How to Make Dog Food : Understanding Vitamin Supplements for Dogs

Learn to work with vitamins and supplements within homemade dog food in this free video. Expert: Elise McMahon Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.D. in animal behavior, and has been working with both domestic and wild dogs since the early 1990s. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

12 Responses to “How to Make Dog Food : Understanding Vitamin Supplements for Dogs”

  • laurajdahl:

    You do realize that dogs are just domesticated wolves or other wild canines? And I’ve never seen a wolf eat canned processed foods on their own…

  • Aleandro25:

    but the fried hurts

  • TobyLittleDude:

    Raw feeders are the ones that talk in circles. If you went and actually looked for studies and research on this topic, you know you’ll only find a few raw feeding fanatics going in circles about why raw is the best. There are no long term studies on raw feeding. Don’t get me wrong.. I tried the whole raw feeding thing before I was well informed. Once I started researching the topic and saw the few and limited “studies” on raw feeding, I stopped immediately. Don’t bother preaching please.

  • fstwrtr:

    “you’ll change your mind. If you have one, that is”
    rude and obnoxious, you mean like your statement? why would a slaughterhouse change my mind about feeding raw? and what part about a slaughterhouse changes the meat into something less edible for my dog? you are talking in circles, because you respond with emotional feelings instead of facts.

  • TobyLittleDude:

    Why are raw feeders always so rude and obnoxious? Feed YOUR dog whatever you want, but don’t force your way of feeding on everyone that comes your way. The so called “meat” you’re feeding your dog is not meant to be fed raw. It’s not like your dog is killing it’s own prey! Take one look at a slaughter house and you’ll change your mind. If you have one, that is… lol.

  • kenzoandhanzo:

    this video is very commercial. Besides, the video is very short and the information is too general. I’m not very convinced.

  • killwize:

    Jesus Christ these comments are TOXIC!

  • Jklsays101:

    This is for dogs that lack nutrition from raw meat and bones.

  • fstwrtr:

    suppliments are nonsense.. there is no such thing as “complete,balanced” diet..a complete waste of money.. just feed raw meat and bones

  • AristidezMtzGlez:

    really pointless, don´t wacth this is a waste of time…

  • TutorialU:

    the lady talks in a monotone hahaha

  • NaturalNutrition:

    Looks like you’re really into wellness. It’s great to meet some one else in the industry that can really contribute.

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