RealReds, a Nutritional Supplement by RealDose Nutrition, May Be the Solution to the “Fruit Dilemma” – Presents a New Product Review

RealReds, a Nutritional Supplement by RealDose Nutrition, May Be the Solution to the “Fruit Dilemma” – Presents a New Product Review

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) June 09, 2014

The Real Reds supplement, by Real Dose Nutrition, is essentially a “guilt free fruit.” The supplement combines the health benefits of eight super-fruits, plus organic vegetables and digestive enzymes, without the overabundance of sugar (fructose) found in fruits.

“Just one small serving has the protective power of four servings of fruit… with just 30 calories and 7 grams of net carbs,” says Dr. Steven Sisskind, Chief Medical Officer for Real Dose Nutrition.

Webmaster Henry Rearden of says this about RealReds: “Personally, I just got done reading a book called ‘The Enzyme Factor’ by the preeminent Japanese-American surgeon, Dr. Hiromi Shinya. According to Shinya, among the benefits of fruit are the copious digestive enzymes, which lead to healthy intestines while supporting fat loss, health of the body overall, and longevity. So, I started eating lots of fruit. And then I started gaining lots of weight. I swear, there is a true correlation. It’s biological. It’s physiological. It’s just plain logical, when you think about it. Yes, I had an abundance of enzymes – great! But I was ingesting more sugars than my body could process, and it was being stored as fat.”

Essentially, Rearden is saying that eating lots of fruit is a double-edged sword, providing necessary enzymes but also resulting in unhealthy and unsightly weight gain. He seems to have found a solution in the RealReds supplement, which eliminates this conundrum.

Rearden continues, “Without knowing it, I was caught up in what Dr. Sisskind calls the fruit dilemma. There seems to be no desirable balance between consuming enough fruits for nutritional benefit while fending off fat gain via excess sugars.”

The dilemma, quite simply, seems to find resolution in the RealReds product. It’s the best of both worlds.

The RealReds Web Page has a ton of information on how fruits can make you fat – the science behind it, etc. It also has detailed information on the ingredients. is a free-spirited site where author and chief editor Henry Rearden enjoys profiling and reviewing fresh – sometimes trendy – new products to hit the health market. Anything in the periphery of health and well-being is fair game for Henry to pull off the shelf for a look-see.

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