TTC Vlog#6 Vitamins and Supplements

My TTC stash, along with my vitamin and supplement list for cycle #15 TTC. Disclaimer:Please note I am not a medical professional. My comments and opinions a…

For relaxation: chamomile tea or passionflower. Tonics: ginseng, rhodiola, or cordiceps. Help to normalize function after stress. “Natural” not necessarily s…
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7 Responses to “TTC Vlog#6 Vitamins and Supplements”

  • mamajourney11:

    Oh thanks for letting me know! I didn’t see it there the last time I went,
    but will defiantly look into getting the liquid capsules because the taste
    is so awful.

  • storiesandartifacts:

    Oh, and I use the Rainbow Light one-a-day prenatal and it worked great, so
    you might look to switching to that if you don’t want to take 6 pills a
    day. It stills has the ginger and stuff in it to help with digestive and
    nausea problems in pregnancy.

  • storiesandartifacts:

    I love the Rainbow Light vitamins! I didn’t have any morning sickness
    during the duration of the pregnancy with my twins, and I really contribute
    it to my vitamin being all natural and food based because my tummy wasn’t
    irritated. Btw, your dog looks so much like my little chiweenie…except my
    pup is a little chunkier. 🙂

  • Eshari1127:

    you can get the vitex in capules liquid in whole food store

  • mamajourney11:

    @theskiesthelimit100 I’ve tried the soy isoflavones before, but am not
    taking it at the same time with the vitex. I’ve also read information on
    how the soy and vitex cancel each other out, if taken together. Oh, I never
    would have thought that a vitex bottle would suggest taking it with soy.
    How weird! Did you ever take both? Baby dust xo

  • recybel capiz:

    Avable in Saudi Arabia

  • Andriy Poltava:

    Hello! I’m Katie.I did -40 lbs in 1 month.More here

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