Mad Hippie Organic Skin Care Picked Up by Earth Fare Store Chain

Mad Hippie Organic Skin Care Picked Up by Earth Fare Store Chain

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

Mad Hippie, seller of all natural skin care products, was recently picked up by the Earth Fare Store Chain.

This past month, the Mad Hippie skin care line was recently picked up by a thirty-store chain called Earth Fare in the South West. This recent acquisition allows Earth Fare customers to have access to Mad Hippie’s most popular products, including their Antioxidant Facial Oil and Wrinkle Cream.

“We love partnering with environmentally conscious retailers,” says Mad Hippie’s co-owner, Sam Stewart, “We’re glad to add Earth Fare to our network of stores.”

Earth Fare can be described as a “healthy supermarket” that specializes in organic and environmentally conscious products. Every serum, cream and oil in the Mad Hippie skin care line is free of harmful chemicals and other additives. Both Earth Fare and Mad Hippie share a similar philosophy by only offering products that are healthy for consumer’s bodies.

Mad Hippie sells their products in similar organic grocery store chains including Whole Foods and Mother’s Market. Mad Hippie facial cleanser and moisturizers far exceed the basic standards that these stores require.

Both companies are highly against using cheaper ingredients to make a profit, especially if they have seriously negative effects on consumer and environmental wellbeing. Even Mad Hippie packaging materials are environmentally conscious. Mad Hippie only uses BPA-free, fully recyclable airless pumps, and soy ink on the labeling.

Mad Hippie offers skin care products such as facial serums, creams , cleansers and moisturizers that tone and elasticize in a natural way. The organic oils penetrate deep layers of skin while protecting the face against photoaging.

The products use ingredients such as Argan Oil, which provides instant, non-comedogenic hydration for skin cells. This ingredient actually helps heal scar tissue and reduces inflammation. This topical oil contains over 80% of the essential fatty acids that human skin needs, as well as naturally occurring vitamin E, to moisturize and revitalize the face.

It’s the use of natural ingredients such as Argan Oil in their Facial Moisturizer that makes Mad Hippie so appealing to organic chains like Earth Fare.

About Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie started as a family-owned skin care company in Maine, and quickly grew to become one of the most popular providers of natural beauty products. The Daily Serum won in the 2012 New Gorgeous Beauty Awards, and the Facial Moisturizer won in the 2012 Beauty with a Conscience Awards.

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