Wellesse Liquid Vitamins and Supplements Review

I won a contest on facebook from Wellesse and then they sent me some extra stuff to try out and review, so if you ever wondered what the liquid supplements l…

Vitamins and Supplements an item missed by most preppers I see on YouTube.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

29 Responses to “Wellesse Liquid Vitamins and Supplements Review”

  • ToGiveGlory Life & Fitness:

    LOL, if anybody make a mess, it’s gone be me. There is a nat in the house,
    lol it makes you look and feel like you crazy. I can’t stand those little
    buggers. My phone is always ringing when I am trying to make a video,
    sometime I just play like I don’t here it. Nice video, I always wonder
    about the liquid B12, I might have to give that one a try. 

  • Felicia's This n That:

    ROFL sorry but “theres a nat in the house” ROFLMAO Been there! Never fails
    right? Either a bug pesters or the phone rings. Thanks for the review!
    Vitamins have sure come a long way lol Have a great rest of your day!
    (hugs) Felicia =0]

  • NowUSeeMe53:

    I have tried the B-12 and like it…thanks for the review..and support you
    give to us.xo

  • LoriOver40:

    I’m just like you…have to take 1/2 a small pill with loads of water and I
    can still get it caught and gag on it. Jordan takes 4 huge pills at once
    with about 1/2 sip of water, I don’t get it. I need to start taking liquid
    B12 again, don’t know why I ever stopped. These products sound great.

  • Joelleluvshorses:

    I’m intrigued!
    Great review!

  • Michele Madelyn:

    Lmao Sus, birth control pills are tiny. I love love your southern accent, I
    could listen to you all day!! You are a Joy Susan. I love your review
    videos. Have you considered cooking videos? I know your hubby is a master
    at the grill, but I’d like to see Susan in the kitchen making healthy
    dishes. :)

  • FatGuySkinnyWallet:

    I think the concept of liquid vitamins is great, considering how hard it is
    for our bodies to break down the pills and extract everything. I had some
    before (not sure the brand) that had a strong vitamin smell, but the taste
    wasn’t bad.

    Would you switch to these as your main source?


  • laura bradford:

    Hey Susan, Good to see you.How are you doing?I have not been taking my
    vitamins cause i am running low but i will as soon as i get some more.Do
    not know if i could take the liquid stuff.Hugs Marie.

  • carpe diem Marti:

    Thanks for the review….always informative. I’m going to look at Sam’s or
    Walmart. Might try these. It gets really expensive to keep up all these
    vitamins. Thanks, Susan. (Your make-up is beautiful..what shadow do you
    use?) <3 Marti

  • ItsAllWerthIt:

    Thanks for the review :)

  • crazyrunningmom:

    I have no problems with pills at all but as soon as I smell that nasty
    vitamin smell, I get queasy! I had no idea this existed for adults! Nice!!!
    <3 Brooke

  • Mary MacAloney:

    Very informative as usual! Dang Nat! LOL Love Ya Girl Mary

  • RockinFitRobin:

    Another great review Susan! :)

  • LivingEclectic:

    I always thought the liquid would be great but I have only tried the liquid
    of B12 (different brand) – which I like.
    Thanks for sharing this… :)

  • Transforming Keith:

    That was nice of them.

  • zenmaiden1 .:

    Susan these are awesome ! I love the calcium! I get them at Costco online.
    Can’t buy the big ones in the store. We sleevers don’t have enough stomach
    acid to process capsules the nutritionist told me.
    The vitamins don’t taste bad either to me lol … Hugs girl !

  • Jane Doe:

    Let all know! You can get these at some big 99 cent stores,but youll only
    get a small amount each bottle.

  • myownruin187:

    I totally over looked the vitamins, but I just realized my parents get free
    ointments, vitamins, and few other important items for free thanks to our
    US Gov witch as of now I’ll be taking full advantage of not including what
    I’ll buy on my own!! Thanks bro..be safe! Fuckin horse pill… Lol I know
    exactly what you mean..

  • LiquidAndLimbless:

    @NeverEnuffAmmo Thanks Matt! I never see anyone prepping these.

  • SuperPandapear:

    you can do this in the uk too 😀 I buy a few bottles at once and put them
    all in the empty space in one of the bottles.

  • LiquidAndLimbless:

    LOL yeah many people over looked it but if I could get them for free I’d be
    lovin’ that! Thanks for watching!

  • SuperPandapear:

    why are all of these seperate? why not buy a good multivitamin?

  • Betka .Zedgwick:

    Good thinking!! I am just starting out, 1 Year, may 8, 2011 So i have alot
    to learn!! Thanks again!!!! Be safe!!!

  • Northern1ofd:

    I’m actually prepping on Vitamins and Supplements as well and I’m glad to
    see that I’m not the only one who has thought about that and at least
    you’re making a video about it ! 🙂 Keep up the awsome work ! Cheers mate

  • LiquidAndLimbless:

    LOL it seems your as green as me, I started preping in June 2011. Yeah I
    notice that no one to my knowledge was doing this, so i thought to make a
    video. Thanks for watching!

  • LiquidAndLimbless:

    @Northern1ofd Well your the first one i’ve herd of doing this. Thanks for
    watching man!!

  • Rickey Crowder:

    Right on! Very important!

  • NeverEnuffAmmo:

    Great idea for preps!

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