The Herbaliser “Intro”, “Scratchy Noise”, “Blomp” – tracks from “Remedies” (Ninja Tune)

The Herbaliser, first 3 tracks from “Remedies” (Ninja Tune) 1. “Intro” @ 00:00 2. “Scratchy Noise” @ 02:24 3. “Blomp” @ 09:40 An incredible album from 1995, on the always amazing Ninja Tune label. I actuallty *HAD* in my little hands an “alternate version” of the CD I received asa promo. I had to sell it a few years later, like a bonehead, and have since not been able to find it… There were several different tracks/samples missing from this final, released version of the album…. *sigh* More videos of my favorite sea creature mashed up, instead of just a still pic, for your viewing AND listening pleasure…..

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