How easy is it to create a new alternative medicine?

An experiment where they try to treat people with an alternative treatment they doesn’t work. From Folkeopplysningen 2:6. This took a long time to translate…

Physician combats chronic pain with acupuncture. WVU’s Dr. Kendra Unger tells WVU Healthcare magazine about her experiences bringing acupuncture from the realm of alternative medicine and…
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9 Responses to “How easy is it to create a new alternative medicine?”

  • Karl-Arvid Sørdal:

    hahaha jævlig bra 🙂

  • Ronny Jacobsen:

    Oh, and it was also a clever use of Thaumaturgy. A nice way to manage the
    collective mind of Norwegians away from anything “alternative” and towards
    “what everybody knows”.

  • MidgardEagle:

    Utrolig modig og ansvarsfullt av NRK å sende en slik serie.

  • Ronny Jacobsen:

    You are of course entitled to your opinion. My direct experience
    contradicts your opinion. We should not believe ANY authorities blindly,
    but check things out in our own experience.

  • Hope00Love:

    Tror veldig mange nordmenn kan ha godt av å lære noe av denne serien. Det
    er alt for lite skeptikere her til lands.

  • Weekendatthefireacademy:

    There is absolutely NO evidence for it’s effect, or that it has ever worked
    on a single human being ever. “Lying down and relaxing” isn’t going to
    strengthen an non-placebo treatment, except if the lying down has a
    physical impact on how the treatment is used. I think that MidgardEagle is
    aboslutely right, and potential harmful treatment (replacing working
    medicine with placebo-medicine) should be abolished and frowned upon.

  • Bøttå productions:


  • Ronny Jacobsen:

    Of course it works. Just to have some time to lie down and relax. Get the
    attention of another person. Get something warm, (whatever it is), rubbed
    on your stiff muscles. This all works! MidgardEagle thinks this is a brave
    and responsible piece for NRK to send. In my opinion it was poorly thought
    through, irresponsible, and a cowardly attack on anything that is not
    mainstream medicine and psychiatry The picture is much more complicated.
    There is a lot of humbug in both camps. In “science” too

  • WVUHealthcare:

    WVU Physician combats chronic pain with acupuncture.

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