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American Generic Labs Announces its 50,000 Bottle Of Metabothin B56 Sold

American Generic Labs Announces its 50,000 Bottle Of Metabothin B56 Sold

AGL Metabothin B56 Replaces Herbalifes Metabolife 356!

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

Weight loss goals have never been so easy. Metabothin, also known as Metabo Thin, combines all of the best ingredients from the ephedra diet pills Metabolife 356 with the now legal ephedra extract for the weight loss results of a lifetime. This product by American Generic Laboratories gives a significant energy and fat burning boost. The difference is in the alkaloids. The ephedra alkaloids in the original formula has been swapped with ephedra extract for a phenomenal transformation. By adding the essential alkaloid solution Synephrine, Metabothin can easily be called the best diet pill of the century.

The original formula of Metabolife 356 was lacking in the one key ingredient Metabothin now has to offer. Metabolife 356 was an extremely popular weight loss supplement between 2001-2006, due to its unique blend of ingredients and ephedra. Since ephedra was questioned, Metabolife 356 was being sold without it for a bit. Those days are over. Metabothin is now available with the exact same ingredients everyone has responded to so well, along with the ever-so-popular ephedra extract.

With the powerful combination of herbs, including Goldenseal, Ginger Root, Green Tea Extract and Royal Jelly, along with the technologically advanced ephedra supplements, there is no losing with Metabothin. The effects of the herbs mixed with ephedra extract gives just the right amount of energy to start off the day right. The herbal ingredients in Metabothin have been known to be extremely effective energy boosters on their own, especially Ginseng, cocoa extract, royal jelly, ginger root and bitter orange (synephrine). Combining pure ephedra extract to this already potent blend makes Metabothin a truly unique product in weight loss supplements.

Not only has Metabothin been proven to considerably increase energy levels with its combination of herbs with ephedra, it also boosts metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant. This life-changing concoction also utilizes thermogenics, which uses body heat to lose weight fast!

Metabothin’s 10 mg of ephedra extract and 40 mg of caffeine (from the plant guarana) pool for a one-of-a-kind powerful supplement. Metbabothin B56 will aid in the maintenance of lean body mass with its appetite suppressing ingredients, essential minerals and Vitamin E. Its obvious why so many trust in the benefits of Metabothin for their weight loss and muscle sustaining needs.

Ephedra-based fat burners are more popular today then they have been in the past, and for good reason. Ephedra Extract is a powerful fat burning ingredient. Here are some other supplements, also by American Genetic Laboratories, that are also based off of great formulas. Superdrine RX10, Ripped Power and Yellow Devils to name a few.

Starting a diet can be a tough transition. Don’t succumb to the “typical diet” which forces ua to alter everything just to feel completely defeated from a loss of energy. Take advantage of Metabothin B56 and feel the difference today!

For more informstion on American Generic Labs reformulated products based on best selling formulas Click Here.

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Weight Loss Doc Warns Of False Hope on New Weight Loss Drug

Weight Loss Doc Warns Of False Hope on New Weight Loss Drug

Fat-Me-Not: Weight Loss Diet Of The Future

Rock HIll, South Carolina (PRWEB) April 07, 2015

After news from the 97th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, also known as ENDO ’15, that a newly discovered drug effectively speeds up metabolism in mice, a weight loss expert is encouraging caution among those looking for a miracle cure for obesity.

“This new drug is called GC-1, and it shows a lot of hope,” says author and co-founder of the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center Dr. Myo Nwe, “but its application is still a decade away. Those trying to lose weight often hear about new advances on the distant horizon, and it can actually drive them toward risky diet plans or appetite suppressants on the market now. That’s dangerous.”

As widely reported earlier in March, GC-1 was revealed at the conference, and shown to reduce cholesterol levels and enhance the metabolism of obese mice, with some being genetically overweight and others whose obesity was “diet-induced.” There’s hope that similar results will be seen when a human trial beginning as early as next year, though successfully bringing the drug to the marketplace would likely take closer to a decade.

“People hear about a bold new drug or treatment, and it gets them hopeful about what’s actually available now. But that can be false hope,” Dr. Nwe explains.

Dr. Nwe previously authored the weight loss guide “Fat Me Not” to challenge many common myths of dieting, and also developed the Slimplate Weight Loss System which is designed to help dieters maintain proper portion control. She is a double board certified physician by American Board of Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine, and practices in both the Carolinas.

“I always try to encourage tried-and-true methods or information, always rooted in science and our understanding of the human body,” she adds. “I’m especially suspect of the many varied appetite suppressants on the market currently. They tend to make a lot of wild promises.”

“We successfully adjust our appetites through gradual changes to our food intake, we don’t jar the stomach with foreign chemicals or herbs in an effort to change the body’s natural mechanics. It’s risky, can have some very adverse side effects, and on top of everything else it’s usually entirely unsustainable.”

Study author Dr. Kevin Price of the Houston Methodist Research Institute presented the findings on GC-1. Hundreds of mice were given the drug, which manipulates how sensitive the body is to insulin. Some mice saw as much as 50 percent loss of their fat mass in as little as two weeks.

GC-1 is currently being used in human trials for the purpose of lowering cholesterol only. Considerably higher dosages would need to be approved to see the drugs purported weight loss benefits, according to Dr. Price.

Nwe’s book “Fat Me Not” and portion control Slimplate Weight Loss System are available here.

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The Herbs, Tarragon And The Eggs

The Herbs Have A New Friend!

Award-Winning Cheese Maker Rolls Out Truffle Tremor Mini

Award-Winning Cheese Maker Rolls Out Truffle Tremor Mini

Arcata, California (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

This just in from Humboldt County, California. Cypress Grove Chevre announced the release of their tasty Truffle Tremor Original in smaller wheels. Until now, the cheese has been available only in 3 lb. wheels. Weighing in at 1 lbs. each, the minis will come as a two-pack in one box – a great design for food service, retail and smaller volume sales.    

“We wanted to offer a fun solution for wine shops, wineries and anyone wanting a whole wheel to serve on their cheese platter,” says Bob McCall, Sales Director for Cypress Grove Chevre.

The 1 lbs. version packs all of the mouth-watering flavors of the Truffle Tremor Original in a smaller package. McCall explains, “…all soft-ripened cheeses are continuously maturing, but size plays a big role in the speed at which they do so… and the flavors that develop along the way.”

The flavors become more complex as a soft-ripened cheese matures. Marketing Director, Jason Baxter further explains, “In the Truffle Tremor Mini you’ll experience developed floral, herb, and mushroom notes along with the earthiness from actual pieces of Italian black summer truffle…not oil. If you like truffles, you’ll fall in love with this cheese!”

For serving and recipe ideas, visit the website at

About Cypress Grove Chevre® (

Cypress Grove Chevre® is the leading producer of fine American goat cheese, including the top-selling American artisanal classic, Humboldt Fog®. Founded in 1983 by Mary Keehn, Cypress Grove continues a tradition of innovation by introducing original American cheeses to the marketplace, such as PsycheDillic® and Sgt. Pepper®. Based in Arcata, CA, Cypress Grove’s award-winning family of products can be found at fine retail outlets and restaurants across the United States. Cypress Grove’s mission is to provide its customers with an innovative and unique selection of cheeses while taking care of its employees, community, dairies, and the environment.

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UPTOWN Magazine To Host 1st Annual UPTOWN Uncorked Food & Wine Festival

UPTOWN Magazine To Host 1st Annual UPTOWN Uncorked Food & Wine Festival

UPTOWN Uncorked Food & Wine Festival

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

Uptown Ventures Group, the parent company of UPTOWN Magazine, will host its first annual UPTOWN Uncorked Food & Wine Festival, July 30 – August 2, in Napa Valley, California.

Sponsored by Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines, Cuisine Noir and Aspire, more than 300 wine connoisseurs from across the country will take part in a uniquely curated‚ 5-star immersion into Napa Valley culture. The premier destination weekend will feature grand tastings from select wineries‚ private vineyard tours‚ golf tournament‚ yoga‚ live music, spas and comedy.

Event goers will enjoy culinary delights prepared by celebrity chefs, including Herb Wilson, Roblé Ali, Julius Russell, Michele Wilson and Judson Todd Allen throughout the weekend’s events, including catered lunches, nightly dinners and daily cooking demos. In addition, lead sommelier Andre Mack and winemakers The McBride sisters will lead wine tastings and classes. Confirmed celebrity guests include Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas, Nicole Ari Parker, Boris Kodjoe and Chris Spencer. Tours will also be taken to several private Diageo vineyards across the region, including Acacia, Sterling, Beaulieu and Provenance vineyards.

“We are excited to host our inaugural food and wine festival this summer as we explore Napa Valley ‘off the vine’,” said Leonard Burnett, Co-CEO and Chief Revenue Officer of Uptown. “We look forward to seeing everyone in Napa for an entertaining weekend filled with live musical performances, comedy shows, excellent food and wine and so much more.”

UPTOWN Uncorked Food & Wine Festival takes place July 30 – August 2 at the newly renovated Silverado Resort in Napa Valley, CA. Discounted early bird registration is now open through May 1, with packages starting at 9. After May 1, standard registration packages, if available, will increase to 0. Please note hotels and airfare are not included. Special hotel rates will be available to registered attendees.

For more information or to register, please visit


About Uptown Magazine

Founded in 2004, UPTOWN is the only luxury lifestyle brand that targets the Affluent African American (AAA) Market. UPTOWN Magazine affords luxury purveyors the broadest access to this highly sought-after male and female demographic. Uptown Ventures Group, LLC offers both traditional and innovative strategies across multiple platforms including UPTOWN Magazine (published bi-monthly nationally with regional editions in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Charlotte and Detroit,, the interactive website, signature events and newly launched digital channel Uptown Unplugged.

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The Fusion Is Heating Up, National Sales Solutions Leads Fusion Biotech into Mass Retail

The Fusion Is Heating Up, National Sales Solutions Leads Fusion Biotech into Mass Retail

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

National Sales Solutions, (NSS), a leading provider of outsourced sales, marketing and supply chain management for consumer packaged goods companies, is set to help launch a new line of supplements from Fusion Biotech.

Fusion Biotech offers an exciting line of comprehensive weight management, wellness, sport nutrition, protein shakes and other unique dietary supplements. Fusion Biotech products are made in the USA and offer a natural choice to get you looking and feeling fit and healthy. Fusion Biotech fuses nature and science to create the finest quality products on the market.

Fusion Biotech will be launching GO Drive in the summer of 2015. GO Drive with Energy is a dietary supplement designed to help keep fatigued drivers alert with sustained energy and awareness. The supplement is a proprietary blend of 16 vitamins, minerals and herbs, with key ingredients that have been clinically proven to help manage concentration, focus, mood and energy levels.

“NSS is very excited to be on the front lines of getting Fusion Biotech’s natural dietary supplements in consumer hands. Consumer demand for supplements is on the rise due to an aging population and increasing consumer ownership of personal health. Now is a great time for Fusion Biotech,” says Angie Echele, EVP of National Sales Solutions.

Fusion Biotech was founded in 2009 and its headquarters is located in Sandy, Utah.

About National Sales Solutions

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, National Sales Solutions is a leading provider of outsourced sales services to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. We serve a diverse group of global clients and provide each with personal attention to their specific goals. We help clients launch new products, expand into new retailers, grow current sales or enter the U.S. market from abroad. National Sales Solutions offers a complete solution, serving most retail channels, including Food, Drug, Mass, Convenience, Beauty, Natural Products, and major Online retailers. For more information please visit


Ron Otto

National Sales Solutions




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Look to Ian?s for Complete, Satisfying Meals During Lenten Season

Look to Ian’s for Complete, Satisfying Meals During Lenten Season

Boston/Framingham (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

Meals during Lent do not have to deprive your family of exciting dishes that taste great. In fact, Ian’s has a brand new frozen entrée: the Herb Crusted Fish Filet, which is guaranteed to become a favorite any time of the year!

Seasoned to perfection with a special blend of herbs and spices, Ian’s delicious Herb Crusted Fish Filet is ready-made for maximum convenience. Plus, it’s gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy the savory flavor.

Allergy-friendly home chefs can also craft their own homemade breaded fish using Ian’s extensive line of tasty gluten-free panko breadcrumbs. Experiment with a different flavor every week: Original, Tortilla, Parmesan Garlic, Italian, Whole Wheat or Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice.

Ian’s makes delicious allergy-friendly foods the whole family will love for a wide variety of convenient and worry-free meal solutions. All Ian’s products are made with simple, honest ingredients and no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no trans fat and no added hormones or antibiotics.

“With Ian’s extensive line of breadcrumbs, croutons and stuffing, meal options during the Lenten season are only limited by one’s creativity,” said Chuck Marble, CEO of Elevation Brands, parent company of Ian’s. “It’s all about adding dimension to foods. The most ordinary or routine dish can be significantly enhanced with our Culinary Creations.”

Add Ian’s breadcrumbs as a crunchy, flavorful topping to vegetable dishes, or use them to make homemade onion rings or zucchini poppers! Eggplant parmesan is a satisfying alternative to chicken parmesan as a main course, or use breadcrumbs to top Ian’s creamy Mac & No Cheese for kid-pleasing crunch and flavor.

Croutons not only enliven any salad, but also spice up soups. Ian’s Artisan-cut Italian Croutons also add dimension and texture to vegetable casseroles. Try them atop ratatouille or tomato soup!

Use Ian’s Homestyle Stuffing to make a vegetarian stuffing for a hearty side dish. Or use it to stuff mushrooms, tomatoes or even fish filets.

Ian’s is committed to offering a wide variety of allergy-friendly/gluten-free foods consumers can trust. During this Lenten season of discipline and reflection, don’t sacrifice delicious, nutritious family meals. Let Ian’s help make dishes that are worry free and crowd pleasing.

Ian’s delicious meal solutions are Trust made simple™.

For more about Ian’s, please visit For interviews or product samples, please call the contacts listed at the end of this release.

About Ian’s Natural Foods

Ian’s is the pioneer of high-quality, allergy-friendly foods consumers can trust. Products are made on-site in Ian’s Framingham, Mass., facility where allergy-friendly food safety practices exceed federally mandated standards. All products are laboratory-tested for allergens and the plant’s equipment is cleaned and sanitized, following stringent food safety standards. Ian’s allergy-friendly items are available nationwide at local natural and organic retailers and in the natural section of many grocery store chains or by direct purchase online at

Media Contacts:

Alexandra Salazar


O: (520) 882-6262

M: (520) 820-9948


Christina Thompson


O: (520) 882-6262

M: (623) 229-2597




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Elmspring Startup PeerRealty Now Accepting Crowdfunding Investments In Retail Property

Elmspring Startup PeerRealty Now Accepting Crowdfunding Investments In Retail Property

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 20, 2015

PeerRealty, the Midwest’s premier real estate crowdfunding platform and one of the participants in the elmspring accelerator, is announcing the opening of a million offering. Accredited investors will have the opportunity to invest in the 62,538-square ft. Riverside Plaza shopping center, located just an hour northwest of Chicago in the town of Belvidere, Illinois.

Illinois, and the Midwest in general, is quite new to the real estate crowdfunding game, making this offering one for the record books. The Riverside Plaza offering is one of the largest the state has seen. PeerRealty CEO Jordan Fishfeld hopes to capitalize on that fact. “Not only does this deal open the door to Midwestern investors who want to invest close to home, but it also allows independent, non-commercial investors a chance to get a piece of the action.” The minimum investment in the deal is ,000. The Chicago real estate investment firm Crosstown Capital Partners, LLC, is sponsoring the offering.

PeerRealty is one of five participants, including HerbFront, CondoGrade, Megalytics and Camp Native, in the second session of the elmspring accelator program. The elmspring accelerator provides participants with seed capital, a network of industry leaders and mentors, including 33 Realty and Waterton Associates, workspace at Chicago’s 1871 and opportunities for its participants to pitch their ideas to interested investors. Each session lasts three months, but companies have an opportunity to continue a relationship with elmspring thereafter.

Thomas Bretz, one of the founders of elmspring, is pleased at the progress PeerRealty is making. “PeerRealty grabbed the bull by its horns when they joined the elmspring accelerator. They were already positioned to make a significant impact in the crowdfunding space, so the Riverside Plaza offering is further proof of the team’s impressive capabilities.”

For more information on the elmspring accelerator, contact Colleen O’Toole at info(at)elmspringchicago(dot)com.


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Go to to see the best 3 herb plants. I was thinking about herb gardening for beginners, and I was…
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