Ocean Packing Filling, Capping, Labeling Machines Now Available at Wohl Associates

Ocean Packing Filling, Capping, Labeling Machines Now Available at Wohl Associates

Wohl Associates Inc

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Wohl Associates, a used processing and packaging machinery dealer in Bohemia, NY, has acquired two pieces of Ocean Packing equipment suitable for use in the food industry. These are a model OPHR-II-A automatic filling and capping machine, and a model OPLM-AR labeling machine.

Of stainless-steel construction, the Ocean Packing filling and capping machine, model OPHR-II-A, mounts two filling heads over a plastic conveyor 4 1/2” wide and close to 80” long. Presently equipped with a 316L stainless dual-head pumping station with micro-computer controller, it could be upgraded to four heads. Further down the conveyor is a model OPCM-1 four quill cap tightening station. Operation is via a touch-screen interface and maximum speed is 50 bottles per minute. The machine runs on single phase electricity and has variable speed control.

The stainless-steel OPLM-AR Ocean Packing labeling machine can apply either spot or wraparound labels to round bottles and containers. It comprises a 6” high wraparound belt mounted alongside a 4-1/2” wide plastic tabletop chain conveyor running the 78” width of the machine. A timing wheel is included for synchronizing containers through the pressure-sensitive labeling head and the machine has variable speed control along with touch-screen interfaces. Maximum label roll diameter 13-3/4” (350 mm) and maximum label length can go up to 7-7/8” (200 mm). A single phase electrical supply is required. Photos of both the filling and capping machine and the labeling machine are available online.

Ocean Packing is just one of the many makes of processing and packing machinery carried by Wohl Associates. In addition to the extensive variety of equipment currently listed on http://www.wohlassociates.com, new items are always coming in. If the exact item being sought isn’t listed potential buyers should call Wohl Associates on (631) 244 -7979 to discuss availability of the item(s) needed and possible alternatives.

About Wohl Associates

Wohl Associates is a leading dealer in the used processing and packaging machinery industry. With a history and solid reputation spanning over 40 years, they have earned the trust of their clients by offering quality pre-owned equipment, expert customer service and invaluable knowledge to their customers. They treat each customer on an individual basis and customers are provided the highest level of service. With a large inventory including cartoners, ribbon blenders, stainless steel tanks, unscrambling tables, colloid mills and vitamin manufacturing equipment.

Wohl Associates has the pre-owned machinery to fit any production line. To view their inventory and learn more, visit them at http://www.wohlassociates.com/.

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