After the Storm – Complementary and Alternative Medicine … World Skeptics Congress 2012 (Award Session): Edzard Ernst, the world’s first professor of complementary medicine, with…

7 Responses to “After the Storm – Complementary and Alternative Medicine”

  • al edg:

    OMG – the ad I got at the end of that video was for “The Academy of
    Hypnotic Science!!!” SOOOOO WRONG!!! JUST FREAKY!

  • Shyhalu:

    Ok I have to concede to that but you have to admit theres some value and
    validity to the basic spine adjustments, none of the bs stuff though.

  • Scarletpooky:

    Great talk 🙂

  • Berelore:

    sorry since you’re new to the internet I’ve run down a video for you since
    apparently google is a tool beyond you. Here a quick 2 part run down one
    chiropractic, and why it link: /watch?v=b_bNeSnYTmA

  • Bronstone:

    Proof? That’s not what the WHO says.

  • Shyhalu:

    You are talking about the chiropractors that think its an answer for
    everything rather than realigning the back. Theres a huge difference
    between the BSers who use it to heal completly unrelated things and ones
    who actually help realign the spine.

  • Berelore:

    Actually chiropractic in general is based on this mystical concept of
    realigning chi flow basically. Even the spinal realignment and manipulation
    side of the house has been shown to provide to lasting benefit beyond
    placebo. Basically it has show to provide short term temporary relief of
    lower back pain whether through placebo effect or not.

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