The Truth about Vitamins Supplements and Deficiencies Mega-doses of any one vitamin or mineral is due to consumer demand for a higher guarantee of a particular nutrient entering the body. Consuming 1000mg of Vitamin C will almost guarantee some of it will get into the blood stream. But the negative is that when there is too much of anything in the body, certain organs have to deal with overload and remove it, which can effect the long term function of the kidneys, liver etc… Paleo friendly recipes for good health, visit http

9 Responses to “The Truth about Vitamins Supplements and Deficiencies”

  • turuanu:

    Great video, but you had 10 mins of space; I know I could have paused it every time, but couldn’t you have made it one minute longer and a bit slower?

  • ykcub01:

    Linus Pauling…… anyone?

  • TheIrieOne87:

    yeah but what kind of moron takes 1000mg’s of vitamin C. Personally I have nothing bad to say about Vitamins and minerals. Some people are born or accumulate a natural deficiency in the life possible altering their brain patterns. Thus enables them to take supplements, you should read about Bernard Jensen. He talks about the same stuff you might; healing ones self through the foods they eat.

  • paleodiet:

    @leveler346 Not everyone takes multivitamins/vitamin C sups, or consumes enough to be fatal. Causing toxic effects on the body doesn’t indicate that the toxicity alone will be the cause of death. It can begin to cause major health implications however, depending of course on other aspects of a persons diet and lifestyle.

  • leveler346:

    If Vitamin C was harmful in large amounts then the human race would have died out when we could still produce it as most animals can (and animals do not develop `copper deficiency’ and a build up of iron even though they do produce vast amounts of Vitamin C)

  • leveler346:

    Not only is there an absence of evidence that Vitamin C is harmful in any way to the human body but doctors who have given large amounts to patients for decades (yes since the 1930s) have found nothing but positive effects. Vitamin C is given by doctors in high doses to stoke victims, intravenously to treat heat disease and recently on cancer tumours with great effect – and no side effects!

  • leveler346:

    The information in this video, at least as far as `Vitamin C’ (adsorbate) is concerned, is completely wrong. Read the works of biochemist Irwin Stone and two times noble prizewinner chemist Linus Pauling who took 18 grams of Vitamin C a day for decades and lived till 93. Read `Adsorbate – the science of Vitamin C’ by Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts, read medical and clinical documents on the Vitamin C Foundation website.

  • paleodiet:

    Thanks for the positive feedback

  • hopesolofan18:

    good video i like it thanks i never take supplements because i always knew they werent natural. this explains everything well

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