Penn & Teller Bullshit! Season 1, Episode 2 :Alternative Medicine (3/3)

This is a trailer for the recent documentary about the Lyme epidemic that is spreading across not only the continent, but also the world.
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31 Responses to “Penn & Teller Bullshit! Season 1, Episode 2 :Alternative Medicine (3/3)”

  • Kinopioification:

    @MrScorn I agree, and they did mention that chiropractors can help for back pain, but what they’re addressing is how some people think that it can fix other things that are unrelated, like disease. The only time a chiropractor helped with that was when they helped my father find (not treat) a disease that the other doctors dismissed as “all in his head”. But he was sent to the hospital and our chiropractor has only been used to treat back pain caused from a lot of strenuous physical activity.

  • WarOnSanity:


  • MrScorn:

    @MrScorn that make a popping noise. There are risks with the practice, depending on how good the chiropractor is, or if they screw up. If done properly it really does help. Now I do think if you’re healthy and in good shape, don’t have too much of a crooked back or scoliosis, you shouldn’t be seeing a chiropractor, but I do hear that children tend to develop bad backs (as I did when I was a kid from hunching my back sitting all the time) which is why they do, though it’s not necessary.

  • MrScorn:

    I know for a fact Chiropractic works, everything else may be bullshit, but speaking from experience, I had a pulled nerve and I was in constant pain couldn’t sleep for 4 days, so I went to see a chiropractor, still in that pain they worked on my back and instantly the pain went away, it was not healed as the nerve itself had to heal and that itself took a few months, also, they don’t crack bones. Recent studies proves that the sound of the cracking isn’t the bones but a fluid between the joints

  • omgz0rtbh:

    The reflexology and snail treatments look really comfortable. I would definitely pay for them.

  • moffix:

    The chirocoat is a riot – making the guy walk around the mall like a complete tool. I thought he was going to have the guy do the hokey pokey.

  • d2necromancer:

    forget the coat i want the oompa loompa boots. lol

  • metalmagic213:

    What I want to know is, Who the fuck would hand over their 1 1/2 minute old child to someone who is going to “adjust” his/her back. That should be illegal!

  • Ryagful:

    the CAT?THE CAT? SICK BASTARDS! the only sicker thing is the babies!

  • smlbstcbr:

    at 8:30, the snails pooped in her face!!!

  • Sarasirk531:

    Snails. On their faces. God. Oh my god. That’s something out of fear factor or a branch of voodoo right there. Just… WHY. WHY. I’m not scared of snails, but letting them crawl over your face and leave lines of their mucus…

  • xpannapandax:

    @CRISNCHIPS12398 for money ?? oh hell yeah he will

  • xpannapandax:

    you are putting snails … on that guys face
    that guy is letting you put SNAILS on his lips ……..people will believe litterally ANYTHING wont they ? >.< she would go out there and PAY to have snail slime smeared on her face .. love, go outside and find a snail and put it on your head for free it will still do FUCK ALL O.o

  • alywilliams1985:

    8:21 … snail still on her ear?

  • mrbrymo:

    After a chiropractic appointment for lower back pain in 2000 with a well known a respected chiropractor, I was unable to get up off the table unassisted. I had an MRI taken the following week and was diagnosed with 3 newly herniated discs. I had surgery 8 months later and while still in the recovery room experienced my first gran mal (tonic clonic) seizure which immediately re-herniated my discs. I am now a chronic pain patient and can no longer stand or sit without unbearable pain.

  • de4th1snt3nough:

    I have to actually disagree with the chiropractor part, I have a spine disease (spina bifida) where parts of my spine are missing and thus giving me chronic back pain and a pretty terrible time when I have to do everyday things, I can’t lift more than 20lbs and this kept me from joining the military (that’s how I found out) and my chiropractor is a life saver, I was 18 when I first started going, and he’s amazing, and I’m a skeptic of all skeptics (though I’m christian and proud)♥ chiropractor

  • AlbinoTanuki:

    @906087 Often times, bad doctors would be called “quacks”, hence the ducks.

  • CRISNCHIPS12398:

    Holy fuck! This dude cracks the highly underdeveloped bones of a child only minutes old? This dude is absolutely insane.

  • athabascka:

    that baby twisting mother fucker

  • dry5555:

    By the way, this post is not suggesting that all, not even most, chiropractors can help, especially with ailments outside the norm of what they purport to cure. I’m just saying that, based on my experience, P&T may be painting the whole industry with too dark a brush in this segment.

  • dry5555:

    By the way, this post is not suggesting that all, not even most, chiropractors can help, especially with ailments outside the norm of what they purport to cure. I’m just saying that, based on my experience, P&T may be painting the whole industry with too dark a brush in this segment,

  • ShadowRulah:

    Well when you have a spine problem seeing a doctor who focuses on the spine is probably a good idea, there are plenty of chiropractors who do good work and acknowledge that they are only capable of fixing your neck/back the ones who think say somehow have the power to make you stop pissing your pants are all either lying or severely ill.

  • leekenobi21:

    Now do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around.

  • joshrocks11:

    Put your right arm up, and put your right arm down, and raise your left hand.

    hahahahahah That was great.

  • 906087:

    what’s with the ducks?

  • fionabeeler:

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  • ecftube:

    Just need your email address and I will be happy to send you a brochure copy.

  • smallgreywolf50:

    Hello I would really like a brochure if you still have some? I just got tested for for Lymes disease just yesterday because someone told me that i have all the symptoms leading to that. I have been struggling for over a year now and nobody knows what is wrong with me. My symptons just keep getting worse and I am in so much pain and miserable. I guess I wil see in a couple weeks if I due indeed have this and for all the others that do I so pray for them everyday . Michelle League CIty, Texas

  • TickedOffLIterally:

    OH my GOD!! PLEASE send up a quick “arrow prayer” for these doctors, and their patients. KNOW that EVERY veterinary documents VERIFY congenital Lyme in dogs and the transmission to them throu blood transfusions! DON’T EVER DOUBT that it happens to us too. BTW-I’m not a hiker, fisher, or hunter. I was outside for MINUTES…it IS everywhere AND more people are getting ill every day. PLEASE be careful and Pray fot those who’ve fallen ill and those who treat us. Fight for CHANGE!

  • lifewithlyme:

    Mind emailing one to lifewithlyme@gmail ?

  • ecftube:

    Wrote a Lyme brochure with the help of 2 Lyme specialists. Will email to anyone.
    Elaine in VA

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