Holistic Blends Announces Partnership with Dr. John Salerno

Holistic Blends Announces Partnership with Dr. John Salerno

Dr. Salerno’s Vitamin D-K Factor

(PRWEB) March 19, 2015

HolisticBlends.com launched a brand new partnership with Dr. John Salerno and his Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine this week. Dr. Salerno, a traditionally trained physician who embraces and acknowledges alternative and holistic protocols, aids in Holistic Blends continuing to work toward their goal of being a company that helps create holistic-minded, healthy lives. As part of the partnership, Holistic Blends will carry the Dr. Salerno line of dietary supplements on their new ecommerce website.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that Holistic Blends, Inc. is partnering up with the world-renowned Dr. John P. Salerno to create an online alliance of outstanding products from experts dedicated to helping create healthier lives through holistic measures,” said Holistic Blends, Inc. founder, Sherry Brescia.

HolisticBlends.com is an online provider of digestive health-focused supplements and dietary guides. Originally founded in 2007 through the Great Taste No Pain system, Holistic Blends grew to include an additional dietary system called Great Taste No Gluten and the Blue Rock Holistics line of supplements. As public awareness for holistic health grows, Holistic Blends is committed to adapting their product line to match the needs of their customer base.

With the increased awareness of dietary and digestive health issues, Holistic Blends makes it easy to find quality, natural digestive supplements at competitive, fair prices. With the addition of the Dr. Salerno supplement line, Holistic Blends’ product offering is now more accessible for a broader range of customers dedicated to whole body health and wellness. Holistic Blends will specifically carry the following Dr. Salerno products on their site:

Vitamin D-K Factor – a unique blend of vitamin D for bone support and vitamin K to encourage osteocalcin to bind with calcium.

Cardio Factor – a blend of vitamins and nutrients for supporting proper cardiovascular function and overall circulatory system health.

Allergy Factor – a special blend of immune-supportive nutrients and herbs that help regulate the overzealous process the immune system undergoes when it comes to most allergies.

Adrenal Factor – a combination of vitamins and herbs for adrenal support to reduce fatigue, stress and other signs of low adrenal function.

For more information about particular products please call 1-888-724-4366 or write to Holistic Blends via their onsite mail system.


Holistic Blends is a supplement and nutritional health company focusing on digestive health. Through its online store at http://www.holisticblends.com, Holistic Blends provides digestive supplements, meal guides and health information targeted at those suffering from digestive conditions. Founded by Sherry Brescia, renowned nutritionist, speaker and author, Holistic Blends is dedicated to providing sound advice and quality products superior to the competition. Holistic Blends has served the health and wellness community since 2007.

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