Breast Ultrasounds Are a Comfortable and Convenient Option for Patients and Referring Doctors

Breast Ultrasounds Are a Comfortable and Convenient Option for Patients and Referring Doctors

Center For Diagnostic Imaging Miami

MIAMI, FL (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

Doctors often order breast ultrasounds as a follow-up, after a patient has received abnormal mammogram results. Most breast ultrasounds are done at a specialized medical imaging center, such as the Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Miami. The Center for Diagnostic Imaging is now offering breast ultrasounds to patients as an alternative to MRI. Most patients find ultrasounds to be more comfortable as they can be in an open space and do not have to remain perfectly still.

“We realize that receiving abnormal mammogram results that require additional testing can be a frightening and stressful process,” said Dr. Eric Godreau, M.D., of the Center for Diagnostic Imaging. “We try to make the imaging process as easy and painless as possible for patients, which is why we are offering ultrasounds as an alternative to MRIs. We also want patients to realize that having an ultrasound does not necessarily mean that cancer is present. However, the test is needed to provide further information about the area in question.”

A breast ultrasound can zero in on a specific area identified by the mammogram, and it can help shed more light on whether the area might be a cyst or solid mass. A breast ultrasound can also sometimes distinguish between benign and cancerous tumors and can help doctors determine whether steps such as a stereotactic breast biopsy are necessary.

As with any ultrasound, a breast ultrasound uses painless sound waves to create an image of an internal part of the body, without exposing the patient to radiation. Ultrasounds do not replace the use of mammograms for breast cancer screening, but should be used as a follow up test after an abnormal mammogram. Ultrasounds can also be good for identifying tumors in women who have dense breast tissue. In these cases, using ultrasound in conjunction with mammography can help doctors identify breast cancer more accurately than with mammograms alone.

Breast cancer is expected to impact one in eight women. For this reason, it is important to speak with your doctor right away if you are experiencing any symptoms or suspect you are at high risk for breast cancer. Early detection is an important factor in the success of treatment.

About The Center For Diagnostic Imaging, Miami: The Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) is the premier diagnostic facility in South Florida, with locations in North Miami Beach, Aventura and South Dade. The center is owned and managed by physicians, and all staff members are highly skilled and qualified. CDI’s dedicated team of board-certified radiologists and technicians utilize the most advanced technology and techniques available in the imaging industry and provide excellent service to both patients and referring physicians.

CDI continuously expands its diagnostic services and technologies to meet its patients’ needs. The center’s doctors and technicians are experts in medical imaging technology, such as PET scan, CT and CTA scans, ultrasounds, digital mammography, 3D mammogram, MRI, X-rays and even nuclear medicine. For more information, please call (800) 371-0002 or visit one of our locations

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