iS CANCER CARE Program Heals Skin from Head to Soul

Glendale, CA (Vocus) September 25, 2010

Each October, Innovative Skincare organizes its annual iS CANCER CARE Spa Days, where volunteers, including dermatologists, medical aestheticians massage therapists, and others from UCLA/Revlon Breast Cancer Center and the Washington Cancer Institute at Washington Hospital Center give special treatments to participants in the iS CANCER CARE Program. Hundreds of patients sign up for a full day of pampering and education. The oncology departments are transformed into a cheerful and relaxing spa environment, where patients enjoy rejuvenating, moisturizing facials, gentle back and neck massages, make-up techniques, a superb catered lunch, and nutritional and exercise counseling. This year’s events are October 9th at Washington Cancer Institute at Washington Hospital Center, and October 16th at UCLA/Revlon Breast Cancer Center.

Every day, headlines herald new life-saving advances in cancer treatment therapies. As survivorship rates continue to increase, patient quality of life issues, such as skincare concerns, are now moving to the forefront.

“I was not completely prepared for the side effects [of chemotherapy and radiation],” says Michael Sauls, a 49-year-old lobbyist who was successfully treated for squamous cell carcinoma at Washington Cancer Institute. “I was relieved and very grateful to be cancer-free, but my skin was so dramatically impacted, I became very self-conscious and uncomfortable going out.” Sauls praises the emotional benefits of the program. “There was an incredible amount of camaraderie and support when we would get together and talk about the things we were all going through.” But then there was also a practical and visible outcome — an “amazing improvement” to his skin.

The iS CANCER CARE Program is a one-of-a-kind aesthetic program started by INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® in 2003. It features a very special selection of INNOVATIVE SKINCARE and iS CLINICAL® products that specifically address the unique skincare concerns of chemotherapy and radiation patients. Many of INNOVATIVE SKINCARE’s iS CLINICAL products have been clinically proven to provide significant therapeutic benefits to the skin. Noted results have been so pronounced for cancer patients in particular that independent clinical studies were granted from medical institutions, universities, and the NIH (National Institutes of Health). Two of the “star” products in the iS Cancer Care Program are the Pro-Heal Advance+ Serum, a super antioxidant formula that has been shown to vastly improve radiation dermatitis and certain dermal side effects from Chemotherapies, and Poly-Vitaminâ„¢ Serum, which helps to encourage microcirculation, re-energizing the blood flow to even the smallest capillaries and strengthening the skin cells and tissue. This is significant because when patients are receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, microcirculation is halted and blood flow is reduced, allowing skin functions to break down.

“My skin became very red and dry from chemotherapy treatments and with radiation, I had even more changes to my skin,” says Angie Christian, a breast cancer survivor. “The IS CLINICAL Body Complex and Serums saved my skin. They left it feeling smooth and clear. The discoloration faded quickly and my skin tingled and was actually glowing.”

The program focuses on the holistic needs of participants, from prevention and healing therapies to palliative care. Innovative Skincare coordinates monthly clinics where patients can meet to discuss skin care, self-esteem and treatment issues while receiving iS product protocols for their specific conditions.

“The clinic was originally offered as a special, one-time program to address the self-esteem of the patient,” says Lorna DeLancy, director of the Images Center at the Washington Cancer Institute, “but after seeing the positive effects in the patients, it has become a regular part of our support service offerings at the Cancer Institute.”

Bridging the gap between science and beauty, INNOVATIVE SKINCARE is dedicated to producing innovative, highly effective, clinically-validated skincare products that deliver dramatic, physiological improvements to the skin. Our family of world renowned botanical pharmacologists, physicians, and skincare experts are passionately dedicated to encouraging the healing process both physically and emotionally. Many of our products are supported by independent clinical studies granted by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health and can be found in the most respected and prestigious medical institutions and physician offices around the world.

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