Vitamins and Supplements

This is just WHAT I DO. I am NOT a medical professional. Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before changing anything. This is just my experience. Ple…

9 Responses to “Vitamins and Supplements”

  • lesliethiel:

    @reinventingEd You’re welcome. It’s a tough one to address because there
    are lots of opinions about it out there. But it’s a question lots of people
    asked and it’s stuff people need to think about. I just don’t want them to
    go through what I did when it’s avoidable. KWIM? You’re doing great, btw!
    And looking handsome…not like you weren’t before. 🙂 Keep it up. Hugs.

  • MyBandedLife:

    Another great iron you can get (don’t need a prescription, but you might
    have to ask the pharmacist to order it) is FeraMax 150. It’s also a hemi.
    Google it.

  • Sassy Sally Strikes Again:

    gosh you must rattle when you walk! lol– no- thank you- I have been
    waiting! for this vid! I am going to take my 50,000 dry d- NOW every day–
    are you taking 2 calciums- at the same time? and why? they are different-
    right? and why are you using both? YOU are such a treasure… please keep
    sharing– lots of history I want to hear!

  • lesliethiel:

    @phillytomcat I had A LOT of people ask. It is mostly aimed at peeps that
    have the malabsortion issue. It’s been a long and experimental
    process…..and MUCH reading. LOL Back then most Docs didn’t realize the
    long term issues. 🙂

  • gastricRose:

    Thank you for this video sweetie what a great thing to do for us all!! I
    will share your video with peeps that ask me this question ok…love and
    hugs..Have a great Valentines Day big hugs….love rosemary

  • mariebeth1965:

    great information, keep it coming

  • gastricRose:

    Hey could you write it all down on the bottom for us would love to see what
    I am not taken and that D dry I know about but how many pills do you take ?
    ok love rosemary

  • Sassy Sally Strikes Again:

    Leslie– can you explain a little more about your iron choice vs the one
    that is easier on the stomach? and why you choose the harsher one– if our
    #’s are okay do you feel the gentler one is good enough?

  • PhillyTomcat:

    Very well done and informative, This was a good topic to do..

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