How We Make Vitamins and Supplements

Everybody talks about quality but at Puritans Pride we guarantee it. Thats why we put our products through rigorous testing at critical points throughout the manufacturing process. Every Puritans Pride nutritional supplement starts with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. Its important for you to know that each and every one of our ingredient suppliers is subject to our own Quality Assurance audits and must operate using Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMPs. Before these ingredients can be formulated into one of our many products, each ingredient must pass numerous tests in our Quality Control Laboratories. Sophisticated analytical equipment located throughout our multi-million dollar laboratories verify purity, potency and the overall quality of every ingredient. In addition, the products are also tested to make sure theyre pure and free of harmful bacteria. At every step in the manufacturing process the product is checked by a trained technician and verified by one of our Quality Assurance associates. The QA associates are responsible for making sure that every ingredient and every final product meets the highest standards that you expect from Puritans Pride. For example, here in the blending department the powdered ingredients are carefully screened to make sure that they are pure and free of contaminants. Although not required, Puritans Pride takes this extra step to ensure the quality and reliability of our supplements. After blending, the

Dr. Ellen Hughes, internist and integrative medicine specialist at UCSFs Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, explores the value of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Series: UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public [9/2009] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 16719]
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11 Responses to “How We Make Vitamins and Supplements”

  • 8402881:

    a nice video can be show this for demo purpose in academics for the students

  • azcentralsurprise:

    So sorry it has taken so long to reply.
    Are there any facts that “prove” he is?
    Or, does God in the Biblical sense even exist – “proof” please.
    Religion claims such proof and claims “faith and belief” in Scripture, or other “Holy” text as the Final Authority; facts are not needed, or too often desired.
    Perhaps, for starters, please read S.Hawkins new book, “The Grand Design”.
    Then, if you are amenable to a civil dialog, I would be happy to continue.

  • sandhedomsundhed:


    SO there are facts that “prove” that God is not our creator?

  • hyubgaek:

    Azcentral sorry for the misunderstanding. Aside from that, yes people do benefit from supplimentation, however the underlining cause of all this is not addressed. The medical industry like many other industry are so focused or purposedly focused on symptoms rather than cause. Thus the cycle repeats itself, where in natural medicine, we have the cure to virtually all disease, but the dominant western medicine have always put their thumbs down. More regulation is not the solution.

  • azcentralsurprise:

    hyubgaek, I was putting clubtour – not you – in the 71% in the video who choose to believe in…what they believe, regardless of those nasty things called facts.
    I think you are agreeing with Dr. Hughes (and I agree ) – food is the best source for required nutrients.
    Having said that, there are people who do benefit from supplimentation; for instance – medical conditions.
    There should be more regulation to protect those who just don’t take the time like you to do the homework.

  • hyubgaek:

    AZcentralsurprise, please refrain from putting me in a group of people, let alone stop commenting to me if you are going to play word games like that. The comment I have made is based on my own research. Lets stick to the topic, specifically vitamins. Go to the supermarket and read the label, on how the hard pill was formed. Now I’m not saying there are legitimate companies, but most of the stuff you buy are crap, and seldom produce the results they advertise.

  • singlaprety12:

    i drink v8 its the same as a vitiman

  • azcentralsurprise:


  • azcentralsurprise:

    I get the impression – I could be wrong – that you are in that 71% group who believe what they believe to believe, because they believe…
    Politics, Religion and now Suppliments,

  • clubtour:

    Yesterday I posted a comment where I wrote that Dr. Hughes didn’t come off as someone thoroughly familiar with the field on which she is lecturing, and I related it to information I have in the past received from the Life Extension Foundation which I rate as superb when it comes to succinct as well as comprehensive information on nutrition and dietary supplements. As I clicked the Post Comment button, it changed to ‘Comment pendig approval’. Obviously it hasn’t been approved. I wonder why.

  • hyubgaek:

    Who cares if you guys have vitamins and minerals in your damn bottles! The point I want to make is, all the other shit that goes with it, in order to form a damn pill are toxic, carcinogenic, and takes away the true benefits of the intended use. LOOK! You dirty universities, you guys need to make efforts to help the situation instead of making all your graduates regurgitate your damn lies you teach them!

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