Wet Cough – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Wet cough is a consequence of common cold, infections and climatic changes. It causes discomfort and pain in the throat and chest. Watch how you can treat we…
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There are many natural cures or treatments for eczema. One of my favorites is olive oil. What is your favorite eczema remedy?

50 Responses to “Wet Cough – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies”

  • Mohit patil:

    Thank you! I am experiencing cough from two days. I will try this. Hope
    this works. :)

  • Kristina Kanders:

    How do you take the first remedy four times a day? It’s just a powder. Do
    you add water?

  • Robin Raj:

    Excellent remedies , Currently I am having Tulsi Tea or Kaadha as it is
    called in Hindi !! I hope taking these remedies will cure my Cough more
    quickly !!


    I hope this remedy will help.

  • Lenore Jackson:

    This helped a lot, thank you.


    I hope this remedy will help.

  • javier cruz:

    You are gorgeous!!:0

  • jan Dehwar:

    kia ap mucus ka elaj bata sakti hai.

  • Motl P:

    Just a thought. the expression is “three times a day”. No such word in
    English as Thrice. Thanks for video.

  • George GG:

    God bless you 

  • Vidwan827:

    Have you considered, or what are your opinions on
    Kanthil …. Used for cough lozenges
    Shimti merain … Or ‘tailed peppercorn’ … NOT black peppercorn !! It is
    available in Mysore state, looks like peppercorn, with a tail …. Used in
    hot kasai’s … Hot soup for coughs.
    Goda kasht …. A wood / woody shrub branch which is eith boiled or chewed.
    The woody stub is actually quite sweet, and is supposedly very curative of
    most coughs .

    Best wishes.

  • maruthavanan kailaivanan:
  • angela go:

    Don’t understand last part, pronunciation bothers me a lot!

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!:

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  • anglekan:

    How do you say”” you’re giving me a boner” in hindi?

  • Toni Hartono:

    Hey There! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people
    keep on talking about Uritrafe Remedy (do a google search), but I’m not
    sure if it is good. Have you tried using home remedy called Uritrafe
    Remedy? I have heard several amazing things about it and my mate completely
    cures his UTI safely with this remedy.

  • Angel G:

    I love your remedies!

  • Divya Goswami:

    I was exhausted with wet cought for , your ayurved remedy of ginger n honey
    works excelletly well with WARM WATER BASE INSTANTLY……..thank u very
    much,,,,,love your videos,…….I was actually a fan of u as an actress,
    loved the remedies …….:)……!!!!!! can you please do a video for hair
    thinning in yougsters!!!age group 21-28 thank u soOoO MUCH 🙂

  • Nikkhil K Sonni:

    It really works – thanks a million! remedy 2 is excellent

  • renereyes02:

    Shes hot and smart

  • TheShinnybi:

    hy tnx alot for these useful remedies

  • Mike J:

    the ginger honey method works very well. thanks for sharing

  • Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!:

    Most welcome. Do share our website homeveda.com with your friends and

  • vishvanath batra:

    nice tube

  • Bridget Fox:

    cocoanut oil also is a good natural treatment

  • Mhi kl:

    Well, I shall try the olive oil. Glad you suggest the cheap variety, but I
    shall go a little higher and just get a small bottle.
    Coconut oil does not work for me; I gain weight on anything coconut, drats.
    So far, the only oil that helps to any degree is vaseline, which is pretty

    One thing I have found that helps, and I’ve posted elsewhere, but won’t to
    into so much detail, is to get happy. Fake it, force it, “grin like an
    idiot”, talk to it like it was your best friend. The horrid itch and
    scaling seem to be related to cortisone and other hormone problems related
    to ‘fear and flight’ response. Crazy I know, but after a terrible day of
    getting mad at my eczema, being totally and emotionally down on it, I
    became so over wracked with pain (back, joint) and eczema itching, and then
    inability to sleep or move in bed without grave pain, I did the opposite
    the next day.

    Weirdly, the pain and itch went away almost immediately. The whole day,
    laughing, smiling, even just pushing up on my cheeks seemed to help. When
    I went to bed that night there was just a hint of back pain (no itch) and I
    embraced it calling it a silly goose. I then slept like a baby and woke
    with a slight itch and laughed it away, taking to the eczema, in a ‘loving
    way’. Coo coo, for sure.

    Has joy completely cured my eczema and back pain? No. But I definitely do
    better with ‘smiling like an idiot’. It’s all part of the meditative
    spirit, I suspect. Any time the itch comes, I G L an Idiot and refuse to be
    glum. Over time, it has controlled my eczema and my back pain* but it still
    hangs around, ready to pounce when things get me down.

    I would also suggest looking into Dr John Sarno, a back surgeon, and his
    book, “Healing Back Pain”. It delves into more than just the back covering
    the likes of headaches, eczema etc., and other nags that are probably
    caused by the body’s response to fear, anger and resentments. He outlines
    12 steps to meditate on. They work, but joy is what seems to work best for
    Namaste and care,

  • Fumie Dominico:

    The good news here! It is possible to get rid of eczema yourself using
    natural method, and you will begin to see the result in less than 72 hrs.

  • Souka Bel:

    Whyy i feel like its jumping from a place to an other one it was in my feet
    now its in my hand finger 

  • LargeMargeKitchen:

    great info. is it ok to use the oil all over the skin even if you have
    combination areas dry and acne?

  • AMUKfan:

    oh my gosh i have eczema and i am eleven i worry about my appearance every
    day i am going to try this instead of all of these stupid cremes i think
    you just saved my life 

  • Celeste R. Prater:

    You’re able to cure your eczema quickly using organic approach, and see the
    result within 72 hrs.

  • Martin Gustavsson:

    No. Use organic cold pressed virgin olive oil both on your salad and on
    your skin!

  • Neil Cooper:

    *If you’re reading this, then you’re way behind on getting your eczema
    cured! Stop waiting and act now!*


    I’ve had eczema all around my mouth since I was in 3rd grade, and I would
    get behind my knees and the inside of my elbow (if that makes sense)
    recently I just stopped having it on my arms and legs, but I still have it
    around my mouth, it’s got me so self conscious. I have a bf and we have
    been dating for 1 n two months now and I still don’t feel comfortable
    kissing him at times bc it burns, it’s really embarrassing and dr’s have
    prescribed me pills n tons of lotion but nothing seems to work, I will try
    this Olive oil! Hopefully if doesn’t do anything to my lips or anything.

  • Francesca Allan:

    I’ve tried to heal my eczema for a long time, and finally found a way. It
    worked for me, my friends & you, too.

  • Alan Shore:

    i will try this on my 9 yr old son…and let you know…he has it on the
    inside of his elbows…thank you

  • serenity squirrell:

    I have tried it. It made my eczema itchy, and it made a few bumps the first
    time I did. Is that how it goes when you first try it?..

  • faris albayoumi:

    I hope this works I’ve had eczema sconce I was 2 months old 

  • Lorraine I. Minter:

    It’s possible to get rid of eczema naturally. I tried and cured my eczema
    easily, completely within a week

  • charl611:

    Goats milk baths with honey.

  • season2reason:

    I have used virgin olive oil on my face as a natural moisturizer for more
    than 2 years now and although it helps give my skin a wonderful glow I have
    found that it does absolutely nothing to help with my eczema. A few years
    ago I had a nasty outbreak on the back of my neck and used straight apple
    cider vinegar which burned like crazy but dried the eczema up and it was
    gone in less than a week. I used it once a day for like 3 days and had
    scarring from it but was amazed that even that healed in a couple of weeks
    leaving smooth rejuvenated skin. I now have an outbreak on my face an area
    which I’ve never had it before. Like I mentioned before the virgin olive
    oil has done nothing for me so I will try the apple cider vinegar again but
    this time I will dilute it 50/50 with pure or spring water as recommended
    by many of the natural cure sites. Although I’m not looking forward to the
    crazy stinging it can cause for the first few minutes It is well worth it
    as it has worked for me in the past. Good luck and I hope this helps

  • AshGee:

    I have eczema on my scalp, mainly around the edges of my head and on the
    back of my ears. Would u recommend using EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or
    is there a particular brand? Also are there some steps that I should take
    to reduce the flare up? it recently started showing again. The last time
    was maybe a year ago, I don’t know what could have caused it to flare

  • brownclay blues:

    just read a comment they said olive oil made their skin itchy, dont know
    cause I havent tried.
    emu oil is also a good remedy for eczema
    emu-oil-benefitsDOTblogspotDOTsg to learn more.

  • blackpassenger:

    my wife ( like half the population here in japan) has eczema or atopi, as
    they call it here. going to the ocean few times a week works wonders. is
    olive oil better than cocoa butter? what about jojoba oil?

  • Dennise Francis Mercado:

    ,,ang cute ni doc!!,,, haha ;-D ,, anyway, i’ve been suffering from this
    “skin disorder” for 2 decades now,,, i’ll try olive oil this time,, thanks
    doc jeff,,,

  • blackpassenger:

    my wife (like a TONNNNNN of japanese people) has eczema, or as they call it
    in japan, atopi. Atopic dermatitis is just too long. she was using olive
    oil for a few days, but now I started taking her to the ocean everyday and
    that seems very effective. we then apply cocoa butter to the area
    afterward. which is better, olive oil or cocoa butter? what about jojoba

  • TheTruthAboutEczema:

    This does absolutely nothing but leave you feeling oily all day. If you’ve
    tried this like me and it did nothing, like this comment :)

  • Lauren Marie:

    I’ve never tried using olive oil before, but I’ll definitely try it in the
    future. Rosehip oil seems to really work for me. I mix it in with my First
    Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (made for people with sensitive skin and
    eczema) and the combination has worked better than any of the steroid
    creams I’ve used. And I’ve tried many, including–fluocinonide, desonide,
    mometasone furoate, Protopic, the list is endless!

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