Newly Published Article Explains True Cause and Solution of Body Odor

Newly Published Article Explains True Cause and Solution of Body Odor

Sweating Is Healthy

Bakersfield, California (PRWEB) November 14, 2013

No one wants to suffer from body odor and bad breath, and a recently published article on aims to help people understand how they can deal with these common, and embarrassing, problems naturally. The new article, recently released by, joins the site’s extensive article database.

When asked about the article, Albert Milligan of said, “Bad breath and body odor are still mysterious to many people. Sometimes, people struggle with these problems more than others, and doctors don’t really know why. While the cause is important, people struggling with these problems really just want a solution, and we have the answer.”

The article first looks at potential causes for body odor problems, as well as taking a look at the basic anatomy of the body that can cause problems with bodily odors. By helping people understand how their bodies work, the article opens the door to a discussion of natural remedies.

“Most people don’t know that traditional cures for these problems, like mouthwashes and deodorants, are full of toxic chemicals,” warns Milligan. “The good news is that we offer natural alternatives that can help.”

Some of these natural solutions include lifestyle changes. Avoiding certain foods, which can increase toxicity levels in the body, is one solution. Paying attention to the pH levels on the skin and avoiding soaps that can contribute to pH imbalances is another. The article discusses these in depth.

Milligan warns against fearing sweat. “Some people think that their body odor problems are caused by sweat. Sweat is a natural bodily process and should not be feared! Many people sweat without body odor problems. Finding, and solving, the true cause naturally is always a better choice.”

When lifestyle changes are not sufficient to make the necessary changes, still can help. Its line of clay hygiene and detox products are a natural solution to body odor, and because they are natural they can be used every day.

About is a natural health and wellness company focused on providing natural solutions to daily hygiene and health issues. To find out more or read more informative articles, visit


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