Daily Vitamins & Supplements

Daily Vitamins & Supplements.

17 Responses to “Daily Vitamins & Supplements”

  • IrradiateTheNWO:

    i have used calcium d glucarate as a cellular detox, do u have an opinion?

  • sanitydotorg:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

  • gettingreadyinAR:

    Man, and I thought I had a shit load of stuff in my cabinets, ha, ha. Any
    thoughts on Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? I’ve been using it for a couple
    of years now, which includes thyroid supplementation. All I can say is that
    as a man at 60 it really put the zing back into my sex life! The blood
    tests are expensive but seem worth it. And I didn’t notice Vit D in your
    inventory. A big one and about the ONLY thing you seem to be missing. Good
    vid 🙂

  • syyenergy7:

    I keep the vitamins in an air conditioned place. Most vitamins probably do
    have a lot potency for at least some period of time after the expiration

  • syyenergy7:

    I have vitamin D. That was about half my inventory.

  • Jim Jimm:

    Looks like you have a lot of money.. I bet you have more money Than
    Self-taught radio and Internet preacher Harold Camping

  • jules bee:

    Hello Syyenergy, You have as many vitamins as a store! I wonder if you know
    if it’s important to keep them in a cool place? Especially for you in a
    hotter climate ? And about expiry dates; Do they loose much of there
    potency as they age past the respective due dates ? Ive gotten vitamins for
    free at a store i go to; because they where considered having been expired !

  • NewBookz:

    I ride up a lot of steep hills, and I feel muscle burn in my bottom thigh
    muscles. This does not seem to go away with many rides, it is always there,
    not really an enjoyable sensation. Are there any supplements to improve
    this or is it just normal for a workout? what is your opinion Syyenergy7

  • zipopower:

    vitamins are OK but essential oils are much better

  • sunnyside12345678:

    How do you feel about biotin?

  • syyenergy7:

    Biotin is well know for beauty. Skin & hair.

  • syyenergy7:

    I never took that one or researched it.

  • antimatter13:

    five hundred and something mile ride coming up this weekend,Im glad that Im
    healthy and almost ready for it. The ride includes scottsdale to Mount
    Lemmon to Bisbee. Leave sunday morning to Mount Graham,back up to phx.
    Motorcycle riding is one of the most powerful remedies that Ive ever found.
    It helps me mentaly and physically. I also take a heavy hand of supplements
    daily as well. Thanks for the video.

  • syyenergy7:

    No way. I just listen to my partner “Putin the Cat” when I make a deal. He
    has that cat-sense.

  • jules bee:

    I prefer the b complex over the niacin flush/ non flush> Theyve helped keep
    me chill in the dilemma so as these common sense vids. . .

  • syyenergy7:

    The best way to avoid that may be a lower gear and higher cadence. The best
    protein for oxygen to the blood is arginine, but it will not help with the
    burning sensation. A higher cadence may help.

  • John Smith:

    People think im crazy cause i have a ton of vitamins too (not as much as
    you though). My favorites are 5 HTP for raising serotonin levels for sleep,
    a probiotic for digestion, maca and saw palmetto, krill oil and multi
    vitamin. Before and after i workout i take creatine, arginine and glutamine

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