Farnam Vita Plus Pet Nutritional Supplement, 7-Pounds Reviews

Farnam Vita Plus Pet Nutritional Supplement, 7-Pounds

  • Meets The Demands Of Equine Athletes, Show Horses, Breeding Stock and Both Young and Growing Horses
  • Contains Virtually Every Beneficial Nutritional Ingredient An Equine Supplement Can Provide To Improve A Horse’s Condition and Performance
  • Contains Polyunsaturated For Skin and Hair Condition
  • Healthy Balance Of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Product Comes In A 7 Lb. Container

Vita Plus, is the perfect supplement that will fulfill a multitude of your horse’s needs. Meets the demands of equine athletes, show horses, breeding stock and both young and growing horses. Contains virtually every beneficial nutritional ingredient an equine supplement can provide to improve a horse’s condition and performance. Contains polyunsaturated for skin and hair condition. Plus a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. Product comes in a 7lb container.

List Price: $ 46.99


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