The Cold and Flu Season Hunt for a Home Remedy is On

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The Cold and Flu Season Hunt for a Home Remedy is On

FREEDOM, ME (PRWEB) December 11, 2004

Growing concern about the upcoming cold season and the latest news about shortages of the flu vaccine, combined with the rising cost of health care and the increasing number of Americans without health insurance may be behind the sudden surge in internet searches for information about free and natural home remedies.

According to one search engine, the term “home remedy” and variations of it were searched for over 36,000 times in October alone.

Luckily, the folks at ( ) are filling the need with their website which offers a large and growing collection of traditional home remedies for many common ailments.

According to one of the website’s staff, people come to the internet to find a home remedy for any number of reasons. “Some are not near a doctor’s office, some aren’t comfortable taking medication, others don’t have insurance,” says Jaime Escalante “and many can’t afford the cost of a doctor’s visit and prescription medication.” Escalante suggests that some internet users may believe that researching home remedies is a good way to find a private, cheaper and what they often think will be a safer alternative than the medicines that are often prescribed by doctors.

What are some of the more popular ailments people want home remedies for? “Especially this time of year, many people are looking for home cold remedies.” says Escalante, “On our site they would find that eating raw garlic comes highly recommended by many.” Other suggestions include zinc cough drops and tea made with apple cider vinegar and honey.

Further listings popular during the cold and flu season include a home remedy for canker sores – , a home remedy for sinus infections – , and a cold sore home remedy – .

Escalante is quick to point out that no home treatment should be attempted without consulting your health provider first. “The information provided at our site is there so you can have information at hand to discuss with a professional. Check with them to see if any of these traditional remedies might be safer, cheaper and possibly as effective as a prescribed medicine or an over the counter solution.”

When asked what the most unique remedy they’ve come across so far has been, Escalante is quick to reply. “That would have to be a home remedy for ring worm that one visitor suggested to us. According to them, the best way to treat ringworm is to soak a penny in vinegar for a few minutes, and then bandage the coin onto the infected spot. They claim it cleared up their tinea in no time.”

For those interested in discovering or rediscovering many old time home remedy favorites for everything from fleas and nail fungus to head lice and boils, swing on by .


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