Growers Exchange Offers Three New Potted Herbs With 2011 Spring Herb Lineup

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Growers Exchange Offers Three New Potted Herbs With 2011 Spring Herb Lineup

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) January 13, 2011

Potted herbs have long been a staple of homes, businesses, and kitchens everywhere, and as spring approaches, many look forward to new herb selections as a way to help reinvigorate their own ideas. The Growers Exchange always has a great selection of herbs, but this spring, three fantastic choices grace the virtual aisles, all of which are destined to prove useful to a variety of different buyers.

“We really enjoy offering a creative herb selection other companies just don’t,” said Briscoe White, Owner and Grower, The Growers “There are so many different choices out there that people ignore, and it’s as important to us to educate people about these choices as it is to let them know that we have them in stock every day.”

The continual need for a renewed selection of herb plants has long been the focus for The Growers Exchange. Each season, they not only introduce an amazing line with great new choices, but they also update their site to reflect the needs of buyers. By continually creating new content in their tips and advice section, blog, video and recipe categories, growers can find great new herb options as well as the information they need from growing help to the right usage for each herb.

“Herbs are a satisfying growing experience,” said Briscoe White, Owner and Grower, The Growers, “and that’s why we’re so excited to introduce our spring 2011 lineup with these three great additions.”

While the three new choices may seem exotic, they’re as easy to grow as any other herb you might purchase, especially with help from the team at The Growers Exchange.

Lemon Verbena Plant

Native to South America, Lemon Verbena grows up to fifteen inches high beside the highways in countries like Argentina and Chile. It has been a favorite throughout the country since the 1800s, and the clear lemon scent is ideal if you’re making tea. It’s also perfect in that great fish dish or as part of a marinade or salad dressing. Looking for a slightly different take? Try using the dried leaves in potpourri or making an infused oil with this wonderful choice.

“Lemon Verbena is one of our best sellers,” said Annie C., Head Grower, The Growers “It smells luscious, and it’s easily the best of the lemon scented herbs.”

White Sage Plant

With more than 750 different varieties of sage worldwide, it can be tough to decide which one might work best for your needs. White Sage, though, is a hit among buyers at The Growers Exchange for two main reasons. First, it makes an amazing tea that is ideal at the end of a terrible day. In fact, many Native American cultures used it as a purifying herb. The stems are cut and dried in small bundles which are burned as a cleansing incense. Secondly, it adds great flavor to savory dishes.

“I love using White Sage in a number of different meat dishes,” said Julie S., Office Manager and part –time chef, The Growers “It creates an unique flavor that’s impossible to achieve with other herbs.”

Eucalyptus Plants

A stunningly beautiful choice, Eucalyptus plants are often touted for their medicinal properties rather than their use in the kitchen. Grown as a small tree in zones 8 – 10, it’s both a gorgeous accent plant choice and a great green ornamental for a flower arrangement as well as the perfect herb.

“Eucalyptus is a staple of the essential oils market, but it’s a very versatile herb,” said Caroline U., Media and Marketing, The Growers “I can’t think of a better addition to our spring lineup.”

Many use Eucalyptus in teas or in aromatherapy treatments. While it’s rare, some also use it in creative cooking projects for a flavor that’s hard to get from other herbs.

As you decide which herbs might be right for you this spring, consider these three distinct choices and The Growers Exchange.

The Growers Exchange is an online garden center specializing in herb plants. This ecommerce giant is THE SOURCE for anyone interested in growing herbs. With over 25 years of experience in the market, each plant is grown on their farm. Featured on both Oprah and Martha Stewart, the nursery is in Charles City County, 25 miles east of Richmond along the shores of the historic James River.


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