Richard Dawkins – Enemies of Reason – Part 2 – The Irrational Health Service

The Enemies of Reason is a two-part television documentary, written and presented by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, in which he seeks to expose “tho…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 ,prayers for healing,energy healing techniques,alternative medicine,scriptures on healing Harnessing the healin…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 Responses to “Richard Dawkins – Enemies of Reason – Part 2 – The Irrational Health Service”

  • Koltiras Rip:

    I nearly had a weapons grade facepalm when the lady at 4:45 talked about
    the 12-strand DNA from Atlantis.

    EDIT: Ah….6:25…there’s the facepalm…

  • Skeptik:

    16:00 how the hell did she ever become a GP? 

  • Jason Tan:

    One of my favorite quotes: “Science replaces private prejudice with
    publicly verifiable evidence”.
    Starting at… 14:27

  • Twinrehz:

    27:52 KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Craske:

    I don’t think I have ever seem such an impressive collection of deranged
    people in just one programme. Truly remarkable.

  • Josh Scorrar:

    +strengthinweakness1 Fortunately your argument backfires on your logic.
    What evidence is there for God? Some people who if were to live in our
    times would be very unintelligent that wrote the bible? Or perhaps God
    speaks to you?(A very egotistical and arrogant mindset if you believe so).
    Science has a massive umbrella of factual data that PROVES evolution yet
    every religion has naught. You have stories and tales, no observable
    evidence. Fossils do not need to be interpreted as the contain factual
    evidence that proves how old they are. “The proof is in the pudding” so to
    speak. And when you say “God didn’t deceive you, you deceived yourself ” is
    the most hypocritical thing I’ve heard from someone defending religion as I
    have logic and proof and evidence to back up my assertion yet, you’re the
    one who’s convinced that there is an invisible man in the sky yet he loves
    everyone but sends that vast majority of the world to hell is just obscene.
    I don’t deny the existence of an intelligent designer because as humans we
    have constructed intelligence in AI, yet to presume how involved that deity
    would be in little old Earth is again absurd. 

  • Keith Bourque:

    Deeply depressing to see formerly qualified doctors trying to sell
    untested, unregulated, spiritualistic nonsense. 

  • SoFasT99:

    REMEMBER… the big pharma and the medicine and pills as we know it , is
    also a multi-billion industry wich dosent want us to belive anything else
    then their methods and pills can heal us… and most of those things dont
    have evidence too.. when a doctor gives me a pill for some illness, does he
    prove the efficiency of the pill? NO, he just gives you the pill and on
    behalf of your faith, you will get better and heal… does the pill help or
    no? we cant know… it can be a placebo just as it can be real and

  • Kristina S.:

    According to the logic of homeopathy, if you’re obese you have to eat lots
    of fast food, candy and soda and sit on your *** all day to you’ll lose
    weight?……. Those are the things that cause obesity in thin people after


    Like everything else this moron speaks about he is an outdated and narrow

    another clear example of the … “dawkins delusion”

  • Dazzen Seabiscuit:

    Dawkins should give up everything he is currently doing and teach classes
    in patience. Without a doubt, Dr Dawkins is the most patient man I have
    ever seen.

  • m0n0phobia:

    There are so many crazy and deranged people in this world. I actually find
    it a bit intimidating that such a large part of humanity is susceptible to
    these strange delusions, even in the face of overpowering evidence
    supporting the opposite of their beliefs… Scary!

  • Ernst Pattynama:

    All those negative comments on RD are so funny haha. Let’s laugh about
    those. A good laugh is salutary. :-)

  • Ron S:

    My favorite line by Richard, we need to be open minded, but no so open
    mined that our brains fall out, which has happened to many.

  • gwwayner:

    The human race has been suckered (and suffered) long enough with crazy
    religious and superstitious claims. We’ve finally crawled out of the Dark
    Ages and unbelievably in this modern age there is no shortage of gullible
    nit-wits trying to drag us back. And why should the asinine religions of
    the Middle East have preference over the equally valid religions of China,
    India, Japan etc whose billions of people beg to differ? As the brave Mr
    Dawkins says; Where is the proof? Where is the evidence? Where are the
    scientific peer-reviewed controlled studies?
    -IMO I would rather face the reality that a personal God is a smug
    comfortable delusion NOW rather than face that reality on my death bed and
    realize that it is too late to live life over on MY terms.

  • Lam H:

    anyone care to CHECK on the qualifications of those two Indian Doctors that
    has been exposed on this program? Are they really medical doctors? 

  • daft wod:

    homeopathic medicine is great because it heals hypochondria and saves

  • Emmanuel amponsah:

    I am dying of laughter right now. Dawkins facial expressions are very

  • Klajdi Plasari:

    Dr.Dawkins is right when it comes to exposing scam artists like the so
    called “Faith healers” etc who use methods from the so called Atlantis. I
    disagree with Mr. Dawkins on his views against God, there are way smarter
    scientists than he is who believe in God. However he is entitled to his

  • Lam H:

    it is so dangerous when fake healers use science terminology and theories
    to emboss and pop up their false belief systems. The thing is there is no
    way of knowing what they say is wrong unless you had been exposed to
    scientific training, which many people do not have -hence the danger. 

  • jay jayjay:

    Something tells me that anyone using the term “squat” doesn’t know squat
    about logic. Debate me and Ill embarrass you and feed you the humble pie
    that you so desperately need

  • icikle:

    if that bitch licks her lips one more time Ill pull her out the fucking
    screen and destroy her.

  • abmong:

    I’m not usually a peddler of alternate medicine. However, have a look at a
    video called “The Science of Acupuncture” makes my think that may not be
    alternative medicine for much longer… 

  • Mr JimFit:

    Atheists put reason over faith while for atheism the Universe exists
    without a reason. Sounds

  • Kerest Rahn:

    Alternative “medicine” = natural selection having some fun.

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