714X – Alternative Cancer Treatment – Banned in the USA

If you have Cancer, these people and clinics can truly help you! They are all banned in the USA. I’m afraid to say it’s either Canada or Mexico! God bless yo…
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26 Responses to “714X – Alternative Cancer Treatment – Banned in the USA”


    @hydrobot2003 so what if your pet has cancer? what then??

  • Marshall Theriault:

    Blue Eagle – I appreciate your thoughts on the immunology factor.
    Unfortunately, most cancers isolate themselves from the immune system.Much
    research is being done which someday, may break through that barrier. A
    mistake people make is that of thinking that all cancers are the same, and
    can be cured by one therapy. Today, target therapy is the cutting edge of
    cancer research. My wife has HER2+ cancer which responds to only one
    drug-Herceptin – with amazing results. To be con’t.

  • umahuma4:

    I dont know what this crap is? Mybe it contains mercury and mutgens like
    those poisiness vacines that gets rid of things like Hepititis and polio, I
    would rather have Hepititis and polio then ADHD. I mean COME ON NOW!!! 714X?

  • Marshall Theriault:

    con’t. Hoxsey simply found a more lucrative market since he couldn’t
    circumvent U.S. laws against shipping his product over state lines. Also,
    why isn’t it used today as a cure for horse cancer since, according to him,
    it completely cured his horse! Also, don’t rely on personal testimonials –
    it’s the worst thing one can do. Do your research on the particular type of
    cancer you have. Then you can make the best decision possible. And, that
    decision could also include no therapy at all!

  • Joe Smith:

    a good multi vite, some good exercise, avoid toxic foods, be happy and
    surround yourself with happy positive people, fresh air daily, take your
    minerals, avoid pets in your home and work at a job you love. = Cancer Cure

  • BlueEagle8:

    I have done the research. There are many legitimate clinics like the Gerson
    Institute. I’m sure there are snake oil salesmen as well. Remember that
    Bristol Myers, Bayer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis, Eli Lilly,
    Novartis, Roche and Pfizer also sell snake oil.

  • p6a9u1l42:

    if any one knows why the hell these plants are illegal/banned let me know
    and the number to the fda we should all call and ask questions this is soo
    fucked up

  • BlueEagle8:

    Did you know that you get cancer every day? Your body’s own immune system
    is able to combat it. If you have a strong immune system, your body will
    never allow cancer to grow to the point of harming you. You have the power
    to heal yourself. The cures to cancer are just ways to boost your immune
    system, expunge toxins and stop feeding the cancer with pollutants.

  • Marshall Theriault:

    con’t. Herceptin is ineffective against HER2-, and virtually all other
    cancers. Do you think these clinics are going to test for your specific
    type of cancer? Forget it, because they deal in only one miracle
    “cure-all”. By the way, for those thinking of going to Mexico to be “cured”
    by Hoxsey tea, did you know this potion was developed on the assumption
    that it cured what he thought was cancer in his horse? Now that’s real
    cancer “research. To be con’t.

  • Tollerbabz:

    IF, this is truly the cure for cancer, then WHY the **** hasn’t there been
    any clinical trials and well-documented results? This is a travesty. Trying
    to influence the public into thinking that the only way to prolong ones
    life, or even be cured, is to travel to Mexico and undergo some sort of
    Miracle-Treatment. This isn’t science, this is kapitalism and fraud. There
    IS no definite cure for cancer, but this, is nothing even close to that
    cure. DiggingMyOwnGrave2, what research?

  • EssiacHempLaetrile:


  • iggnant1:

    Ive been doing my own investigation and I am not surprised.

  • DiggingMyOwnGrave2:

    You are absolutely 100% WRONG. Mainstream cancer treatment is the shame. Do
    your research. I did. I’ll get to Dr. Hitte’s clinic in Tihuana if I get
    cancer. If I want to live, that is.

  • Carlos Caridad:

    Thank you for having the courage to say the truth! THERE ARE SO MANY
    OPTIONS TO TREAT CANCER, other than radiation, chemo, and surgery. Instead
    of cutting a beautiful woman’s breast or removing a man’s prostate and
    making him impotent, no more erections, done on his sexual life, people
    should look for alternatives. Not even need to go to Mexico. Hyperthermia
    is given in many clinics in the US; even Duke University is using this
    effective-low side effects cancer treatment

  • openedmindproduction:

    Good stuff man, nice and simple hey, you can’t deny this video! Have you
    read Suppressed Inventions? Very good book with this kind of info.

  • Tollerbabz:

    Did you oversee a scientific research being made, and being documented, or
    did you just visit a website, endorsing this illegal product, saying that
    it was truly the cure? Come on, there is a reason why it’s banned in every
    country, except for Mexico.

  • WTU208:

    hemp oil or vitamin B17 cures cancer

  • Omike Otonon:

    @Tollerbabz, how do you know there havn’t been any clinical trials and well
    documented results?

  • easguitar:

    For a real eye-opener read “The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens”
    by Christopher Bird–one more expose of the suppression of natural cancer
    cures by the corrupt and evil medical establishment. Declare your
    Independence from the insane disease industry!!!

  • TheSFMA:

    Alternative Caner Clinic in Lefke Cyprus Saddiqi Rose dot com

  • GVO Hosthenprofit:

    @Tollerbabz its because the government makes a lot of money of sick people
    is why they ban natural cures and want to control natural ingredients.
    Thank god I didn’t listen to doctors either and now been medication free
    for over a decade when doctors said I may never leave the hospital, never
    get off medication. I’m so glad society is waking up from the bullshit the
    governments spew and realizing there are many natural ways to fight
    illness. sheep like you is what helps suppress it.

  • bigblueguy47:

    It’s a complicated situation for the drug. In the US, since they want to
    sell 714x as an actual drug (and not a supplement), they need to prove
    through clinical trials that their drug is both safe and has efficacy. As
    of now, no peer-reviewed studies have been conducted by any agency, in any
    country. Canada actually hasn’t approved the drug for widespread use.
    However, due to a special clause in Canadian law, doctors are allowed to
    request the drug if they feel their patents need it.

  • Marshall Theriault:

    Anyone with cancer would do well to do their research. Sure these clinics
    are in Mexico and other countries that don’t require stringent oversight.
    That way they don’t have to do any clinical trials, they have no
    statistical proof of treatments, you’re pronounced “cured” when they send
    you home after two weeks, and there’s no long term follow-up! Mainstream
    cancer treatment today is specialized with target therapies, and solid
    clinical trials and statistics. Stay away from these charlatans.

  • Draupadi Omkar:

    Hi Dr Isha,thank you for this wonderful information.Please could you at
    some time share some videos on Pranayama.Keep the videos rolling!!!

  • Yogic Herbal Healthcare with Dr. Isha:

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