1001 Natural Remedies (Natural Health Magazine)

1001 Natural Remedies (Natural Health Magazine)

An inspiring compendium brimming with tried and tested homemade concoctions for every domestic need, 1,001 Natural Remedies explains how to treat common ailments, how to have radiant skin, restore scuffed furniture, remove stains and protect delicate plants all without resorting to commercial cleaners, polishes, bleaches, and medicines.

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5 Responses to “1001 Natural Remedies (Natural Health Magazine)”

  • Pieter:

    Review by Pieter for 1001 Natural Remedies (Natural Health Magazine)
    This beautifully illustrated book provides valuable information on natural remedies for health, beauty, home and pet care. The chapter Natural Health Remedies contains information on herbal teas, compresses and quick tips on improving one’s well-being. Natural Beauty tells the reader how to make creams, masks, shampoos, massage oils, bath salts, aftershaves and lip balms from natural products. Natural House and Garden explains how to make your own air fresheners, furniture polishes, kitchen and bathroom cleaners and garden sprays from environmentally friendly ingredients. Natural Pet Care provides hints, tips and information on remedies with natural ingredients to keep the cat and the dog healthy and happy and to treat common ailments of pets. The text is enhanced by full colour illustrations and the book concludes with a list of resources and an index.

  • M. Ganotis:

    Review by M. Ganotis for 1001 Natural Remedies (Natural Health Magazine)
    I highly recommend this book. It is very comprehensive and easy to read. Every health or home-care issue I’ve thought of that I’d like a natural remedy to seems to be addressed in this book. The remedies are all simple to do/create. The layout also is very user-friendly and colorful.

  • Robyn Hull:

    Review by Robyn Hull for 1001 Natural Remedies (Natural Health Magazine)
    I first borrowed a copy of “1001 Natural Remedies” from a friend, then realized it would be a good reference to have on hand. I’m getting good value for the price, as the recipes are concise and well-categorized.

    Eventually, you realize that the same 7 ingredients seem to make up the majority of these recipes. For the most part, one trip to the natural foods store will have you ready to concoct lip balm, stress-relieving bath salts and itchy scalp.

    It would be nice to have some specific product recommendations, as opposed to “use an unscented, natural shampoo”. On the other hand, the author helpfully alerts you to recipes that will be messy.

    The photos are very nice, and made me check out things I might have ignored otherwise.

  • SKR:

    Review by SKR for 1001 Natural Remedies (Natural Health Magazine)
    I often use the book when I have sore throats and other ailments, but don’t want to deal with meds. I found many remedies for sore throats to be helpful, such as the gargles and other advice. I just bought another copy for a friend who loved looking through it whenever she came to visit.

  • A. Tepper:

    Review by A. Tepper for 1001 Natural Remedies (Natural Health Magazine)
    In this astonishing book you will find remedies for almost any ailment or condition you can think of in one of four sections: Health, Beauty, Home & Pet Care.

    Find out how and why the remedy works, the ingredients you need and how to make the remedy.

    Great stuff. Full review on our site.

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