training in order to provide the best consultation, design, implementation and support for businesses.

About Dakota Backup & Recovery

Dakota Backup & Recovery, LLC was formed in 2005 as an affiliate of KT Connections, Inc. and Ketel Thorstenson, LLP. With a staff of more than 150 professionals, this partnership constitutes the region’s largest business services provider. Dakota Backup and KT Connections, collectively employing over 40 professionals, are the technology arms of this business group providing all forms of information technology infrastructure sales and support, data backup, and business continuity solutions. Dakota Backup offers innovative, cloud-connected backup and recovery services for complete critical data protection. The Dakota Backup solution features local and remote backup to its SAS70 Type II Tier 3 data centers, as well as disaster recovery from a U.S. location rated low for natural disasters.


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Weak Memory – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Treat a weak memory with natural home remedies using almonds or dates. For complete information check this short video from ! Visit u…

Treat chest congestion with natural home remedies by using turmeric. For complete information check this short video from ! Visit us …
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