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Listen and learn as Dr. Joel Wallach explains why doctors are not in the business of curing you. Learn why more people are sick and are suffering from diseas…
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  • bkershaccount:

    love the doodles on your background poster, haha! did the ladies do that or
    did you get bored at your desk? thanks dan.

  • Eternal:

    how do you people beat cravings ??? i cannot “avoid” a juicy steak on
    saturday ….

  • sweetloveelmo:

    We are all self made, only the successful like to admit it.

  • liferegenerator:

    If you can’t make fun of yourself then you are doomed! I AM THE GREAT
    ARTIST! 😀

  • Charles Jacques:

    Like these long client focused videos. Always encourage people to love
    their gallbladders (not cut them out).

  • ColdTurkeyQuitting:

    Seriously? How often have you ever traveled, because I have never been to a
    “white country” OR a “black country” and I have been ALL over the world!
    From Spain, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Austria, United States, Canada, Mexico,
    and I can tell you not one of these countries was all one “race”. When am I
    going to learn not to feed the trolls?

  • Go vegan and lets run into the sunset together 13love:


  • jsols616:

    its amazing how. you dr cassar tavis and lou corona have all read the
    essenes and had it change your life. and all our on a conductivity higher
    raw fat. higher mineralization diet .. INCREDIBLE

  • Ms3396815:

    I see overweight people and I feel pain because I can see they feel trapped
    in their body. : ( Sometimes it’s not a good thing to be so sensitive,
    because you see/feel these all the time. I can see they have very good
    souls and I just wish they can soar. I don’t always know how to broach the
    subject of talking to them to try to help them out. But in my heart I am
    just dying to talk to them to share some things they can do. And offer
    support and inspiration.

  • Maria paz Hinojosa:

    Weight loss programs desperately want as many individuals as possible to to
    try their new products to demonstrate that they really help people lose
    weight. Well you must check out this website that will send free samples to
    your home, its the best way to get free weight loss programs! 🙂 Have a
    look here

  • urthebest1122:

    Wow, this guy, I feel for him, he’s so young, and he already had his
    gallbladder removed and it did not rectify his problems anyway. His energy
    should be on living and enjoying his young age! Not all of this. He sounds
    like such a nice young man, too. Hope he finds his way to be able to relax
    whilst trying to sort through all of this nonsense. Peace and health to

  • Michale Davis:

    Dan, the Hairs lookin’ Beautiful!!!

  • rooky2222:

    another orthorexic saleman. everyone believes what you say, because your
    very believable. Its next level of selling product. You get your money from
    your DVD’s that no one really needs, except that you need that money to
    feed your fuckin expensive orthorexic lifestyle. Very smart strategy. Plus
    your regeneration nation, that probably has info that you can get for free.
    But with your pretty jesus face, everyone just falls for your money trap (
    Subscribing to regeneration nation for a FEE).

  • Indira K:

    Loved your video. Would like your recommendation on books to read.

  • Rockin Rissa:

    Thanks, Jrm! I think it’s a struggle to get anyone to make a paradigm shift
    like this. He has been raised a certain way and it just took him some time
    to come around 🙂

  • SassyLittleFrassie:

    Please come to knoxville, Tennessee!:)

  • Jesse Saner:

    Can anyone log into regeneration nation with their iPad because I cannot

  • Verger Dujardin:

    You gotta get by Jean-talon market in Montreal man!!!!

  • gabriel batistuta:

    good video come n check my channel Ecuador have all the fruit n vegetable

  • starseedawakenings:

    Stick with this Tavis guy. You seem much healthier and grounded. Diets are
    individual and not black and white. 🙂

  • Kat Jordan:

    yes please dan, i have a golf-ball sized gallstone in my gallbladder as
    well and am determined not to get my gallbladder cut out…i would LOVE to
    hear more about ways you think i can begin to dissolve this gallstone over
    time and heal my gallbladder. please and thank you!

  • zeb zabat:

    this guy is so full of shit. the guy thinks he reads and studies, but in
    reality, if the content your reading and studying is shit, then your going
    to be professing shit. 80/10/10 raw vegan diet is the only way to go for
    athletes, and a straight raw planet based diet gets the goods for everyone

  • HF TL:

    Man I already know that, you make assumptions. And calling people a fool
    saying they don’t know a god damn thing isn’t the right attitude for
    ascension. My entire documentary is about ascension and self empowerment.
    But no worries mayne! Check it out when you have the time. Thanks.

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