Probiotic Action Comments on Study Indicating That Probiotics Could Help Reduce Colic

Probiotic Action Comments on Study Indicating That Probiotics Could Help Reduce Colic

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Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 14, 2014

Probiotic Action released a statement regarding a study conducted by an Italian university where newborn babies who were given controlled dosages of probiotics showed reductions in colic symptoms.

The study, which was outlined on The Wall Street Journal website, was conducted by Aldo Moro University in Bari, Italy. A three month study begun on the day of birth, parents gave a solution of healthy probiotics, or a placebo, to the babies every day. “At three months, the babies who received the probiotic exhibited significantly reduced crying time—an average of 38 minutes versus 71 minutes of inconsolable crying per day—fewer spit-ups and more bowel movements, which signaled less constipation, according to Flavia Indrio, a pediatrics professor at the university and the lead author on the study.”

Spokesperson Fernando Perez is encouraged by this study, saying, “If a probiotic solution can help to alleviate symptoms of colic in newborns, this would be monumental. Colic is a stressful condition for both a newborn and new parents. I’m sure many parents would welcome this news. Having my own children, I know how painful it can be to watch your newborn baby cry and be In such distress.”

Citing the article, which says “early intervention in babies’ gastrointestinal problems may be important not just for infants’ well-being but also health at older ages. Research has found that colic symptoms and development of other gastrointestinal diseases later in life appear to be linked,” Perez continues, saying, “Probiotic Action users know that our solution is the best acne treatment. But using probiotics to help newborn babies, and even help them later in life, is a real testament to the usefulness of probiotics.”

Probiotic Action, a pioneer in using natural acne remedies, follows all probiotic-associated products to collect information in order to help educate the public on the power of probiotics for skin care and overall health. For more information, please visit


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