Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Profile

Please visit my blog for more info. A lot of people are talking about acai berry, goji berry, but the one we’ve chosen to study is something called mangosteen. The leading manufacturer is a company called XanGo, and we’ve worked with them to evaluate their product, which is a mangosteen juice. It includes not only the fruit but also the rind of the fruit. And it’s that rind that contains some unique anti-inflammatory agents called xanthones.

18 Responses to “Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Profile”

  • mywealthforlife:

    I have been taking 5 superior Glyconutrient products for over 15 years..and have helped thousands of others get better health…….BUT for two years I have suffered severe depression……..and though I increased my product known for Hormonal Balance, I couldn’t get “out”. After just FOUR days drinking Mangosteen, my depression completely lifted. Completely. That was on 11-11-10.
    NOW, I am using and promoting this amazing drink.
    Dazzling Dolly Lutz

  • abnegatingcecity:

    @nmcnmb every body is different, but in my personal experience there’s a before and after in how amazing my health have improved, if you want more info and serious scientific investigation contact me and i’ll help you, greetings!

  • nmcnmb:


    Hmmm…perhaps I didn’t give it a long enough trial but I didn’t notice any benefit.

  • abnegatingcecity:

    @nmcnmb M.D. Brent A. Bauer from Mayo clinic

  • nmcnmb:

    Who is this guy and cite the production of the clip.

  • cindysievers1:

    A powerful little fruit!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud to be a part of this incredible company!!

  • LMXL99:

    Love this Juice from Xango…it saved my life and got me back on track with my health…so very grateful to XanGo and it’s amazing products!!!

  • jos924:

    We have been consistant users and believe in its ability to help and prevent disease.
    Why Not?

  • tentcane:

    I was able to discontinue 5 prescription drugs from drinking a few ounces of mangosteen juice every day. Gave me my life back!

  • feedmorechildren:

    Love this juice, I no longer take 15 Extra Strength Tylenol a day, in fact I don’t take any of the pain or other related medications I had to take on a daily basis

  • mediatect:

    I had tendinitis in my right elbow for a year. Regular NSAIDs did not help nor did reduced weight workouts by order of my doctor. I drank xango and in 3 days my tendinitis was gone and has never returned. No need for a study to be conducted for me, but I am sure glad they are doing one. More people need to know about how powerful this juice really is.

  • connielmc:

    The Mayo Clinic is doing clinical studies on a fruit juice is very impressive. I have read that they decided to conduct this because of the results their patients were reporting.

  • paulajeanperkins:

    That must have been incredible to grow up with this powerful little fruit at your disposal. No need to talk you into how wonderful this juice is!!!

  • imaskun09:

    I grew up with the fruit and watched my grandmother make tea from it, we took the tea for almost every sickness we had.

  • mkey1226:

    I too have been using this incredible juice for almost 4 months. My insomnia is gone, I am TOTALY off of blood presure medication, and my overall mood has become much more stable! I am excited to be a part of Xango!

  • essbeeone:

    We’ve used this remarkable juice for 2 years and it’s all true. Congrats to Xango and all of us.

  • paulajeanperkins:

    A powerful little fruit!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud to be a part of this incredible company!!

  • gregbullis:

    They are using my JUICE!!!!! :^)

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