The Leading Physicians of the World and International Association of Chiropractors Will Place Their Top Doctors in this Year’s Edition

(PRWEB) September 28, 2010

The International Association of Chiropractors will be placing their esteemed physician’s on the pages of the highly notable publication, The Leading Physicians of the World. With a mission of representing the globes finest doctors, chiropractors from the IAC will join the ranks with other prestigious physicians from various specialties, and geographical areas.

Selected chiropractors will be representing their city and will be showcasing their full professional biography and areas of expertise. It is a milestone in every doctor’s career, and a handy reference for patients looking for a specialist in their area.

It can be unsettling and painful, dealing with any musculoskeletal condition. Seeing a chiropractor is the first choice for many, but can be overwhelming searching for the right one. A great place to start your search for a Top Chiropractor in your area is the renowned reference, The Leading Physicians of the World. Members of this book and esteemed organization are selected for their outstanding achievements, community contributions, and highest standards for patient care. Here you will be able to view a full profile of every doctor, and also view their subspecialties, education, credentials and contact information.

The Leading Physicians of the World is also available in a searchable online format. To find a Top Chiropractor in your area, visit and enter your zip code. The results will automatically populate with a top doctor in your area. You will also be able to view each doctor’s biographical information, insurance coverage, and a list of services.

To find out more about The Leading Physicians of the World, or nominate a chiropractor that has made a difference in your life, please visit For more information on finding a top doctor and Leading Physician in your area, visit

About The Leading Physicians of the World

Published yearly, and distributed exclusively to members, physicians and healthcare institutions, The Leading Physicians of the World selects the top 1%-2% of each specialty to be featured in their yearly publication.

Representing over 100 different medical specialties in all major markets across the globe The Leading Physicians of the World, allows consumers to browse the biographies of the most distinguished and desired medical professionals from every field.


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