Complementary/Alternative Medicine: Traditional Chinese

Nearly half the US populations turns to complementary, alternative and integrative practices to maintain or improve their health. Beverly Burns of UCSF’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine explores traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, meridians and chi. Series: “UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public” [12/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 13073]
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25 Responses to “Complementary/Alternative Medicine: Traditional Chinese”

  • nand3kudasai:

    @TOAFN that’s not only alternative medicine
    google -> “bayer Aids blood”

  • TOAFN:

    I was being sarkastic dude.
    Read what i said.
    Associated Press declares war on alternative medicine

  • AspiringPotato:


    Vitamins are bad for you? Yeah, that’s why I take cyanide pills instead. You should try that some time.

  • WyldOrbit:

    @11thsockpuppet The argument is; This man was an international fugitive. Im not saying i believe the claim just because the government says so. Before i draw any conclusions i just want to know more about the whole story, hear both sides, etc.

    If you have any more information, perhaps a link or two that would be great.

  • 11thsockpuppet:

    @WyldOrbit What empirical evidence? You believe in traditional chinese medicine, for pete’s sake!

  • WyldOrbit:

    @11thsockpuppet Well, I dont want to be biased or foolish. Before i come to any conclusions i need some empirical evidence… Nice talking to you.

  • 11thsockpuppet:

    @WyldOrbit It’s a conspiracy to discredit alternative medicine! Don’t believe the hype!

  • WyldOrbit:

    @11thsockpuppet I am not familiar with his research, I believe in TCM because i have proved it to myself. Though if he found a way to explain it to through a scientific medium that is also great.

    According to a news article i read, Dabic was an international fugitive, posing as a mystic healer to hide from authorities.

    I would have to see Dabics research myself in order to come to a conclusion, and evidence of him being a criminal fugitive and why.

  • 11thsockpuppet:

    @WyldOrbit Well, his research did prove traditional chinese medicine. It’s quantum mechanic body-spirit interactions. Dabic’s research proves the existance of Qi and verifies the TCM’s framework. That’s groundbreaking work, but viciously suppressed.

    Anyways, the point is that big pharma and big media have declared war on alternative medicine. And that’s why dr Dabic was arrested by the puppet of big pharma, the United Nations, and that’s why big media continue to slander him.

  • WyldOrbit:

    @11thsockpuppet Um, well, you lost me there. I thought this dabic guy was a TCM doctor. I dont really pay attention to any other alternative medicine theories..

  • 11thsockpuppet:

    @WyldOrbit If you google his name (dr dragan dabic) you’ll see in what extent the mainstream media are also sold out to the big farma and how much they help propagate the smear campaign against one of the world’s most outstanding researchers on human quantum energy and the quantum link between health and spirituality.
    That’s cutting edge scientific proof of alternative medicine.

    But, big farma & associates are waging total war against anyone that goes against their profit making schemes.

  • WyldOrbit:

    @11thsockpuppet I absolutely agree. Sending some hope and a prayer to Dr Dabic for whatever its worth. A very despicable action indeed on behalf of the scoundrels in big pharma. I hope they burn in hell… Too bad hell isnt real.

  • 11thsockpuppet:

    @WyldOrbit Yeah, I was quite shocked. That’s when i realized how viciously wants big pharma to suppress alternative medicine. And more importantly how much power does big pharma have.

    I mean, if they can get dr Dabic, a brilliant practicioner of alternative medicine, arrested with charges genocide, they are pretty much capable of anything to protect their fat profits.

    scary stuff…

  • WyldOrbit:

    @11thsockpuppet Ah, I see. What a wicked game. You would think humanity isnt capable of such idiocy and lowness.

  • 11thsockpuppet:

    @WyldOrbit The fact that this happened to my ‘primitive’ country doesn’t mean that this cannot happen in the developed countries. Indeed, the mechanism that the big pharma used to lock dr Dabic behind bars was international and within the framework of United Nations. He’s not tried by a ‘third world kangaroo court’ in belgrade but by the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal in the hague.

    That’s why big pharma is so dangerous. It has completely infiltrated WHO & UN;not only local gvts

  • WyldOrbit:

    @11thsockpuppet Genocide? Thats terrible. What kind of stupidity would lead to that conclusion? Well what do you expect from primitive countries..

  • ClementsTom:

    God, what a load of rubbish.

  • 11thsockpuppet:

    Big pharma is extremely desperate to suppress alternative medicine. They’ve had my doctor here in Belgrade, dr Dabic, arrested and you won’t imagine what they charges are.

    They are trying him for genocide! Yes, you read correctly! Big pharma is so ludicrous; they’ll go to complete extremes to scare people and protect their profits. They are completely laughable.

  • reveries119:

    I have turned to acupunture to help alleivate and cure the symptoms of axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). After 3 sessions, I am already beginning to notice a difference after 10+ years of angst and frustration due to excessive sweat. @ thumbs up for acu.

  • 22poopoo:

    I know, take it ur british like me?

  • alunrichardson:

    @harly30 Traditional medicine no side effects where have you been planet zarg!

  • 11thsockpuppet:

    Big pharma LOVES alternative medicine.

    Big pharma can sell merely water at a huge price,and forget about costly research on safety and efficacy and the damned FDA restrictions.

    And the most important aspect: it can easily sell such medicine to healthy people, because the target now is not to cure a real specific condition but to achieve the more vague ‘wellness’ goal.And guess what: Everyone can and ought to get some more ‘wellness'(i.e. is a potential customer).

    It’s a dream for big pharma.

  • 1888junkteam:

    excellent worker!

  • TOAFN:

    Actually the placebo effect is proven to have a true physical effect.
    A recent study is published in Newscientist.

    Placebo effect caught in the act in spinal nerves

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