PAC Herbs Knocks Out Sleepless Nights With Its New Product, iSleep Herb Pac

Los Angles, CA (PRWEB) October 5, 2009

PAC Herbs announced today the release of its new product, iSleep Herb Pac, created to help calm the mind and maintain restful sleep. Made from all-natural Chinese medicinal herbs iSleep users wake up feeling alert with no signs of grogginess or lethargy.

“Sleep is the body’s restoration medicine. Without a good night’s sleep it’s very difficult to function day in and day out,” Cathy Margolin, PAC Herbs founder, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, L.Ac. Dip. OM, MTOM, BBA, BA said. “We seem to be working under so much stress, it negatively impacts our sleep, which then impacts the rest of our health. That is why I created iSleep.”

Restorative sleep is an essential part of a normal, healthy, balanced life. iSleep Herb Pac is not a drug and requires no prescription and should be used to aid occasional insomnia. The formula is non-addictive and is made from Chinese herbs that have been used for centuries to repair the body’s natural balance.

This breakthrough sleep aid has been used for centuries in Asia. Studies proving effectiveness and safety have been thoroughly reviewed and conclusively prove our plant medicinals will help users sleep without becoming habit forming. iSleep provides a calming effect to quiet thoughts. When the mind is quiet the body can enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Unique to iSleep is the packaging, the herb quality and the extensive testing of the raw products. Packaging in individual packets insures herbs retain their freshness and potency, compared to herbs in capsules, which degrade through exposure to air and moisture. PAC Herbs are processed in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility, which performs over 200 tests on its raw materials to insure herbs are free of possible contaminants. We guarantee that our products work or you get your money back.

iSleep can be taken in the middle of the night or before bedtime for difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep. Dissolve iSleep in warm water and drink as a tea, or place directly on the tongue and swallow. iSleep is fast acting and generally takes effect within 30 minutes. iSleep comes pre-measured and packed in 20-individual servings to ensure quality and freshness and can be purchased for .95 online at

PAC Herbs is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Founder Cathy Margolin, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, L.Ac. Dip. OM, MTOM, BBA, BA, has been committed to bringing health and wellness to the general public through complementary herbal medicine for over 30 years.

PAC Herbs products are the most potent on the market, using the highest quality herbs available that are both safe and effective. Its manufacturing facility has the most advanced equipment to test the raw products and to cook and dry raw herbs. PAC Herbs factories’ scientists and researchers have produced several patented technologies and have acquired the most sophisticated equipment to test raw herbs for pesticides and other contaminants. PAC Herbs manufacturing is under strict Current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP).

Chinese herbal medicine encompasses Acupuncture, Chinese herb formulas and medical massage and has been the primary medicine in Asia for thousands of years. It’s become more widespread in the U.S. in the last 10 years. Research in prestigious Western peer-reviewed journals such Journal of the American Medical Association and the Annals of Internal Medicine regularly publish studies proving the effectiveness of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Today as the Western world searches for safe, effective and affordable medicine, integrating Chinese herbs is a natural fit. In 2007 alone, Americans spent 33 billion dollars on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), most of which was not covered by their health insurance plans. CAM is becoming more mainstream in America every day.

For more information about PAC Herbs or to order its products please visit its website, or call 877-818-9990 or email pacherbs(at)gmail(dot)com.

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