Main Street Dental Team Warns Patients to Avoid Damaging Dental Habits This Holiday Season

Main Street Dental Team Warns Patients to Avoid Damaging Dental Habits This Holiday Season

Main Street Dental Team Warns Patients to Avoid Damaging Dental Habits This Holiday Season

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

Main Street Dental Team (, Unionville’s first full-time dental clinic, is warning patients to avoid common self-inflicted damaging dental habits this holiday season and providing its top tips for avoiding an emergency dental visit.

“Aside from making a great first impression, our teeth are designed for chewing. Using them for anything besides that can result in extensive dental damage,” says Dr. Harvey Schwartz, owner of Main Street Dental Team. “But, especially around this time of year: we’ve all used our teeth to tear tape, open bags of candy, and even open bottles.”

According to the latest research, the total expenditure on dental services in Canada was almost .0 billion in 2010; per capita spending on dental services that year was 0.83. That number could soar if someone chips or breaks their tooth or damages their gums. (Source: “Dental Health Services in Canada Facts and Figures 2010,” University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine web site;, last accessed December 19, 2013.)

“Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies, engaging in habits or making impulsive decisions that we end up suffering for,” Dr. Schwartz adds. “For example, our teeth are not designed to be used as tools. It takes a lot longer for an injury to heal and or a tooth to be repaired than it does to find the proper tool in the first place.”

It’s not uncommon around the holiday season to enjoy a glass of hot apple cider or hot foods at an office or holiday party. Unfortunately, enjoying a hot pizza or drink too quickly can burn the inside of the mouth and damage both the roof of the mouth and the gums. Dr. Schwartz advises those that do burn their mouth from pizza or any other overly hot food or drink should place ice or cold water against the burn as quickly as possible to avoid further damage and avoid hot and spicy foods and drinks until the burn heals.

“At the same time, it’s important to remember that chewing on ice can cause fracture lines, chips, and cracks in teeth. Chewing ice can also wear down the enamel, which can lead to further cavities,” he observes. “Teeth may be strong, but they’re still prone to damage.”

When people feel pain in a tooth, it’s not uncommon for some to place an aspirin tablet in their cheek beside the tooth; believing that the pain-relieving properties will be absorbed more quickly than swallowing it. But as Dr. Schwartz explains the fact of the matter is that aspirin should be swallowed. In addition, direct aspirin-to-tooth contact can lead to a secondary issue: aspirin burn. This occurs when the acid in the aspirin burns a white, rough lesion into the gums or cheek.

“What some people fail to recognize is that good oral health is integral to our general overall physical well-being,” he notes. “Untreated cavities are not just painful; they can also lead to serious infections. There is also mounting clinical evidence that shows a direct correlation between poor oral health and a higher incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even Alzheimer’s.” (Source: “Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is: The Future of Dental Care in Canada,” Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives web site, April 2011;

“Granted, it’s impossible to anticipate all dental injuries or accidents, but being aware of daily habits is a good way to help reduce the amount of issues we all have to deal with,” Dr. Schwartz concludes. “Should anyone experience a dental problem or oral irritation over the holidays, they should contact a dentist right away. At Main Street Dental Team, existing or new clients can call and book an emergency dental appointment at any point over the holiday season.”

The Main Street Dental Team was established in 1967 and became the first full-time dental practice in the community. Main Street Dental Team provides a full range of dental services for children to seniors, including preventive dentistry, restorative/cosmetic dentistry, ultimate smile makeovers, dental implants, surgery, full and partial dentures, and treatment for gum disease. To better serve the needs of Unionville’s growing population, their staff also speaks Mandarin and Cantonese. To learn more about Main Street Dental Team, visit the web site at

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