Super Nutrition Academy: Review Examining Yuri Elkaim’s Diet Program Released

Super Nutrition Academy: Review Examining Yuri Elkaim’s Diet Program Released

Super Nutrition Academy review

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 18, 2013

Yuri Elkaim claims that his revolutionary 12 month course Super Nutrition Academy can help people completely understand and master their nutritional intake in less than an hour per week. This has caught the attention of ’s Stan Stevenson, prompting a new updated investigative review.

“Super Nutrition Academy is provided in different learning formats; video, audio and text form. This way you can learn in your favored manner and perhaps utilize more than one of the format,” reports Stevenson. “The course itself consists of 12 modules, each taking a month to complete and consisting of one lesson per week that will take up 30-60 minutes of your time. You will learn about different qualities, sources and digestibility of the various protein food sources, discover the dangers of high protein diets, the direct link between muscle building and protein, and much more.”

Super Nutrition Academy comprises sections on The Fundamentals of Energy Nutrition and Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals, Proteins, Fats, Digestion, Elimination and Intestinal Healthy, Immunology, Allergies and Disease, Weight Loss, Metabolism and Hormones, The Dark Side of Food, Detoxification, Fasting and Life Extension, Mind-Body Connection and Behavioral Change, etc. People will learn the difference between “good” and “bad” carbohydrates, and those deadly sugars that they should keep well away from and discover the truth behind many commonly believed fat myths and understand the truth about cholesterol along with the effects of high fat diets on body composition. Super Nutrition Academy also explains the direct relationship between diet and various auto-immune conditions and allergies and how to heal and prevent disease.

“Super Nutrition Academy really is a “stripped bare” look at nutrition. By providing the simple course in text, audio and video format, it covers everyone’s favorite method of learning. You can even listen in the car or on your iPod on the way to work,” says Stevenson. “While it takes a year to complete, you don’t have to sacrifice hours of your precious spare time each month to carry out the work required in each module. You don’t need to enroll on a science course just to be able to understand what on earth the course is talking about because Super Nutrition Academy provides scientifically proven information in everyday language.”

“Super Nutrition Academy is aimed at those health-conscious individuals who really want to understand more about nutrition. In fact, if you’re the type of person who not only likes to be told what you should eat for good health, but the reason why, then this is a course aimed directly at you. We think that this diet program is ideally suited to those who work in the fitness industry, either as a professional or an enthusiastic amateur. Combine the information you’ll learn in Super Nutrition Academy with a decent exercise regime, and be prepared to see your results sky rocket to levels you wouldn’t believe possible!”

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