Storm by Tim Minchin (with text)

Tim Minchin’s brilliant & witty demolition of irrationality in all its many guises – with rolling text from me -all in the medium of a 9-minute beat poem. Audio from the QEH Dec 2008 show with kind permission from Tim Minchin.

25 Responses to “Storm by Tim Minchin (with text)”

  • RageMinkStorm:

    7:26 – 7:55 is the most awesome quote in the universe… <3 <3 <3

  • RageMinkStorm:

    7:26 onward is the most awesome quote in the universe… <3 <3 <3

  • jazzfusionforall:

    @BowedOak1 I wasn’t intending to single out muslims or group them with atheists and anti-theists, I’m just saying i listen to everyone’s opinion equally, regardless of their beliefs or religion.

  • BowedOak1:

    @jazzfusionforall Why would you include Muslims along with atheists and anti-theists? How fucking racist can you be? Islam is an Abrahamic religion, the same as Judaism and Christianity- they all believe in the same God and they all believe Jesus was a real person. People like you scare me because you don’t even have a clue how offensive that statement was and you typify why so many people ARE Atheist.

  • fatkat444:

    @Timelord001 Because God’s a dick.

  • StrewnAsunder:

    interesting that comedy provokes all of these complex arguments (and some less so..) interesting and fantastic 🙂
    go tim

  • tanderullum:

    So sorry if this has been said before, but the correct lyrics should start out as “Inner North London …” not “In a North London”. 😉

    Also: masterpiece.

  • ubentu:

    @Timelord001 maybe horrible people are the offspring of conquerers and crusaders which where genetically purified through battle. There’s no such thing as true genetic purity, but that’s a possible answer. Maybe people with rough upbringings are less susceptible to the risks of age. These are questions and solutions that you could verify, disprove, or answer.

  • CrotchConfidence:

    @miltmerm Jaso speaks the truth, these am the interwebs, never has there been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy!

  • Timelord001:

    I want to point out, according to nature/god I am already dead from an infection or fallen into depression from my chronic illness long ago, and my dad would probably not live to this day because he has diabetes.

    Medical advances have made loads of lives possible or bearable to natural god given ilnesses, and we’re only starting one day we could be able to stop aging or at the very least ensure most people live to 100.

    Also why do horrible people live long, and good hearted people suffer?

  • papatommy02:

    Love this part: “Science adjusts its views based on what is observed. Faith is the denial of observation, so the belief can be preserved.”

    Science is the best method we have as humans (up to date) for explaining the world around us.

  • phantomreader42:

    @jazzfusionforall “or 3. God’s intervention comes through seemingly ‘normal’ occurences. He doesn’t sign the medical log “God was Here.” Where would faith be then?”

    So your god is deliberately hiding? You think a magical, all-powerful being that heals (only a select few) sick people but never, ever, EVER leaves a speck of evidence behind, despite supposedly wanting people to worship him, is a more reasonable explanation than people reporting unverifiable miracles being misinformed or lying?

  • phantomreader42:


    So, this god you worship COULD help people, it has the ability to ease suffering and make the world a better place, but it chooses not to because, like a petulant child, it would rather whine about how not everyone is spending every waking moment praising it than actually DO something worthy of praise. How is this incompetent, lazy, stupid, uncaring, whiny, self-centered sociopath you believe in any better than no god at all? What value does this delusion of yours have?

  • jazzfusionforall:

    @horrabletypoe Or maybe it was just their time to die. It happens to just about everyone at some point.

  • jazzfusionforall:

    @RSVPBlogger or 3. God’s intervention comes through seemingly ‘normal’ occurences. He doesn’t sign the medical log “God was Here.” Where would faith be then?

  • jazzfusionforall:

    @RSVPBlogger You wouldn’t be the first to try, and you certainly won’t be the last. Probably actually make a buck or two off some desperate fanatics unfortunately.

  • jazzfusionforall:

    @hurley1 I wish you were right about witches, but i’ve witnessed demonic magic, and it scared the hell out of me (no pun intended) The spiritual side of things is very real and very active. Some of them really are just bonkers, but some of them are more real than even they know.

  • jazzfusionforall:

    @singedrac I disagree here. Open mindedness is simply being OPEN to all possibilities, not having to believe them all. I am a christian, but I keep my mind open to opinions of atheist, muslims, and anti-theists. Believing everything is foolishness.

  • jazzfusionforall:

    @phantomreader42 Or perhaps it because for countless centuries, people have bashed God, and done everything possible to live on their own, without his help, but now when someone’s sick, now you suddenly want help. He is God not a genie that grants wishes. Everyone has to go someday, some people just go in more pain. Its how life works.

  • Mawech:

    Oh yes he was

  • MidnightCardinal:

    But…. Horton DID hear a Who….. He wasnt crazy you know

  • kohno214:

    Awesome! Tim’s the best.

  • BLUFISH61:

    IMO quite possibly one of the finest commentaries on being alive. Clever b’stard Tim is.

  • Gabby4you:

    dude … im trying to do my homework and its a rationalism 10 lines … ya i need that poem right now!! and thats what ive got … gosh! …. help plzz =)

  • harryf200:

    @3point14rat Ditto! The difficulty is, of course, knowing what IS The Truth! E.g. with science there is little or no “truth”, no absolute certainty, just expert consensus, and they arrive at that by genuinely expert peer reviews. Nothing wrong with excepting scientific conclusions are all “probably” the truth because, as Tim points out, good Scientists accept there is always a possibility of being wrong and will change their minds if better explanation is found.

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