Natural healing for your heart, flu, cold, cancer …

Natural will find home remedy for..
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25 Responses to “Natural healing for your heart, flu, cold, cancer …”

  • TheCongenitalHeart:

    I love this book, is simple and helpful. God Bless!

  • comprareviagra:

    I watched with great interest, had told me like that, but this video impressed me

  • partyshock:

    lol, nice looking video about fruits …….

    i guess it comes down to eating fruits ?? lol

    ok, got it

  • Angelfaceisation:

    Cool video, I think you raised something important by bringing out about natural healing.

  • debalazo:

    woololoolo, after registering for elementary school and attending classes, you will learn the difference between man concocted ‘penicillin’ ‘anti-biotic’ CRAP, and NATURAL antibiotics such as PURE SILVER (CS, more practical); Habanero Peppers (hottest antibiotic); Garlic and Onion (twin real natural antibiotics); and mere Lime Juice, unrefined Bee Honey, and hundreds of herbs such as Wild Oregano and Licorice, helpful even for the JEW-MADE Bio-Terror weapon “Kosher Pig HOAX Flu”. Now ya know

  • ikeshenn:

    I too don’t have health insurance. There was this tiny hope that we all will have it (here in the states/USA) but the hope is gone now, the government employees have insurance though…

  • camillaheartsyou:

    i meant check up

  • camillaheartsyou:

    i dont have health insurance and it sucks. i thought i did. last time i went to the doctor it was only for a check and they kept billing me for 500 dollars

  • camillaheartsyou:

    how much is it and where do you get it from?

  • 95thity:

    Our bodies are “natural”, so why treat them with poisononus, inorganic chemicals called drugs? We aren’t drug deficient, we’re nutritionally deficient and our bodies are dirty inside. I cleaned mine out inside and got rid of disease. Take the chemical poisons and parasites out that cause disease and put the good nutriton in works to get the body healthy again. Too simple.Great video full of truth.

  • ibelieveinhumans:

    I feel very uneducated about natural remedies. One star! 🙂

  • woolo:

    A natural medicine stays a natural medicine, unless it works then it becomes a medicine.

    The majority of medicine has at one point been “natural”. Look at penicillin for example, it was first derived from mold and over the years it has been refined to produce all sorts of antibacterial medicines. Science is not evil embrace it.

  • alicephrontistery:

    Great video and book recommended by IKESHENN!

  • squibblejack:

    Great Video *****

  • rawenergyclub:

    10 Cheers to Natural Remedies!!!
    Peace In Lak’ech

  • maninwhitedress:

    three cheers to natural remedies!!!

  • porsche944:

    Mind over matter.

  • dulosforchrist:

    Black walnut kills all infections in the body won’t let you have a soar throat , can’t even get tooth ache, taking this product.
    I don’t take golden seal, it is a good product
    Do you know there is no such thing as a cold?
    The body is only getting rid of toxins.
    With this knowledge one can boost the liver and kidneys and stop the cold with black walnut.
    I do sell herbs because most won’t take the time to do what you do.

  • ikeshenn:

    I don’t sell anything.. . I am just someone who used natural remedy, and I want to share what I found. As for herbs I like the purest .. not mixes of many herbs..I like to mix them myself.. if I have to. Eventually I would like to grow my own herbs too.
    And you are right, I agree that doctors often don’t know about good medicines… the natural medicines.. or do they?

  • dulosforchrist:

    Do you sell herbs also? and if so what brand?

  • ikeshenn:

    You are right!

    I take Golden Seal herb in the winter months, also purple flower as a protector, and I use other herbs and home remedies. I believe that herbs and other natural remedies are medicines from God, it feels right.

    I think you are doing great job by helping others to learn about it too.

    When I found this book. I couldn’t believe how powerful the remedies were, thank God. All the best to you friend.

    God Bless

  • dulosforchrist:

    What kind of herbs do you take?
    I have not had health insurance since I learned about health assurance.
    I have gone five years without a cold.
    People can end there cold in one day when they know how.
    IF one takes an immune builder then the chances of a cold are very slim any way.
    You probably already know there is no such thing as a cold it is only the body getting rid of toxins.
    Soar throats and tooth aches are by choice when you have knowledge.
    I share this knowledge with those who ask.

  • ikeshenn:

    I have not known about natural medicine few years back …but the more I learn, the more I feel that this is the perfect medicine… . I personally have no health insurance and was very panicky. Now I take it slow.. learn (use the book) and follow the remedy. I feel so good, like never before. I think my whole system – had been cleaned of toxins that accumulated over the years. I have so much energy! Thank God!

  • dulosforchrist:

    I take an herb to dry sinuses
    Herbs for the liver
    Herbs for the kidneys
    Stay away from chemicals like fluoride toothpaste
    Drink purified water.
    Immune builder herbs
    You don’t have to be sick it is a choice with knowledge.
    I will share knowledge with all who ask.

  • Alibljak:

    cool video good music choice

    ( -:

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