Natural Health Remedies (Revised)

Natural Health Remedies (Revised)

Finding a natural health reference book written from a Christian perspective can be a challenge -until now. Janet Maccaro presents a “self-care manual’ of remedies for conditions from acne to zoonosis, and she shows readers the healthiest foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals for good health.She fills the toolbox for good health with helpful tips about: Detoxification Baths for purification Sugar sabotage Green superfoods Water wisdom Antioxidants Juicing Top ten life-enhancing supplements

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5 Responses to “Natural Health Remedies (Revised)”

  • Anonymous:

    Review by for Natural Health Remedies (Revised)
    After hearing Dr. Janet Maccaro on a talk show, I couldn’t wait to get her book Natural Health Remedies. It has been my belief for years, if it can be done the natural way,that’s the way to go first. This “user-friendly” book encourages the reader to get their bodies back on track the natural way. The author is a Christian and believes we should look to God as the source of all healing and He has supplied every “herb of the field” as a support for the health of our bodies. One category most important to me, considering the times we are all in, is how our mind and spirit effects our health. Flower Power for Emotional Health is a miracle for those suffering from fears, worries,irrational thoughts, lack of self-confidence, despondency, etc. No other book does this like this one! Also extensively covered: Building Your Immmune System and Function; Top Ten Life Enhancing Supplements; Natural Healing Protocols; Anti-aging and Losing Weight. It truly is an A to Z book! A week after reading this book and using some of the suggested remedies, I have truly been astonished at the difference. My health food store is now recommending this book. It is a book everyone should read!

  • Kathryn Pless:

    Review by Kathryn Pless for Natural Health Remedies (Revised)
    I saw Dr. Maccaro on a talk show on the TV and found here to be very personable. Her book is a great resource for information and redmedies. I have been looking for an natural healing book but so many of them have so much New Age spirituality I could not bring myself to buy them. This book will give you down to earth remedies and uplifiting Christian veiwpoints. I found it very refreshing and informative.

  • Katheleen Williams:

    Review by Katheleen Williams for Natural Health Remedies (Revised)
    This book contains quite a bit of health information that you don’t get from your traditional doctors, although it should be that they read these books. Janet Maccaro’s book is written in a simplistic way. A way in which it is easy to read and to understand. She also writes in such a way that you can feel free and safe to incorporate her remedies in your everyday living. They are natural and safe remedies. Of course, some of them you might want to discuss with your physician just to let them know you are considering, or are doing, a certian remedy that you read from her book. I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in learing more about natural health remedies.

  • R. Allamon:

    Review by R. Allamon for Natural Health Remedies (Revised)
    I think this is an excellent resource to have in the home for continual review of different health conditions and natural(herbs and vitamins)ways

    of treatment. As a Christian, I appreciated the references to prayer and

    the Bible.

  • Charles R. Clarke:

    Review by Charles R. Clarke for Natural Health Remedies (Revised)
    With so many possible side effects possible from traditional drugs and remedies, I believe the best answers come from nature itself. I found this book to be very helpful and I will use it as a resource for years to come. Why treat the symptom when God gave us natural answers to treat the root of the problem.

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