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Medicine World Enterprises, LLC – Stress and Hormones Affect Weight More Than Previously Understood

Medicine World Enterprises, LLC – Stress and Hormones Affect Weight More Than Previously Understood

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

Very few professionals would argue with the proposition that diet and exercise combine to represent the fundamental components of weight management. However, it turns out that two other factors, stress and hormones contribute significantly. They appear to interact and contribute to the ways that most people process food and benefit from exercise. The good news is that both are manageable to a degree that has significant bearing on weight control.

Dr. Veronica Anderson has analyzed data from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and other reliable sources. She recognizes that the general categories of food consumption and exercise have multiple subcategories including genetics, hormonal issues, diet quality, sleep, and stress. The public least understands stress and hormones, but they offer everyone the best opportunity to make adjustments.

The way Dr. Veronica describes the connection is that stress is the human body’s natural response to perceived threats. An example she uses is that you suddenly realize your toddler has wandered away from your sight at a park playground. A region of the brain known as the hypothalamus stimulates adrenal glands that release adrenaline and cortisol. The adrenaline raises your heart rate, blood pressure, and energy. It is cortisol, the number one stress hormone, which increases the sugar supply in the bloodstream (leading to weight gain), inhibits the immune system, and suppresses digestion. Other by-products include fear, mood disruptions, and reduced motivation.

In the example, as soon as you notice your child emerge from a play structure, the hormone levels normalize and everything else self regulates once again. However, today’s world has a way of maintaining elevated levels of stress beyond normal parameters. Long-term stress response, even at the relatively low levels we experience in competitive working environments, leads to heart disease, sleep disorders, depression, memory impairment, and weight gain.

Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has increased the problem since it has resulted in a reduction in reimbursements to physicians who deal with these issues. Proactive health care practitioners such as Dr. Veronica advise against taking pills that only mask the symptoms. Rather, she recommends managing stress with her 5 Pillars of Health program that include: 1-Detoxification, 2-Nutrition, 3-Fitness, 4-Nervous System Maintenance, and 5-Hormonal Regulation.

While stress reduction strategies such as meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques play a role, Dr. Veronica notes the long-term solutions to uncontrollable weight extend beyond those. She adds, “You cannot just quit your job or get a divorce.” She instructs people that they must learn about the cycle of stress and sustainable methods to break it.

About Dr. Veronica Anderson:

Dr. Veronica has appeared on all major news networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News Network, and CNN. She has been published multiple times on Huffington Post. She hosts the radio show, Wellness for the REAL World on BlogTalkRadio. She is an avid proponent of combining traditional Western medical care with holistic and alternative remedies. Dr. Veronica M.D. is headquartered at 1485 Fifth Ave. #19-D New York, New York. Contact Dr. Veronica at 609.577.9893 or online at:


Obesity Causes

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Support World Food Day by Supporting Family Farming Programs- Food for the Hungry Programs Inspire Hope and End Poverty

Support World Food Day by Supporting Family Farming Programs- Food for the Hungry Programs Inspire Hope and End Poverty

Food from FH seed multiplication program in Congo

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) October 09, 2014

When the terms “kitchen garden” or “home farm,” are heard, one might picture a box of fresh herbs growing in the windowsill or a few tomato plants climbing up a trellis in a pot on the patio. In developing countries, however, family farming is not a popular trend. It’s the key to ending poverty, stopping childhood malnutrition and saving lives.

Today, there are over 800 million hungry people in the word, with 26 percent of the world’s children suffering from malnutrition and 2 billion people having at least one micronutrient deficiency. Family farmers are making a world of difference in improving food security. This year, the UN General Assembly has designated 2014 as the “International Year of Family Farming” and the theme for this year’s World Food Day, October 16, 2014, is “Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth.”

Food for the Hungry (FH) is leading the charge, establishing sustainable farming programs with the goal of eradicating poverty in the world’s hardest hit areas.

“FH is on the ground in some of the most remote and poverty-stricken countries,” Marty Martin FH’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our programs are designed to help people take ownership of their development, so that over time, they will no longer be reliant on FH or any other entities to create their own sustainable future.”

Below are just two of the many FH success stories that demonstrate how FH walks with communities to bring hope and progress.

Planting Hope: Seed Multiplication Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, constant internal conflict has resulted in 2 million people being displaced and 6.4 million people experiencing food insecurity. Jobs are scarce and most people survive by selling small amounts of surplus produce in local markets or taking on odd jobs. Thirty-two-year-old mother of six, Angelaine Christine Feza, was one of the many people in Kitchanga village barely getting by. “Before FH came here,” says Angelaine, “we just survived with what we could find. My husband and I planted yams on a small piece of land. We sold what we could to put food on the table. Whatever little was left, we’d take the children to school.”

FH established the Emilingombe seed multiplication program in Kitchanga to help people like Feza improve the health of their crops. Here, vulnerable families improve the quality of seeds in the community, learn good agronomy practices, and feed their families. Peasant farmers learn the importance of crop spacing and weeding to ensure a better yield. They also participate in a community project such as working in the tree nursery or in seed multiplication nurseries in exchange for a monthly food ration, typically 50kg (about 110 pounds) of corn, eight kgs (17 pounds) of peas and four liters (1 gallon) of vegetable oil. As a result of her participation in this program, Angelaine’s hope for the future has been renewed. “Since I began working here,” she says, “I am sure of food for my family, hunger has reduced. I was always worried about what my children would eat. At times we only ate at night. With the little food, they weren’t healthy.”

Sowing Seeds of Change: Potato Seed Production Program in Ethiopia

Despite his best efforts, 35-year old Ethiopian father of six, Abera Anula, was unable to provide for his children due to the low productivity of his farmland. Just as he was preparing to hire human traffickers and risk his life to migrate illegally to South Africa, FH approached him and asked if he would like to participate in their improved potato seed production program. Here, he learned how to multiply good potato seeds and to distribute to fellow farmers in his community.

“After the training, FH gave me 1,250kg (2.2 pounds) of potato seed for multiplication which I planted and after four months, I produced 14,000kg (31,000 pounds) of improved potato seed and sold it for about ,000 USD.” Abera used the proceeds to buy a hybrid milking cow and an ox, saving a portion for the money for his trip to South Africa. The following year, he produced more potato seed and sold it for an even better price. “Now, I am able to rent more farm land from other farmers to expand the potato seed multiplication project. In two years, I am able to feed my children year round, supply milk and send four of my children to school.“ He says he still has the saved money to migrate to South Africa, but FH helped him find a better job opportunity in his own village. He has a plan to open a grinding mill with the money he has saved, providing a service to his fellow villagers. “Thank you FH for opening my eyes to see a better job opportunity in my village.”

There are ways to support the efforts of FH to end poverty through the FH catalog. A donation of provides 20 food tree seedlings to grow nutritious fruits like avocados, apples, bananas, papaya, mango and oranges. A gift of provides rural farmers with a shovel, hoe, grass cutter and machete. Sow a seed of hope with a donation to purchase seeds for tomatoes, onions, peppers, squash, cucumbers, zucchini and legumes.

Founded in 1971, Food for the Hungry provides emergency relief and long-term development programs with operations in more than 20 countries to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Learn more by visiting Social connections include and

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Natural Herbal Remedies Guide: Old World Cures, Home Remedies, and Natural Treatments For Health and Wellness. Includes Recipes for Colds, Allergies, Pain, Sore Throats and Much More!

Natural Herbal Remedies Guide: Old World Cures, Home Remedies, and Natural Treatments For Health and Wellness. Includes Recipes for Colds, Allergies, Pain, Sore Throats and Much More!

Amazon #1 Bestselling Guide with over 7000 downloads. Join The Natural Health Revolution!

Updated With Seven New Cold and Flu Recipes To Fight Off Those Winter Bugs.

Tired of Prescriptions and Ineffective Treatments? Old World Natural Herbal Remedies Are a Reliable, Cost Effective and Non-Toxic Treatment Proven To Boost Your Whole Body and Well Being.

Blessings and Welcome For Joining The Natural Health Movement!

This natural health remedies


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The Greatest Vitamin in the World is now offering vitamins and a business opportunity.

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The Greatest Vitamin in the World is now offering vitamins and a business opportunity.

(PRWEB) February 6, 2004

The Greatest Vitamin in the World is a company that makes one vitamin that nutritionally supports the entire body. Unlike almost every vitamin company in the world today, they use only the highest grade whole vitamins (not synthetic), Chelated Minerals

(most absorbable for the body to be able to utilize), Probiotics (good bacteria for the intestine which is critical for the body’s immune system), Vegetable Enzymes (critical in supporting the body in digesting all the food we eat), all in one vitamin. In this vitamin, they also included other critical nutrients that are scientifically proven to help nutritionally support the body in all areas described below.

Millions of dollars in research and over 100 studies from the New England Journal of Medicine were used to create this vitamin! This vitamin is endorsed by the NBCCA representing most teams in the NBA! It also has the Gold seal award for using only the highest grade and most absorbable nutrients known to man.

In order to get all of the nutrients that they placed into their vitamins, a person would need to buy 12 different supplements. They would also need to spend up to 9 if they insisted on the same high quality ingredients that The Greatest Vitamin in the World insisted on when creating their vitamin.

There is no other company in the world today that has ever created a vitamin equal to their amazing formula. They actually use different ingredients from all over the world to create The Greatest Vitamin in the World. Each bottle should sell for at least 0 but they are trying to insure that anyone with any budget can afford to give his or her body this amazing vitamin.

They allow everyone to try a 30-day supply of The Greatest Vitamin in the World 100% Risk Free.

The Greatest Vitamin in the World also has a business opportunity for those interested in becoming and independent advertiser. The company sells a kit to help people get started for . They pay 00 for each twenty customers an independent advertiser gets, or up to 0 per month for life.

For more information, please visit the following URL:

Or e-mail them at Thank you for your time and attention


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Platelet-Rich Plasma Aids World Record-Setting Accomplishment

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Aids World Record-Setting Accomplishment

Huntsville, AL (PRWEB) October 20, 2010

At 68 years old, Pastor Bob Kurtz of Cullman, Alabama, beat his own world record by playing 500 consecutive holes of golf. This accomplishment was aided by a new tendonitis treatment called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). A group from Pastor Bob’s congregation at St. John’s Protestant Evangelical Church devised the concept of a golf marathon to raise money for orphaned children. As an avid and highly skilled golfer, Pastor Bob was asked to be the “iron man” of the marathon.

A standard golf marathon consists of 100 holes, but Pastor Bob’s love for golf and his philanthropic energy wouldn’t settle for the status quo. He completed three marathons of 168 holes and 220 holes, and, in 2008, broke the 401 hole Guinness Book World Record by playing 405 consecutive holes of golf.

“Then I thought I could do 500,” says Pastor Bob. “I had a year to get ready and I was ready except for one problem, and that was a torn tendon in my right elbow. That was a major concern.” Pastor Bob had been hitting hundreds of golf balls per day to prepare for the ultimate marathon and acquired what is known as the golfer’s elbow: a soft-tissue tendon tear on the inside of his right elbow. “It (his elbow) was very very painful,” said Pastor Bob.

With the 500 hole marathon approaching, and an increasingly painful tendon tear, surgery requiring excessive recovery time and strength loss wasn’t an option. Pastor Bob needed a medical treatment that could expedite the healing process and discovered Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy.

“PRP has become one of the most discussed treatments in orthopaedics because it represents the potential for unprecedented healing of conditions which previously had limited treatment choices,” says orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine expert, Dr. Michael Cantrell. Dr. Cantrell performs PRP at The Orthopaedic Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Dr. Cantrell continues, “It also potentially speeds healing and recovery for athletes and other individuals who need to return to prior sports and activities as quickly as possible.” PRP requires about an hour and involves removing a small amount of a patient’s blood and then rapidly spinning it in a centrifuge or filtration system to concentrate healing components known as platelets. Platelets contain growth factors, used by the body to create and re-grow cells. The platelets are separated from red blood and white blood cells, concentrated into higher doses and re-injected directly into the injured area, where blood would rarely go otherwise.

“These (blood platelets) are your body’s own ultimate vitamins,” says Dr. John Greco, head team physician for Alabama A&M University and orthopaedic surgeon, who also treats certain patients with PRP at The Orthopaedic Center. Dr. Greco continues, “if you believe in a holistic manner of treatment then this is a natural way to help the body jump start the healing process.”

While a multitude of clinical studies are underway, the research to this point has concluded PRP can be beneficial in soft-tissue injuries (tendon, ligament, joint, muscle and cartilage) and warrants further research. PRP has been used for bone growth in the dental community for over 20 years and now may aid sports injuries and tendonitis.

“PRP is considered safe and “natural” because all material is autologous. This means it’s the patient’s own blood,” says Dr. Cantrell. “Thus, there is nothing artificial, and no risk of disease transmission from any donor material.”

Many professional athletes have turned to PRP to speed up their recoveries. After a spraining his knee in the 2009 Playoffs, Hines Ward returned for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl victory after receiving PRP. Other athletes treated with PRP include Ward’s teammate Troy Palamalu, World number one ranked tennis star, Rafeal Nadal, and world number one ranked golfer, Tiger Woods.

“It wasn’t difficult at all,” says Pastor Bob. “It turned out to reduce a lot of the pain and gave me my confidence back. In all honesty, I never thought about it (the injury) the two days of the marathon.” Following PRP, Pastor Bob completed the 500 hole marathon in June, raising over ,000 for children’s charities. The energetic and ambitious Pastor Bob was very thankful for the option of receiving PRP. “This injection helped me out enormously. It exceeded my hopes.” Pastor Bob chuckles, “We finished with the 500th hole and the last thing I thought about was an aching elbow. There were a lot of other things that ached, but not the elbow.”

The Orthopaedic Center (TOC) in Huntsville, Alabama provides the ultimate orthopaedic care. For more information on PRP, please visit The Orthopaedic Center’s PRP website: or call TOC directly at (256) 539-2728.


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The Leading Physicians of the World and International Association of Chiropractors Will Place Their Top Doctors in this Year’s Edition

(PRWEB) September 28, 2010

The International Association of Chiropractors will be placing their esteemed physician’s on the pages of the highly notable publication, The Leading Physicians of the World. With a mission of representing the globes finest doctors, chiropractors from the IAC will join the ranks with other prestigious physicians from various specialties, and geographical areas.

Selected chiropractors will be representing their city and will be showcasing their full professional biography and areas of expertise. It is a milestone in every doctor’s career, and a handy reference for patients looking for a specialist in their area.

It can be unsettling and painful, dealing with any musculoskeletal condition. Seeing a chiropractor is the first choice for many, but can be overwhelming searching for the right one. A great place to start your search for a Top Chiropractor in your area is the renowned reference, The Leading Physicians of the World. Members of this book and esteemed organization are selected for their outstanding achievements, community contributions, and highest standards for patient care. Here you will be able to view a full profile of every doctor, and also view their subspecialties, education, credentials and contact information.

The Leading Physicians of the World is also available in a searchable online format. To find a Top Chiropractor in your area, visit and enter your zip code. The results will automatically populate with a top doctor in your area. You will also be able to view each doctor’s biographical information, insurance coverage, and a list of services.

To find out more about The Leading Physicians of the World, or nominate a chiropractor that has made a difference in your life, please visit For more information on finding a top doctor and Leading Physician in your area, visit

About The Leading Physicians of the World

Published yearly, and distributed exclusively to members, physicians and healthcare institutions, The Leading Physicians of the World selects the top 1%-2% of each specialty to be featured in their yearly publication.

Representing over 100 different medical specialties in all major markets across the globe The Leading Physicians of the World, allows consumers to browse the biographies of the most distinguished and desired medical professionals from every field.


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