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Be My Friend – Truth about Vitamins & Minerals Supplements Austin Nutrition Joseph explains what the best types of vitamin and mineral supplements are. He explains the differences between synthetic vitamins, natural vitamins, whole food vitamins and whole foods. Natural Vitamin Source Table Visits Joseph’s Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth http Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul © Copyright 2008 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved.
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Just some information on Vitamins and Minerals. I did forget to mention that if You are concerned about taking to much of a certain vitamin or mineral be sure to contact your health care provider.
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25 Responses to “Truth About Vitamins & Minerals Supplements Austin Nutrition”

  • tim0090:

    i expected more scientific explanations than your body sees it as food and is a complete package. i.e if you were n orange eating an orange then it would make no sense to extract anything from it but surly are body aren’t going to use all the nutrients in the orange. therefor extraction makes more sense. but im not a nutritionist its just my thought’s!

  • othalalinde:

    anybody sampled Garniers new range of products? there high-quality – i keep buy more! did you know you can get cost-free samples through “GratismakeupSamples”. i recently got my samples on 14/09/2010.

  • allouche27:

    intresting and plain 🙂 thank u !
    back to nature
    my small contribution, mind plant omega 3 in opposed to fish oil, given recent studies and documentry broadcasted on 3/2010

  • thecazzledazzle:

    very intresting, thank you (Y)

  • totakeke:

    Most vitamins unfortuntately do more harm than good. Why? They are often incorrectly bonded, in a way that our body is not meant to take in. Copper for example is meant to be bonded to an amino acid, that is how it occurs naturally in food.

    A lot of mineral supplements are also OXIDIZED or quickly oxidize upon absorption. Your body can NOT absorb oxidized minerals. What then happens is that your body thinks it has plenty of copper but it cant USE any of it since it is oxidized.

  • CarlaBaker24:

    This guys is INCORRECT in some of his information. You will get better information from researches.. A good source is the comparative guide to nutritional supplements (by Lyle McWilliams) or consumerlabs (which is a .com)

  • Abzstar111:

    Interesting video, so when you just take in asorbic acid does the body use excess enzymes to break down the asorbic acid?

    I also began eating organic food mainly raw vegetables and fruits. Will this help my absorbtion of supplements as well? Since my adrenal glands are functioning better and I am back on my bike what do you think?

    Appreciate it.

  • ILykToDoDuhDrifting:

    This guy is an idiot.

  • TrueGreatness73:

    Research Monsantos GMO.

  • xsultrysongstress79x:

    haha, i laughed when you said…and the next step up is actually..FOOD 🙂 This is helpful because i am just starting with vitamins and its good to know the truth!

  • rfsgfsdgfdg:

    hi bro am 15 and trying to get my daily vitamins and i take gummy vitamins does that help as much as the whole food vits? and can you get a whole food vit at your local walmart and so on?

  • buzzin1975:

    @bostonale1 Popping a pill is easier than exercising. Exercise requires discipline and getting up off your lazy ass. Ain’t gonna work.

  • SovereignBeing:

    @BellaaMarlene – well thats good,i hope its all 100% organic too..! i wouldnt trust those conventional tests 100% either… but as a teenager with less toxins and medical damage than most, perhaps your levels are normal.! which is pretty rare u know, most people have inherited deficiencies and imbalances right from birth..
    if ur def in vit d remember to get 20mins per day full sunlight when possible..

  • BellaaMarlene:

    @SovereignBeing i was tested for certain amounts in my blood. most conditions/levels were normal except my vitamin d which a pill would not fix b/c it absorbs in fat. i took a water soluble liquid form of it & my bone pain stopped.
    i dont like taking pills in general. i enjoy eating food & i eat alot of the good stuff anyway. a lot more than the average teen i think

  • SovereignBeing:

    @tario26 – Neways is the best quality and synergy ive come across. check out their website and see what u think…

  • SovereignBeing:

    @screemingbeauty – depends on the kind and quality .. whey protein is good for the heart, see mercola dot coms articles.. he;s the oracle on alternative healthcare..!

  • SovereignBeing:

    @BellaaMarlene – well my vitamins are highly bioavailable, collodial plant based minerals and vitamins which have higher absorptions rate..
    yes i agree most are not very easily absorbed.. and foods are quite deficient due to soil depletion, pesticides and heavy metals..
    how do u know you are ‘not deficient in any nutrients’ !? If u know of an accurate test for that id be very interested..!

  • BellaaMarlene:

    @SovereignBeing the probelm with vitamin pills is that they dont have all the cofactors need to abosrb the vitamins/minerals. natural food wil lalways have the right combination of vitamins together. you usually only absorb 10% of a vitmain pill & the rest gets peed out
    i barely take any supplements & im not deficient in any nutrients (except the fat soluble ones b/c i have a problem with fat digestion)

  • screemingbeauty:

    Is it bad to drink muscle milk or whey protein shakes?

  • Akuna4everybody:

    We are a globally progressive company focused on the production and sale of natural health products. Akuna’s Scientific Advisory Board closely oversees the production of products of the highest quality. Our products are manufactured in a GMP certified and ISO 9001:2000 registered facility.Thanks to a large network of distributors, we are an active partner in the field of preventive medicine.
    For more informations check out my chanel.

  • tario26:

    Excellent video!…thanks for the information, I have never heard anyone explain the differences between all the vitamin types out there. Is there one particular multi vitamin from a manufacturer that you would recommend? and also I was considering taking vitamin d…does the same thing apply for vitamin d3 pills as being synthetic and is there a whole food vitamin d pill?

  • GaryK425:

    Like I said,the planet isn’t that bad…yet!

  • SovereignBeing:

    @GaryK425 – Do u want a bet..? How do u know what elements are left in the food.. do u speak to farmers are they replacing the nutrients.. it is esp bad in the U.S where the majority of food is GMO..
    here in australia there is virtually no selenium in the soil..
    most people are iodine deficient and as a result have thyroid complications..
    if u think things arent bad then think again..!

  • GaryK425:

    @SovereignBeing the planet isn’t that bad yet,,,

  • nuladee:

    @SleepingGiantsSister Do tell which brands you took so we would know to avoid them 🙂

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