Traditional Chinese Medicine: Herbal Prescriptions

In part two of the Traditional Chinese Medicine series Dr. Mahanian explains how a diagnosis is made, prescriptions are made and taken. Check out all of our videos at
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Learn home remedies to treat nighttime leg cramps from Pharmacologist Joe Graedon of the popular public radio show, The People’s Pharmacy.

50 Responses to “Traditional Chinese Medicine: Herbal Prescriptions”

  • Gooniessss:

    @laceylingerie I totally agree. I mean, chinese medicine is scientifically proven. Everyone knows that tiger penis is a cure for impotence. They seem to have ran out where i live so Mary bale has been doing very good trade in regular moggies cock.

  • cltw666:

    @munchichi8 I’m talking about the tea. not the chinese herbs. He bought a tea more expensive from a herbal shop where he could get it cheaper in a grocery store.

  • 4chango:

    @Bcboi92; If it gets regulated – it will cost too much for most to afford. Also with government regulation the corporate and political mafia will get to select who gets to learn it and use it. Soon due to working regulation you will no longer be able to buy Vitamin B 6-9-12 over the counter. Plus the FDA can not be trusted.

  • munchichi8:

    Lol thanks for the support on TCM.

    I thought I add that Tamiflu’s main ingredient is from a Chinese herb, which is Star Anise.

    I also like to remind some of you guys that it was a TCM physician who created the first immunization by feeding skin from a dead person with a disease to prevent others from getting the same disease.

  • munchichi8:

    In order to treat any condition in the body you have to diagnosed the cause of the problem first. Which is why you need a licensed TCM practitioner to prescribe a formula for you.

    True you can get your prescription from a Chinese herbal shop but I guarantee you that those “common” people know maybe 1/3 of the knowledge as someone that is licensed with a degree to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • munchichi8:

    Synergy means that certain herbs work better together, like a team.

  • munchichi8:

    In the USA, if you practice Traditional Chinese Medicine you have to get nationally certified which include competency with Western Medicine up to pharmacology which is important so that you don’t prescribe herbs that create a toxic effect. The national board certification is given by NCCAOM. Along with biomedicine, we also need to know our TCM principles, theories, & fundamentals. Plus we need to know the function or acupoints and herbs in formulas. More than half the people fail.

  • 000steelandstone000:

    @Bcboi92 yes. while i am a strong supporter of chinese medicine (and also a chinese myself), i strongly agree with what you’re saying.

    one of the biggest problems with chinese medicine and its practitioners, is its lack of regulation. much as there are numerous skilled practitioners of chinese medicine out there, there are also tricksters and conmen out to cheat you of your money with fake prescriptions and claims.

    what TCM needs is worldwide regulation.

  • bastardfingers:

    Herbs have amazing properties. Killing endangered species like rhino with no medical benefits is evil.

  • MiloOblong:

    ive been taking herbs for a month now from my acupuncturist who is chinise, i can say its working great. i was taking diefferent herbs for acne, hormonal issues and cramps!
    i recommend chinise medicine/herbs over stupid american doctor anyday they only precribe you with pills that dont work and cause more side effects and problems to health

  • sincityfire:

    There is actually a University course on Tradition Chinese Medicine.

  • hecatesmagickchild:

    In regina they were 5$ for one of those , but damn worth it. I am a living example of its proof that it works. So typical western attitudes an cram it.
    They are trying to understand a different system , by using a different language. Westerns try to interprete it through western science and fail to understand it again and again. A lot of people keep doing that over and over again its annoying. I am a white westerner ad been using it for many years, the west needs to grow up a lot.

  • Bcboi92:

    I would be more subject to chinese medicine if it is better regulated. It just to risky as you don’t know if your chinese doctor is certified or not

  • midnight1203:

    in a sinergy what???

  • cltw666:

    @blastarrbollaxIII it could happen in any shop.. not necessarily a chinese medicine shops… If you come to my restaurant trying to buy just the crab in my fish tank.. i would charge the crap out of you.. same thing happened here. Go to a fish market… you can get your tea from a grocery store.. why get them from a chinese medicine shop?

  • brianng999:

    @blastarrbollaxIII When you go to a chinese herbal shop you are getting knowledge from the chinese doctor of which herbs you need…you pay for that service not just for the actual herbs.

    Its the same as if you go to the western doctor…you don’t just pay for the drug you pay for the service. How is that cheating you?

  • Siberianhusky89:

    He never stated that. He’s saying that some of this may be true, don’t just disregard everything. It was once believed that if men ducked under desks during a nuclear bombing, man would live… Does that mean Western Science is completely wrong?

  • 72dew:

    One of the reasons why TMC is really worth it is that it has way smaller side effects than western med have.

  • blastarrbollaxIII:

    @blastarrbollaxIII Part 2.
    You tell them you won’t buy it cause £20.00 is far too expensive, then I ask, “Where is any Chinese grocery food shop in town”. They say, “Don’t know”.
    Like they only eat English food & don’t eat Chinese food from Chinese grocery shop.
    Chinese liars!.
    I go to local Chinese grocery store, on shelf Feiyan tea is £7.00.
    Tell shop owner that herbal shop charge £20.00, he nearly fell over!.
    Beware of Chinese LIARS!.
    Almost as bad as South Korean LIARS.

  • blastarrbollaxIII:

    Part 1.
    In the UK, these Chinese liars try to rip you off.
    A box of Feiyan tea in Chinese food shops can be brought for £7.00, in herbal CON shop they want £20.00 for 40 tea bags. Wholesale price = £3.75.

  • Karensufkino:

    TCM not only can cure the sickness, at the same time, it helps to strengthen your body. So you will still have energy while you fight for the virus. However, you have to be patient while taking TCM, it wouldn’t strengthen your body just by taking it one or two times. If your symptoms are really really serious, take western medicine, because they are really good at fast relieving. After your symptoms become moderate, you can take the TCM again.

  • esperanzadiseasefree:

    I like this video you give good infor. Thank you.

  • klizzard359:

    I bet alot of the people who laugh at the idea that plants could provide medical benefits prolly have a pantry stocked full of medicines and pills that, guess what, came from plants.
    Ironic, isn’t it?

  • OGdank13:

    @Jin6107 they did almost all those things with hemp 😉

  • CoNNoRCfC22:

    No wat gets them a way sitting on your chair for a week without doing any exercise and it shall be fine or if u don’t have a week do a big pooooo and throw it off ur neighbours window that helps me

  • DreadlockDrummer:

    ive had so many calf cramps that i figured out a way to get rid of them, when i get one, even though it hurts like a bitch, i straighten my leg out, and grab my toes and pull my toes towards my stomach and stretch my leg that way, it like pulls the muscle out of the cramp, works every time.


    what the hell is mustard and pickles doing in the medicine isle?!

  • tareqafandi26:

    i jack off and it relieves it

  • Mr050232:

    My wife is suffering from these horrible leg cramps. She is diabetic,suffering from heart disease & mild B.P. She is on various types of pills including diuretics. Can a good samaritan can suggests some home remedy or homeopathic remedy etc…….
    I shall feel obliged.

  • Mr050232:

    My wife is suffering from these horrible leg cramps. She is diabetic’ suffering from heart disease & mild B.P. She is on various types of pills including diuretics. Can a good samaritan can suggests some home remedy or homeopathic remedy etc…….
    I shall feel obliged.

  • molkanadolmone:

    Be honest naughty women here

  • Charlesrocks:

    Dill Pickle Juice! It makes running much easier.

  • Don123q:

    Bicep femoris cramps hurt like a bitch

  • tank900rr:

    Usually a large supreme pizza helps…oh and don’t forget the ice cream afterwards!

  • vivaloriflamme:

    Just add burger

  • planetmigz21:

    can i try it all if one didn’t work for me??
    i have a severe leg crump in result of that,,.high fever,,
    i’m having a 4 days consecutive fever

  • Jakey92407:

    It’s gross but take a few sips of cider vinegar. It stops cramps immediately!

  • killerkennex:

    So why did the Troll bite the purified television out of the thongs?
    He could atleast buy forty chopsticks for a dusty cloud so that the hacking would eat a potato.

  • XxRobertBoyxX:

    Isnt there any other way :/ then tablets and medicines god sake am 15 and i get leg cramps all the time i hate them. and the pain 🙁

  • honjohn0007:

    Holy Sweet Jesus, I just got a cramp in my dick.Hot damn but that do hurt.

  • yoyopeter226:

    @honjohn0007 HAHAHAH

  • angieskidney:

    Cramps are often caused by an electrolyte deficiency (Potassium, Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium) but I never knew about these other tricks that work! Thanks for this vid. I get calf cramps real bad in the middle of the night that wake me up!

  • MarkLaszutko:

    Stretch your leg straight out, grab your big toe and pull it towards you, the pain goes away instantly, hold it like this for a few seconds and then release. if ti comes back repeat 😀

  • churchpastor1:

    wow abar of soap actualy works

  • honjohn0007:

    IMy old lady likes it when I get cramps in my dick.It gets as hard as Japanese Arithmetic.

  • Techdecknoob21:


  • KaiXevandStanley:

    Easy solution- Drink lots of water as soon as you start getting cramp. This really works very fast.

  • WoWbob396:

    looooooool dude i hate that, i just wake up and strech my leg then it cramps like ultra hard for about a minute.

  • vrghiks:

    It’s easy to catch a Rabbit by sprinkling
    salt on it’s tail.

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