Western Consumers Seek Wellbeing in Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Store

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Western Consumers Seek Wellbeing in Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Store

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) September 24, 2008

Since its founding in 2004, sales at online retailer Chinese Herbs Direct have increased some 50% each year. The business carries over 20 different lines of Chinese herbal formulas, making it the largest store for such products on the Internet — a title it will likely retain for the foreseeable future as new herbal medicines are being added to the website each month.

Key to the success of Chinese Herbs Direct is strong demand for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) among U.S. consumers, many of whom are aware that western drugs are often designed based on extracts from natural herbs like those used in TCM. Further strengthening the case for TCM’s effectiveness in consumer minds is the fact that these traditional herbal formulas have been refined through centuries of use, and are still being used by hundreds of millions of Chinese today.

Strong demand by itself does not generate sales, however; a supply of product that meets consumer needs in precise fashion is needed. Chinese Herbs Direct has created just such a supply by carefully listening to its customers, and by providing them with good information about the herbal formulations it sells.

The company’s early research revealed that some western consumers hesitate to buy China-made herbal formulations because of manufacturing quality concerns. Rather than trying to change a hardened consumer perception, the owners of Chinese Herbs Direct located a GMP-certified factory in the U.S. capable of mixing herbal formulas. Using raw herbs grown in both the U.S. and China, the factory now makes the website’s exclusive “Advanced Formula” line of traditional Chinese medicines, which are sold alongside the company’s traditional branded formulas from China.

Chinese Herbs Direct management also realized early on that consumers were frustrated by lack of good information on the Internet about traditional Chinese herbal remedies. Still another communication-related complaint was about Chinese labeling, which consumers often found difficult to understand. In response, Chinese Herbs direct dedicates itself to providing quality information about Chinese herbal formulas. The site maintains a clearly-written reference section about various herbs, herbal formulations and herbal treatments. In addition, all CHD products use US-styled, FDA-compliant labeling.

Zachary Ling, founder of Chinese Herbs Direct, says, “As indicated by our extremely rapid growth, U.S. consumer demand for alternative, Eastern herbal formulas is quite high. The bulk of CHD’s sales now come from repeat, happy customers, though we continue to get hundreds of new daily visits from consumers new to the world of Chinese herbs.”

Based on his experience with CHD, Ling has now launched herbal niche business in the hard-to-find areas of Ayurvedic Herbs and Pet Herbs. The two sites, ayurvedicherbsdirect.com and petherbsdirect.com, are already experiencing healthy growth.

For more information regarding Chinese Herbs Direct products and services please visit http://www.chineseherbsdirect.com.

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