Adrien Brody Says Alternate ‘Predators’ Ending Would Have Featured Arnold Schwarzenegger – MTV.COM

If you felt like the only thing missing from this summer’s well-received “Predators” was a cameo by the definitive kicker of dread-locked-alien behind, one Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’re not alone. While promoting the “Predators” DVD release at New York Comic Con, Adrien Brody — the man who did a stellar job assuming Arnie’s mantel as premier alien destroyer — told MTV News that he also felt there was a distinct lack of Schwarzenegger in the franchise reboot. “I was hoping he would be in this film,” Brody said. “It would have been great. I really was hoping.” As you may have guessed, Schwarzenegger was a bit busy being governor of California, so that never happened. That didn’t stop filmmakers from writing Schwarzenegger — who played a commando named Dutch in the 1987 original — into the script, however. “There was a version we were going to do that had a different ending that it really would have been fitting for Schwarzenegger to be there,” Brody said. “It would have been like him passing the gauntlet to my character… and the bravery of my character proven. That would have been just epic.” We agree, and we’re crossing our fingers that the rumored “Predators” sequel remedies that Ahnuld deficiency.
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