The 90 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Part 1 of 2

By Dr. Joel Wallach, You will learn when the human body receives optimal levels of the 90 essential nutrients, debilitating, developmental and degenerative diseases can be prevented and the maximum potential for longevity is within our Grasp!
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20 Responses to “The 90 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Part 1 of 2”

  • sandhedomsundhed:

    @lizrdski Well not only minerals are to “blame” for being bald, many thigs play in!!!

  • gypsybearpup:

    @lizrdski Keep in mind this guy is 70 years old. looks better than most 70 year olds.

  • lizrdski:

    Id be very curious to see him with a full set of hair. Are you sure it’s real hairs and not a wig ?
    I know mineralisation can regrow hair, but anyway that’s not an easy task, because he’s almost totally bald.
    Yes, of course being over weight is unhealthy.
    I don’t speak about over-trained athletes, but I just speak about being simply fit.
    Humans are designed to be fit, not “couch potatoes”.

  • DudukIsTehBest:

    @lizrdski Have you seen him in person lately? He looks amazing, He lectured in Des Moines, IA. He had almost full hair and wasn’t over weight. Just an FYI he is constantly traveling and has over 300 speaking engagements each yr.

    In any case, if you think being over weight is unhealthy, you haven’t listened to his message. professional athletes die on average of 45 yrs of age. Yet couch potatoes make it to 70-80. Explain that, because he already has.

  • lizrdski:


    sorry don’t make sense.
    the body regenerate faster than he degenerates.
    an appropriate diet and lifestyle would be enough to normalise his body weight.
    maybe this dude is like others health gurus, preaching for unprocessed unrefined foods but eating lasagnas and kellogs every morning.
    that’s not serious to me.

  • ghostlymystic:

    @lizrdski The reason why this guy is so fat and bald is because he spent a majority of his life doing the research needed to make these products from natural resources. He’s not fat because the product doesn’t work, he’s just fat because all of the years he’s put in to working on this. I mean he spent 20 years in his life in collage and after that another 20 doing autopsies. Lets see you do that and not be old and fat!

  • lizrdski:

    so the point is.

    why is this guy so fat and almost bald ?

  • talusan909:

    You have so much knowledge about health and nutrition and yet you don’t physically show it——you’re not fat but obese. How do you take on that. We need to listen to you more and read you books, please don’t die early.

  • youngfred116:

    good shit. make more vids

  • annie46664:

    maugustyniak ~ Further more, if you performed adequate research yourself, then you would learn that as soon as a TRUTH is labelled as a ‘conspiracy theory’ ~ it is invariably initiated by the very perpetrators themselves. It’s their devious means of continuing to keep the masses under their control & brainwashed indefinitely. Fortunately though, it’s through dedicated TRUTHERS in a variety of instances, that slowly people are waking up to the TRUTH & beginning to research for themselves.

  • annie46664:

    maugustyniak ~You can think whatever suits you best, but your insult won’t deter me from taking every opportunity possible, to get the TRUTH regarding the FACT that HIV is a $CAM. I so wish that this could start in schools, where teachers are forced into including the HIV & so-called AID$ lies & fraud, in the current syllabus. They, like millions of medical folk do so innocently, because they too, haven’t discovered the TRUTH. Children have the right to know the TRUTH ~everybody does!

  • maugustyniak:

    @annie46664 Okay. Stop watching conspiracy clips. This clip was meant to be informational and has information you failed to review so you posted an ignorant comment. Nobody attacted you, so get off you pony princess, shut up and do your research.

  • annie46664:

    maugustyniak ~ You obviously get a HIGH being ugly & nasty ~ so be it ~ each to his her own.
    There was absolutely NO REASON whatsoever to attack me in the manner in which you did, but hey! given my MISSION here on YT, I encounter MUCH abuse daily, & each time, I think, or hope that my skin thickens just a little ~ because I’d hate to have a thick skin entirely.
    Love & LIGHT ~ & if it makes you feel better ~ picture me devastated, distraught or whatever your intention was, & so be that too! 🙂

  • maugustyniak:

    @annie46664 You’re ignorant, and possibly smugly at that. Here’s my final laugh: omega-9 fatty acids are produced by the human body, hence they are not considered essential, rather, they are necessary. Omega-3 and omega-6 are essential, because they are not produced by the human body. Ha ha! Next time, you have to read-up.

  • annie46664:

    mileysun259 Good job teacher! Now please watch 1 or 2 HIV videos on my channel & discover that HIV & so-called AID$ is a big, fat, blatant LIE & downright FRAUD! Yes! Robert Gallo falsified the documentation. SHOCKING! But howcome the world doesn’t know this? Maybe give your students a project on this subject & give them the opportunity to become student PIONEERS throughout the entire world. My channel will offer them countless leads to the real TRUTH which the world needs to know!
    South Africa

  • annie46664:

    Those add up to 91!!!
    Do Americans count differently to how the rest of the world does? HA HA HA
    ~South Africa~

  • folkandfaith:

    is there any science to back up this guys stuff though? Who says that he is correct other then him?

  • JLeeMagnetic:

    the best health/ anti aging product I have used is actually Alex Chiu’s Magnetic Discovery. It’s amazing. all the other people are just nonsense.

  • Sectorsophia:

    This is awesome! Thanks!

  • mileysun259:

    this video is so good and i am a teacher and i showed this video to my students in my class.Because we are learning about vitamins and minerals.And me and my class message to you is that there are 91 essential nutrients because we added the minerals,vitamins,amino acids and fatty acids together and that makes 90 essential nutrients.Anyways good job and bye bye

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