Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ayurvedic Medicine

Nearly half the US populations turns to complementary, alternative and integrative practices to maintain or improve their health. UCSF’s Dr. Sudha Prathikanti explores Ayurvedic medicine, ancient wisdom for modern times. Ayurvedic medicine aims to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. Series: “UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public” [12/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 13107]
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Dr. Richard Harris talks about the benefits of alternative medicine vs. pharmaceuticals and drugs. Mr. Harris is a retired pharmacist and Doctor of Pharmacology.

50 Responses to “Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ayurvedic Medicine”

  • dengyodo:

    The presentation was excellent! I learnt so much about Aryuvedic Medicine from this presentation. I was also really encouraged by the fact that this charming lady is a qualified Doctor and Specialist in Psychiatry in mainstream Medicine. She is a very gifted soul regardless of all her qualifications. Thank you for such a stimulating and information-rich presentation!

  • mananirvana:

    I really like this women, she seems to be a very sincere and high level of consciousness person, we need more doctors like her! I also really enjoyed this video lecture, it was informative and the subject matter is, like all alternative practices, very interesting. Thank you

  • Suwai0303:

    Thank you for posting this video. It’s a great lecture. I wish more people will see this video 🙂

  • jplatt04:

    What are the yoga studies for the medical conditions osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel?

  • sohooded:


  • sara46762:

    @haseebgood I think there is something wrong to u, u r making a thing of a scientific lecture, I do not like the person moving like that when giving a lecture…if she is attractive is not my business, I just was here to watch a video, a scientific video, not supporting the physical appearance of the lecturer…

  • haseebgood:

    @sara46762 you cant bear attractive people like she is

  • sara46762:

    @haseebgood jealous??? of what? ….of someone being pitta or vata? nooooooot at all…

  • haseebgood:

    where has the energy for sex gone!

  • haseebgood:

    @sara46762 you dont need to be jealous

  • SybariteWarrior:

    5000 year old understanding of the mind and body. wow, sign me up for ayurvedic brain surgery. people that are happy to pay for a placebo and a story deserve to have their money taken away.

  • 1888junkteam:

    excellent worker!

  • Quicken10:

    lol I think she’s more Pitta than anything.

  • sara46762:

    vata can she be…

  • sara46762:

    good lecture, but she moves alot, like indian dance
    seems she is a pitta person,

  • kornigator:

    As a student of Ayurveda, you have given me a better understanding of my studies. Also pronunciation of the Sanskrit words were helpful.
    Thank you. You are AWESOME!!!

  • AuthenticLivingCtrin:


  • shthomas1969:

    Ayurveda remedies and prevention

  • Luv4Learning:

    This was an excellent lecture!! I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about ayurvedic medication, as I am looking for an alternative to taking traditional psychiatric meds for anxiety and depression. 5 STARS!!

  • teedeuce:

    “Postmodern physics, physical chemistry and astrophysics all talk about binding energy.”

    interesting point.

  • GyvenimoSpalvos:

    Thank you for a good lecture. Namaste

  • JLeeMagnetic:

    The best anti-aging product I’ve ever seen is actually Alex Chiu’s Magnetic
    Discovery. The other people are just nonsense.

  • BeaucoupRed:

    The rats are jumping ship.

    CHEMRISK – a research company hired by the Corn Refiners Association has recently taken down it’s YouTube channel.

    The removal was in response to negative public perception resulting from the discovery of dangerous levels of MERCURY in HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Apparently it has become a liability to defend the sweetener.

    See one of the last remaining ChemRisk videos at CornRefinersAssoc on YouTube.

  • cdoftx:

    Notice the blue tint on their skin. At least their knees aren’t sore anymore.

  • dann2547:

    I am sooo happy now with Silver colloidal! I had to consult you some times, Mr. Harris and I must say that I would not live without it! You are doing a great job! Thanks you so much!

  • watercleanAG:

    you have too listen to this video very carefully..some of the questions are leading and amateurish which the doctor is anwering very nicely. you have to know why silver
    works, and only minute amount is needed..also study the differece of ionic and particulate silver ..ingesting in volume by hearsay is stupid…

  • moesez1:

    tterrific educational mindblowing information- praise the lord

  • yozeroz:

    @teo829 Damn straight!!!! 🙂

  • thecrystalkid:

    its good stuff and does work, but must be uased correctly as you say. apparently the romans used to put silver coins in water urns to keep it fresh. it is being misused though and in my opinion should only used during acute illnesses like flu and not regularly/daily as a health tool. many folk are relying on it too much instead of making lifestyle changes…

  • ericjaynelson:

    @crimberland: Those are good suggestions Crimberland but I also intend to keep raw milk in my diet. I’ve found it to have awesome benefits especially when taken with chia seeds. My main point is that this crooked government has no business telling anybody what’s good for them. Most of them aren’t exactly prototypes of good health & when they banned raw milk they were simply looking out for special interest. I do get my B12 because I take minerals; now they r coming after that industry again.

  • crimberland:

    @ericjaynelson Have you tried rice milk… or making your own oat milk and adding honey or something. I say this because raw milk is still animal fat which will turn to a gluey substance at body temperature. If its protein your worried about there are better alternatives.If its B12 and you need a supplement methylcobalamin b12 is good orally. stay away from cyanocobalamin which has been known to make you more deficient over time. meth b12 is natural. peace

  • crimberland:

    @moss1transcendant look up making bob becks magnetic pulsar. Vitiman b12 and a raw food diet could help further. It could take 2 years to detox your body from whatever s causing hair loss..but 7 years to have completely replaced cell structure from raw food alone. Raw food diet… not raw meat. Healthy greens, fruits, nuts mostly organic but nothing cooked to a heat that will destroy the enzymes and nutrients in the food.

  • crimberland:

    @christianruana08 yes

  • crimberland:

    @NortonGreg1830 No one is allergic to silver… this is actually cause and effect.
    If a person is allergic to pure silver and come out in bumps or a rash this is due to bacteria, bugs, mites etc reacting to the silver. Like scabies and other such mites react to heat small bumps will appear as they surface to the skin. A reaction like this from silver is usually related to something in your body that is going crazy from the silver killing it off. If you have a reaction start with small amounts.

  • misstree75:

    you’ll turn blue

  • NortonGreg1830:

    If one is allergic to silver, will CS cause a negative effect to someone?

  • ericjaynelson:

    I just tried silver for the 1st time and I’m absolutely amazed! I’m getting ready to go get some raw milk even though the gov says it’s not good for u but they’re the ones who also tell u that fluoride is good for u. They ban raw milk under the guise of keeping us safe yet msg, cigarettes, socialism, high fructose corn syrup, white processed sugar, chlorine, etc…are better than raw milk????

  • SurvivalWithBushcraf:

    I have heard of colloidal silver for eye infections.

  • christianruana08:

    Does it help for pink eye?

  • moss1transcendant:

    hi, whats this pulsar you mention. im bald and would love to see a head of hair again, i saw in dr becks video him mention magnetic soemthing and his hair gre back . but i never got any more information than that.

  • artsychic2000:

    selenium from a health food store should be find…not the popular brands necessarily, ask the supplier. I used to make it, not any more. Unfortunately, after december 31 of this year they will make it against the law. In canada, you can lose everything you own. Look up bill c51 which is more about creating a police state and codex alimentarius which will see the big pharma take control of the herbal industry.

  • camstwin:

    Hi – only used the pulser once or twice. Hair still growing. Definitely CS. Found US Patent 6103272
    eg “..the inventor believes that the colloidal silver drink of the present invention detoxifies and cleanses cells throughout the body removing by-products and balancing the body’s pH to the alkaline side. .. also believes that the topical solution of colloidal silver cleanses and removes pollutants that attach themselves to the scalp providing a layered cleansing effect.” Read patent. Also aloe

  • DrFishNips:

    Yeah the copper might come off the electrodes so you’d be better off using silver electrodes. I have no idea if this would work or not though. I only tried colloidal silver a few days ago and I made the stuff myself. I’m not sick at the moment so its hard to test it but I used it as a mouth wash and didn’t get bad breath of lactic acid taste for the whole day.

  • ducky923:

    This is very interesting what you’ve proposed- de-ionizing the silver. But how would the copper not come off into the water? And would it work? I was wondering if you ever take/ use/ make colloidal silver or if you buy it?

  • ducky923:

    Devv, did you ever get any colloidal silver? Did it help your tonsilitis?

  • ducky923:

    Camstwin: your hairs growing back? So you were you doing the Bob Beck protocol? I’ve watched many of his vids and he talked about how his hair grew back from the silver and the pulsar. Another doctor did research to show that ions regenerate damaged tissue and produce stem cells when applied to wounds and then electricity applied (doctor Robert O. Becker). It would only make sense that the pulsar would help do this in the body. Has it worked for you, and is it still continuing to work?

  • ducky923:

    Was reading through your comments. I’ve also read that selenium should be supplemented while taking silver. I however wont take a tablet/ pill. Do you make colloidal silver, and do take selenium? Or do you eat the brazil nuts?

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