Vitamins For Acne? Minerals, Nutrition, Supplements, Skin, Pimples, Breakouts on Talkin Tuesday!

Hair Tutorial As Seen In This Video! Dairy Free For ACNE? What You Eat …

25 Responses to “Vitamins For Acne? Minerals, Nutrition, Supplements, Skin, Pimples, Breakouts on Talkin Tuesday!”

  • Carly c:

    Note to people considering taking dairy out of your diet (important source
    of calcium): Make sure you’re still getting calcium somehow, whether hat be
    by taking an actual calcium supplement or by eating green spinage (the only
    plant that has calicum, yes this is true, look it up). Women especially
    need calcium, because when a woman gets pregantn, her body has the task of
    growing an entire infants skeletal system from her calcium supply in her
    body. This depletes our calcium from our own teeth and bones. So basically
    chilbirth depletes our own calcium suuply. Which, in turn gives us
    osteoporosis. (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about, that common hunch
    in the elderly women, that’s a sign that low calcium intake). So ladies,
    fuel up now because by the age of 30 the body stops absorbing calcium (it’s
    true, look it up). 

  • Carly c:

    You are detail oriented and never skip any details. So informational. 

  • chelleloreto:

    Your hair looks amaaaaazing in this!

  • RaincloudmusicTFS6:

    Cassandra: Calcium is ESSENTIAL for the elasticity of hair; and growth of
    bones and teeth in the body. MANY pediatricians have told moms to go with
    VitaminD/Whole milk for the little guys and gals because it helps develop
    bone structure. A child’s kneecaps are not fully developed until the age of
    3. So….Calcium and Vitamin D are EXTREMELY important. ps: I am sitting in
    the sun for about 15 minutes per day; and…..sunlight is STILL the best
    source of Vitamin D.

  • Wings Integrity:

    @shorttsosweet of course it one of the most healthiest oil out there, but
    coconut oil alone wont do much unless you eat a clean diet with no sugar,
    gluten, soy and most unfermented dairy

  • allthislove02:

    do more informative vids like this.i love it!!!

  • Leann Tsang:

    YOU ARE SO SMART, you should be dermatologist….just saying 🙂

  • Charnology:

    WHAT DID YOU SAY IN 5:36-5:43 ???

  • OMG it's Rachel:

    Are you from around the Chicago area? Because I am too!

  • Jason Avbulimen:

    ur camera keeps going in and out of focus…

  • sandy koll:

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  • Kill Jin:

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  • Dodgerchick55:

    I’m taking Hair,Skin,&Nails so far so good 🙂

  • Laurenloutre:

    Hey girl you should go on Dermalogica website, they’re looking for beauty
    bloggers to talk about skin and I think you’re the best for that! The
    chosen bloggers will get some of their products 😉

  • On Fe:

    @itsmeezgi This is one of the most underhanded and awful things I’ve ever
    seen someone write to another person. Why, WHY do you girls constantly tear
    each other down? Adding “But you’re my fav” DOESN’T make it better. It
    makes it even more evil.

  • Aphrodite23100:

    @MegaTavoletta SPAMMM

  • RaincloudmusicTFS6:

    @mendoromi: –Try a multi-vitamin. (I just found out that Vitamin D is good
    for thyroid imbalance; which I have!). Blueberries (which Cassandra
    mentioned) are excellent for vitamin C. At one time, I was prescribed a
    Retin-A product; but they are very expensive. Check multi-vitamins at the
    local pharmacy; ask someone about it.

  • Kaleb Strone:

    Umm oh my, ozone layer does not cause haze aka smog! smog caused by a bunch
    of different factors, including sunlight. also, ozone layer blocks harmful
    high energy UV rays, otherwise we would all have skin cancer more easily.
    also, ozone hole mostly stays over the south pole where no one lives,
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  • epowermakeup:

    i looooove your hair!

  • janesmile2u:

    I looooove listening to you!!! Love your energy!

  • wahwahmels:

    Have you ever tried honey nutmeg mask? it helps with s caring :] i love you
    and your vids your sooo pretty can you do a tutorial on alba green tea and
    aloe moisturizer?

  • Christina waheed:

    what is pigmintation, hyper pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation and what
    does it look like?

  • PowderedPeach:

    There have been studies that have implied that increased calcium intake
    combined with insufficient Vitamin D may be correlated to increased
    fracture risk, as well as increased risk of osteoporosis. There also have
    been studies that link increased dairy consumption and increased
    osteoporosis rates. None of the studies conducted are actually conclusive
    though. As with all scientific research, the studies are narrow in their
    scope, so there’s only so much you can assume by reading just one.

  • kotsjubaful:

    love ur makeup!! Lipstick is so pretty! Pls do a video on fav. lipstick

  • Leandre Tan:

    Your mouth is like a machine gun

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