The Vitamin Risk: Eight Tips for Buying Safer Pills

Aventura, FL (PRWEB) February 6, 2007

Buying vitamins is supposed to lead to better health – but a new study says just the opposite.

According to a new report by, 11 out of 21 brands of vitamins tested did not meet quality standards – which means they contained too much or too little of a vitamin, could not be absorbed by the body or, worse, contained toxic ingredients such as lead.

“When it comes to vitamins, you get what you pay for,” says Simon Astor, D.O.M., founder of the Iluma Center for Health in Aventura, Florida, and a top expert on vitamin therapy and holistic medicine. “Vitamins aren’t regulated by the FDA, so it’s important for consumers to be very scrupulous. This means buying only from reputable brands, talking to a doctor or nutritionist and reading the label thoroughly before each purchase.”

Dr. Astor’s clinic provides a variety of vitamin therapies to its patients, and it relies solely on what is called “pharmaceutical-grade” vitamins. Although pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are often only available through doctors or health care providers, they are guaranteed to be free of contaminants, use safe levels of ingredients and are third-party verified.

But for consumers who plan to stick with store-bought vitamins and supplements, Dr. Astor offers these eight tips to buying safer pills:

1)    ”Choose a reputable brand”: It’s better to buy vitamins from a well-known brand than a cheaper unknown. Questions to consider are: How long has it been in business? Are its products widely available? Does it have a large product line?

2)    ”Standardized ingredients”: Check the label to make sure it cites “standardized” active ingredients (e.g., vitamins, enzymes or herbs), instead of just listing the whole amounts of vegetable or fruit products, which can vary in nutritional quality.

3)    ”Certification”: Are the vitamins certified to be of high quality? If so, the label will show a logo of “GMP certified” (Good Manufacturing Practice) or “ISO 9000,” an international standard of quality.

4)    ”Ask a doctor”: The best way to buy safe is to first check with a doctor, health care provider or nutritionist. They can help consumers find the vitamins – and brands – that are best for them.

5)     “Price is a clue”: Cheaper isn’t always better. The difference between a and a bottle isn’t just the price – it can also be the quality. If the price on the bottle seems too good to be true, it probably is – the company may have cut corners to produce it.

6)    ”Country of origin”: Is the vitamin manufactured in China, or the U.S.? Certain countries like China don’t require vitamin manufacturers to meet high standards. Before swallowing that pill, consumers should check where it was made.

7)    ”Expiration date”: Always check the expiration date before buying vitamins or supplements. If an expiration date isn’t shown, don’t buy it.

8)    ”Call the company”: If consumers have any questions or concerns, they should always call the company directly. Ask them to provide a “third party assay” – this verifies the vitamins’ quality. If a company can’t provide this, it may be unsafe to use.

About Dr. Astor:

U.K.-born Simon Astor, D.O.M., founder of the Iluma Center for Health in Aventura, Florida, is a top expert in the holistic treatment of chronic health problems through non-drug therapies. Dr. Astor’s 9,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art health clinic provides the latest holistic treatment advances, including vitamin infusion, detoximins, chelation and bioidentical hormone replacement. Website:


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