Prediabetes Doctor Discusses the ?Tsunami of Diabetes? at the American Diabetes Association EXPO in Houston

Prediabetes Doctor Discusses the ‘Tsunami of Diabetes’ at the American Diabetes Association EXPO in Houston

PreDiabetes Centers Medical Director Alan Hopkins, MD, explains that poor nutrition is a culprit in the diabetes epidemic and stresses the importance of diabetes screening.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 29, 2014

PreDiabetes Centers, the nation’s only provider of prediabetes treatment, appeared at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) EXPO 2014 in Houston this past Saturday to promote diabetes education and conduct free hemoglobin A1c blood screenings. PreDiabetes Centers Medical Director Alan Hopkins, MD, spoke to expo attendees about the diabetes epidemic and the importance of being screened for the disease as early as possible.

In his presentation–entitled “The Great Sugar Story: Prediabetes and the Coming Tsunami of Diabetes”–Hopkins explained that the nation is suffering from poor nutrition and a sugar dependency, and the consequences are deadly.

“Diabetes is becoming more common. By 2050, as many as 1 in 3 could have diabetes,” he said.

A nutrient-poor diet has led to an explosion of obesity and diabetes in Americans, and as a result, serious chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent.

With a background in emergency medicine, Dr. Hopkins said he noticed something very alarming in many of his ER patients.

“Many young people were coming in with strokes and heart attacks,” said Dr. Hopkins. “And autopsies on those who died showed severe plaque buildup in their arteries.”

Over time, high blood sugar can lead to increased plaque buildup in the arteries, which hardens and narrow the arteries the arteries and increases a person’s risk for heart conditions, including strokes and heart attacks.

Dr. Hopkins stressed the urgency of diabetes screening in all people. Catching the disease in its early stages–before it advances to an irreversible stage of type 2 diabetes–allows a person to reverse the onset of diabetes and avoid serious, lifelong health complications, including eye problems, neuropathy, kidney disease and heart problems.

At the event, Health Coach Heather Baskin and Medical Assistant Kristina Herrera of the PreDiabetes Center of Southwest Houston spoke with event-goers about personal risk factors for diabetes and conducted hemoglobin A1c blood screenings.

Family history is a major risk factor for diabetes, and many of the Expo’s attendees were related to someone–a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle of grandparent–who has type 2 diabetes.

While hemoglobin A1c is the hallmark measurement in a diabetes diagnosis, there are other biomarkers that can play an important role in the development of diabetes.

Many attendees who stopped by the PreDiabetes Centers booth signed up for the Company’s comprehensive blood draw which examines more than a dozen biomarkers–including insulin, C-reactive protein, testosterone, cholesterol levels, thyroid hormones, vitamin levels and more.

People who are interested in receiving complimentary multi-biomarker blood screening at a local PreDiabetes Center can book an appointment online or call 1-855-399-PRED (7733).

PreDiabetes Centers specializes in the treatment of prediabetes using advanced, continuing biomarker blood tests to ensure that metabolic processes in the body related to prediabetes are being reversed. Treatment plans are customized for each client and based on physician-directed medical care and lifestyle intervention.

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