Poultices and Natural Remedies

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http://thecrunchycoach.com Two natural remedies for dry eyes that work for me.

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  • Zebulun Wilson:

    Gospel Medical Missionary fsda

  • Hil Wash:

    God’s healing method.

  • Hil Wash:

    What a great demonstration and lecture about God,s

  • Crunchy Emily:

    Thanks for sharing this remedy! I just apply almond oil to my eyelids
    3X/day. Doesn’t last as long as the remedy you note, however, but keeps my
    eyes from feeling miserably dry. I use the eyedrops when I’ve been on the
    computer “too long”, got dust in my eyes, or early in the morning when I
    wake up and my eyes are super dry.

  • ulhas kamath:

    Please try the following ayurvedic approach Prepare a mixture of equal
    quantities of Teel Oil (Sesame Oil) Rs.50 only + Bala Oil Rs 150 only Take
    a small cotton swab/ball. Apply a bit of the above mixture to the cotton
    swab/ball. Gently massage outer part of eyelids with this cotton swab so
    that a film of the oil mixture is spread on the eyelids. Apply it below the
    eyes also. Make a full circle around the eyes. No open and close your eyes
    100-150 times.

  • ulhas kamath:

    Your eyes might become watery . But thats no issue . This oil mixture is
    not harmful. You will feel that you eyes are moist . This moistness will
    remain for a long time (till the oil evaporates totally from eyelids and
    that takes at least 4-6 hours to happen OR till you wash your face with
    soap OR you wipe your eyelids). Moreover it is the cheapest way of treating
    dry eyes. Both oils can be bought from any ayurvedic medicine store for Rs
    200 (Max 5 USD).

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